The Anglo Indian Guild Bangalore Program for Christmas 2007 that I attended!

From: ronnie johnson <>  12/30/07
To Joseph Fernandez <>
date  Dec 30, 2007 3:04 PM  
subject  Guild Anglo_Indian Dance Christmas Day 2007  

Dear Mr. Joss Fernandez,
It was really a very good show, your Anglo-Indian Guild put on at St. Germain's High School, on 25 December 2007. One could really see the number of young and old Anglo-Indians dancing on the quadrangle of the school. There was very good arrangements regards seating compared to last years program which was held in the school hall, which surely was too small for all the fun and enjoyment people were having.

This year 2007, it was special for us as a family, for our children agreed to come to the dance. Setting aside their programs to come and witness the fun-loving and hospitable Anglo-Indian community, the came at 10 p.m. to the hall.

However, there was a technical snag, my son did come with a suit coat, sadly without a tie, and as they were coming on a couple guest ticked paying Rs.500/- they would have to enter together. Thanks to the modern convinces of the mobile phone, they informed us of their predicament and my wife Maisy did try to reason with you and the people at the door, and even I did try to talk to you, but you were very abrupt with me on the subject. My two children were sent away in the dark to fend for themselves and get a tie, at 10.15 pm (keeping in mind that the dance was to end at 11 p.m., where could they have got a tie at that hour?). I even pleaded with Mr. Lancy Ross who was at the door to allow them in, but he just turned his back at the door counter and pretended not to know who I was (well he should be ashamed of himself being a fellow Josephite, he could have thought of an alternative and not sent my children away to fend for themselves in the dark corridors of the school, my son a fellow Josephite was quite amazed - it's never done that a Josephite shafts another Josephite!).
It was Christmas Day, and it sure did remind one of Christ's birth - there was no room at the inn and each time Mary and Joseph pleaded, the inn-keepers were more aggressive in chasing away them .

The 'tie' a Colonial legacy, was finally procured form Richmond Town, (courtesy by a fellow Josephite), and my children did enter. My daughter was so sick of the treatment they received that she left with the person who brought the tie. My son could not go back as he had no transport and so carried on to try and enjoy the money he spent for the  ticket.
It was indeed hard to explain to him the irregularities and double standards that were so abundantly surrounding us as there were more than a dozen persons who did not have a tie, and there were people dancing on the floor without coats, and more so a person was dancing on the floor without a coat, a tie and a shirt - he was in a T-Shirt! I think you will recognize him very well.

So, Mr. Joss, I am sad to have caused my children so much anxiety and their have decided that it was the first and last time they will attend any show by you and the Guild. Impressions on young minds are hard to change.

Have a great New Year 2008, and please also wish Mr. Lancy Ross also.

ronnie johnson

(We are now in Jan 2008, Joss Fernandez has not responded to my mail, I really don't care if he does or doesn't, it's said and done and one can see without saying more!)


family line dance

the band


those tired


another couple


odd couple

out for the count

Some  real "Special Guests",  really outstanding with attire to match!!
special guests

special guests

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