"Picking up the Pieces" of Good Old Bangalore ...

Dear Fellow Lover of Old Bangalore City , Kind Madam / Sir,

Many of you are aware that "Good Old Bangalore" is fading very fast, physically as well as her environment, especially in the last ten years. In order to keep a little of the history of our City, I have thought of a unique way to achieve this, namely by preserving little "pieces" of Bangalore. Can we imagine what Bangalore looked 100 Years ago?

The treasure of Bangalore's past in the form of Old Houses, and of their quaint little Name Stones. These I would like to gather instead of allowing them to be thrown into the rubble of broken down houses, cast into oblivion. Maybe one day, if I could gather enough stones from people like you who care for Bangalore and make a Wall or Museum on M.G. Road, Cubbon Park (just a thought), it would be interesting to show our children that "there used to be" Houses in Bangalore that were Beautiful, and these are the names of some of them. Perhaps a wall or a footpath could be erected to immortalise these houses that was history, by placing these Name Stones into the wall or floor.

I request those of you that are developing your properties which hace houses more than 50 years old and above, to please reserve for me the Old Original Stones that bare the "Name of the House", if their original owner's names are available, this would be also wonderful.

This Appeal is to all Owners of Old Houses and Site Developers. Help me to keep a few "Pieces" of "Good Old Bangalore". Please, I beg of you, Sir, don't throw these Memories away. Bangalore, once the Pensioner's Paradise, we could easily wipe out every trace of her past history. If we cannot keep her old beautiful houses, at least let us keep the Memory of them by their names. It would not cost you anything in helping keep some of Old Bangalore Alive!! Now it looks that we will have to start gathering Road Names too!! We are losing the history of our City! Also, if you could inform me before the old house is pulled down, I could photograph the house at my expense and put the photograph on this Bangalore Walla Page for memory and Bangaloreans to enjoy. In most cases I have come across the building already halfway pulled down, and the beauty is already lost, so please help in this effort.

Should any of you Lovers of Old Bangalore, like to contribute the original "Name Stones" before they are thrown away, please write or call me at the Address: Ronald Johnson, 5/3, King's Street, Richmond Town, Bangalore 560025, Phone: 2240145, e-mail: Ronnie1 orRonnie2, and I will come and collect these Memories of Old Bangalore. You will also get the satisfaction that You have contributed to that Memory. Save Bangalore before it's too late. Tell your friends about this...

Thanking You for Your Time and Your Care for Good Old Bangalore,

Sincerely Yours

Ronnie Johnson

Soldiers in Bangalore the World has Forgotten!

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