Tributes to Mrs. Dorothy Alverez, from St. Joseph's O.B.A.

Tributes to our Beloved Teacher: Mrs. Dorothy Alverez

To all you Josephites, who responded to the sickness of Mrs. Dorothy Alverez and support to Alec Alverez,

Date: 11th Feb, 1998, Messages of Condolence and Rememberance will be posted here. Also the two tributes read out by Gregory (Bonnie) deNazareth and Santosh Naidu at the Funeral Service.

A brief of the Funeral Church Service on Wednsday 11th Feb, 98 at 9.00 a.m. sharp:

Priests: Fathers, Hedwig Dacosta (gave homily - sermon) , Ronnie Prabhu (Rector), John Michael (Present Principal), Hilary Pereira (Old Principal & present Warden of the Hostel, gave a short talk before Mass), Louie Mascarenhas (90 plus! He blessed the body at the house of Mr. Alverez). Mass well attended by old boys and their spouses, not to sure if any photos were taken ( for a change I sang in the choir, which was led by Alan Calasco, Mrs Lynn, her son and young Mrs. Lynn, Mrs. Hedwig Rego and Linsey Rego, and friends). Mr. Alverez was the usual cool person, every move of his calculated and with a purpose. He has accepted the situation so wonderfully. I had been to see him last night (10th Feb) and he with his usual care for the "Old Boys" asked me if I had sent the messages to all the regions of UK, US, Australia and Canada. I am sure some of you would have got my mail or even a repeat, sorry for the trouble, but I felt it was a duty that we owed to Mr. & Mrs. Alverez to inform all Josephites about the loss of one of the best loved teachers of St. Joseph's in all time. I had to rush back to work after Mass and am not sure about the Burial proceedings. Will let you all know the location and details. Sorry, some of you did receive the wrong internet address of 2090 instead or 2960 so something, but it was in a hurry, please forgive me. Mr. Alverez was quite happy with the support he received from the many calls from the "Overseas" oldboys who called him on phone. Obituary notices were in the Deccan Herald from the Family and the Old Boys. I will shortly be putting up the photographs of Mr. & Mrs. Pereira as well as Mr. & Mrs Alverez, and slowly Mr. & Mrs. Luke D'souza and Mr. Percy D'silva, as and when Joe Demello can dig them out from the Old Boy Archives.

Warm regards, and always to serve you Josephites, maintaining this OBA Tribute Page, is my way of giving back to all, what I got from my teachers, share what you have.

Ronnie Johnson

Tribute paid by Old Boy, Santosh Naidu at the Funeral Service in St. Patrick’s Church on 11th February, 1998.

Long ago - 44 years to be precise, I., like many other little boys entered the portals of the then St. Joseph’s European High School to join the II Std. Mrs. Dorothy Alveres was my first teacher. After a naive early childhood at St. Anthony’s we were nervous entering this august institution. But there was Mrs. Alveres welcoming us, making us feel absolutely at home.

She was always immaculately dressed and groomed but that didn’t diminished the personal interest she took in each one of us, guiding us to be responsible boys.

Our experience with the now outdated dipping pen were often disturbing. Invariably, we splashed ink on the page. But never mind! There was Teacher with her special eraser, repairing the ink stains and giving the defaced page the final touches with those beautifully manicured finger nails.

Our school concerts were memorable, with her guiding and encouraging us at every stage. Being a make-up artist par excellence , she would minister to our puckering lips with a gentle tap on our cheeks, encouraging those of us cast in the role of girls to bear with the discomfort, reassuring us that it would be over soon. And, when it was finished, there she was, hugging us for putting up a great performance. There are many more instances her students would want to relate.

Supported by a loving and understanding husband, Teacher and Sir were truly the “Made for Each Other” couple of those days. Both of them were supreme role models to us at two crucial stages in our lives.

Teacher has taught even 3 generations in the same family. For example, Zaki Khaleeli, his father and grandfather. Old Boys have always been special guests at the Alveres home. Teacher’s graciousness and personalised love were always elevating.

On behalf of all the Old Boys world-wide who have experienced her nurturing touch, her compassionate heart, I pay unconditional tribute to our exemplary teacher.

We thank you, darling Teacher. You have lived your life in a way most pleasing to the Lord and today, He says to you: “You are like Light for the whole world. You built your house on rock. You sowed your seeds in good soil. Welcome to the Eternal Kingdom I have prepared for you.”

From: "Ronnie Johnson" <> To:,,,,,,,, Cc:,,,,

Subject: Bangalorean passes away

Hello All, Just to inform you of the demise of Mrs. Dorothy Alverez, wife of Alec Alverez and ex-teacher of St. Joseph's Boys High School, Bangalore, on 10th Feb Tues, details Incase there are any Old Boys on the India List and Families that know them. Also the passing away of Mrs. Michael, the mother of Hedwig Rego, M.P. on Saturday 7th Feb. Request is made to inform anybody you know who was connected with St. Joseph's Bangalore Thanks Ronnie

From: "Sujay A. D'Souza" <> To: <> Subject: Re: Mrs. Dorothy Alverez passes away Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 05:03:43 -0600

Do you still need me to do it as I just noticed you managed to get a bulletin on infophil, Sujay

Original Message- From: To: Sujay A. D'Souza <> Date: Tuesday, February 10, 1998 4:55 AM Subject: Mrs. Dorothy Alverez passes away

>Hello Sujay, >Just to inform you and fellow old boys of the demise of Mrs. Dorothy >Alverez, >wife of Alec Alverez, ex-teacher of St. Joseph's .on 10th Fen Tues. >for >details and condolence: > >Can you please do me a favour as it is a little difficult from here >in Bangalore, to >go to and open the oba page, and inform as many old boys >who have e-mails. > >thanks > >rgds >ronnie johnson >class: 1966 > > >-- > >E-mail sent using World Alumni Net

From: "Ramprakash, Premkumar" <> To: "''" Subject: Mrs Dorothy Alvarez Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 08:59:23 -0500

Dear Mr. Alvarez : It is with much sadness I note that Mrs. Alvarez is no longer with us. When I visited both of you last year in July I remember the long conversation that I had with both of you . I also remember that due to the electrical cuts and the lights being out in Blore the previous night that Mrs. Alvarez had suffered a small cut on her forehead . Today is a very sad day for all us, the three brothers who passed through your hands . I have informed Harimohan , my eldest brother who should be getting in touch with you shortly . Please accept our heart felt condolences

Your Obedient Students

Premkumar Ramprakash (USA) Premkumar Harimohan (USA) Premkumar Ulhas (Blore)

From: Fred Devas <> To: "''"

Subject: Condolences for Mrs Alvarez Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 10:32:57 -0500

Dear Mr Alvarez, Sorry to hear about the passing away of Mrs Alvarez.Please accept my heartfelt sympathies and condolences.We shall keep her foremost in our thoughts and prayers.

Yours in Sorrow

Fred Devas

From: Fred Devas <> To: "''"

Subject: Condolences for Mrs Alvarez Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 10:43:21 -0500

Dear Mr Alvarez Sorry to hear about the passing away of Mrs Alvarez. Our thoughts and prayers will always be with her Heartfelt Condolences and Deepest Symathies

Victor,William and Albert Shaw

From: Fred Devas <> To: "''"

Subject: Condolences for Mrs Alvarez Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 10:54:17 -0500

Dear Mr Alvarez Sorry to hear about the passing away of Mrs Alvarez. Our Heartfelt Condolences and Deepest Sympathies are with you She will always be remembered in our thoughts and prayers

St Josephs Old Boys In Canada & Committee Members Of OBA (Canada) Doug Peters,George Morris,Chris Rai,Fabian Correira,Vince Noronha,Fred Devas

From: ray dsilva <dsilvar@ohsu.EDU> X To:

Subject: Condolences

Mr Alverez, Please accept my condolences on the passing of your wife, Dorothy. She remains vivid in my memory and will always be a positive influence in my life. Thank you for all you and your wife contributed to my life.

Raymond D'Silva

From: Suresh B Thirunavukarasu <> Subject: Re: Mrs. Dorothy Alverez

Hi Ronald,

I've relayed the message to a couple of folks. It was extremely kind of you to have posted the message on the Alumini bulletin.

Warm Regards,


From: "Harimohan, Premkumar NAN02" <> To: 'Ronnie Johnson'

Ronnie: We are all very sad to hear of Mrs. Alvarez's passing away. How will our teacher carry on. I'll write to him tonight. Hari

From: "Leslie J. Machado" <> To: <>

Subject: Msg to Alvy Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 18:57:01 -0800

Dear Mr Alvarez,

My hearfelt condolenses to you on the passing of Mrs Alvarez. She was my 4th Std teacher in 1972 and had the very unique distinction of teaching both me and my Dad (Denis Machado)....thats quite something! I am sure she will be rewarded with a place with her creator. Wishing you all God's blessings during moments like these. Both you and Mrs Alvarez have made an amazing contribution in shaping the lives of thousands of young students now grown up men. With deepest regards and heartfelt sympathy,

Leslie Machado Cerritos (Los Angeles) California, USA.

From: Derek DCruz <> Subject: Re: Bangalorean passes away To: Ronnie Johnson

Hi Ronnie

Thank you very much for letting us know this.

Could you pass on the condolences of Derek D'Cruz and family to Mr. Alvarez. He will be devasted, even though she has been sick for some time, its such a big thing when someone close to us leaves the body.


From: Ram Akella <akella@leland.Stanford.EDU> To:, CC: akella@leland.Stanford.EDU,
Subject: Deepest regrets and condolences

Dear Mr. Alvarez:

Janaki and I would like to express our deepest regret. One was always struck by Mrs. Alvarez's sincerity, warmth, and enthusiasm as a teacher and a person. By hindsight, she had a youthful innocence that one rarely sees in these degenerate days. She was a truly wonderful person, and we will all miss her. We feel for you, and no words can express our sense of shared loss, or the anguish we feel at your losing a life-long companion. She looked fragile when we last saw her, but we still hoped...

"Our hands and God's........".

Ram and Janaki Akella ( A. Ramakrishna, 1970)

From: Raza Abdulla <> To: ""

Subject: RE: Mrs. Dorothy Alverez Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 12:23:00 +0400

Dear Alvi,

Very sorry to hear about the sad demise of Dorothy, I can still remember the mild & gentle always smiling teacher as we entered the primary section in class 4. I went through Mrs Dias class but still remember Dorothy very well. It has been ages since I last saw her, was she unwell hope the end was peaceful. May God grant her a place in heaven. It is rather unfortunate that today's generation will very rarely come across Teacher's of the class & calibre that Dorothy was. Our thoughts are with you & will most certainly look you up during my next trip to Bangalore. May God give you the strength & courage to overcome these difficult times. Warm Regards - Raza

From: "Oosman Abdulla" <> To: <>

Subject: Mrs. Dorothy Alvarez Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 03:15:51 -0500

I was shocked and saddened to hear of the demise of Dorothy Alvarez.Please convey my condolences to Mr. Alec Alvarez.

Oosman Abdulla

From: "George Morris" To: Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 01:37:55 +0000 Subject: Re: Demise of Mrs. Dorothy Alvarez, Per kind favour of Ronnie Johnson -

Dear Mr. Alvarez,

Our heartfelt condolences on your very sad loss. Very fresh in my memory is our recent visit to your home and the very warm feelings we experienced. What was remarkable was the wonderful humour & wit that Mrs. Alvarez displayed that morning. We shall remember her in our Prayers.

George Morris & Family

From: "Tareq Sabha" <> To: Subject: Condolence Message to Alec Aalvarez

Dear Mr. Alvarez, I was very sorry to hear of the sad demise of your dear wife and my dear teacher Dorothy Alvarez. May the Good Lord bless her soul and grant her a place in Heaven. May the Good Lord give you the patience to endure this loss and see you through this painful event with courage. Amen.I am sure not sure if you remember me, I flunked miserably in Physics, when you came to me and said , you had better go in the commerce batch, the Good Lord has been kind & I am doing well. I have been settled in the USA since 1977, I would like to hear from you, I have been in touch with Jimmy and attended the first OBA meeting in Las Vegas. My address is as follows: Tanweer Ahmed Papa , 12306 Cherokee Lane, Leawood Ks. 66209. My E Mail address is

Once again my deepest sympathy on your loss.

Your student , Tanweer Papa

Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 12:15:20 +1100 From: Rodney Deworsop <>

To: Ronnie Johnson <>

Subject: Re: Mrs. Alverez Passes away

From all of the Old Boys and their families in Melbourne Australia. We would like to pass our condolences to Alec and his family in Bangalore regards the sudden death of Mrs Alvarez. She was a grand lady and will always be remembered forever in our hearts. Its people like Mrs Alvarez we owe part of our lives to, the foundation they laid for us as children we only hope we can pass this on to our children and generations to come.

May God Bless Mrs Alvarez as we all pay our respects to Alec and his family

A very special message to Alec That Mrs Deworsop sends all her love.

From , Rodney Deworsop on behalf of the OBA Australia Melbourne

Date: 12 Feb 98 21:09:12 -0500 From: "PAUL_MATHIAS.ASPENTECH.COM" <> To: Subject: Sincere Sympathies Mime-Version: 1.0

Dear Mr. Alvarez, I offer you my sincere sympathy on the passing away of Mrs. Alvarez. I look back with great appreciation on the intellectual and moral foundation we received we received at St Josephh's. I particularly remember Mrs. Alvarez for the kindness she brought to teaching.

My prayers are with you at this sad time.

Sincerely, Paul Mathias

2 Apple Blossom Road, Andover, MA 01810, Tel: (508) 623-3347 :: Email: :: :: Aspen Technology, Inc. :: Ten Canal Park :: Cambridge, MA 02141-2201 :: Tel: (617) 949-1727 :: Fax: (617) 949-0727 :: Email:

From: To: Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 10:11:00 +1000

Subject: Condolence message Dear Uncle Alec,

I wish this message of mine that establishes the first contact we’ve made in over 25 years could have been anything but one offering condolences on your great loss. Aunt Dot and you were two cheerful elders I encountered whenever Mum and Dad (Mark and Eileen Sequeira) brought me to visit “Nana” Andrews at Castle Street. Therefore, it was with joyous expectation that I entered St Joseph’s for I was in Aunt Dot’s class (Std IV B) and all was well in my little boy’s world. She was, quite simply, a lovable person and that twinkle in her eye and those gentle words made school and studies a wholesome experience. I never cried at my first day at St Josephs because Aunt Dot was there. I remember her vividly. Nothing takes that away. I pray that you take much comfort in having loved and being loved in return by this gentle soul who, even now, looks down from above with that twinkle undiminished. With my deepest sympathy.


Dr Derek Sequeira Academic Development Officer Academic Staff Development - CELT Charles Sturt University PO Box 789 Albury NSW 2640 Australia

Tel: 02 6051 6987 Fax: 02 6051 6987 email:

From: "R.A.Cheriyan" <>To:

Subject: Please forward to Mr. Alvarez, Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 09:28:49 -

Dear Mr Alvarez, Our deepest sympathies for your loss, which we all share with you.

George and Luke Cheriyan

Subject: Mrs Alvarez

From: Cary Thomas <> To: Ronnie Johnson

Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 17:03:23 +0000

Dear Ronnie The UK SJBHS OBA held a Committee meeting yesterday in the chambers of our UK President, Stuart Stevens. The committee had all been made aware of the sad demise of Mrs Alvarez, and while personal messages had already been sent to Alec from different quarters, I was asked to pass on to you, the official condolences of the Committee.

Please pass on to Mr Alvarez and his family, the following:

We in the UK OBA of St Josephs have many, many members who were taught by and fondly remember Mrs Alvarez. The deep sorrow at hearing of her sad demise has been expressed by all on the committee and many members who have been in touch with similar expressions. It is with a feeling of immense shock that we would like to convey our condolence to the family and in particular to Mr Alvarez. Our combined prayers are offered for her soul and for the well being of all who loved her and are left mourning her.

Regards Cary

From: "JBelani" <> To: <> Cc: <>, <> Subject: My Sincere Condolences Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 21:16:02 -0800

Please relay this message to Mr Alvarez

Dear Mr. Alvarez:

I wish to express my sincere condolences to you. I heard the news about Mrs. Alvarez only yesterday. I have not seen you or talked to you since I left school and joined IIT Madras in 1970. I left IIT in 1975 for Chicago to do my Masters. I have been in California since 1977 and currently work in a company called Cypress Semiconductor here in Silicon Valley. Enough said about myself. What I remember was that had it not been for you I would not been able to join IIT and be where I am today. I remeber in great detail the training you and your wife provided me and I will never forget that for my entire life. It was an experience that is so precious that I do not see today anyone who has a similar opportunity. I wish you all the best from hereon and again my sincere condolences.. Please let me know if I could do anything on your behalf

Jagdish G. Belani

A Tribute...

As we go through life, we all realise that our child hood memories are some of our treasured possessions. Nothing can really erase them away, Often while going through painful experiences these memories surface and bring momentary feelings of joy and happiness.

In my life, some of these delightful experiences were to do with my studies while I was in Class 4, Section B. Our class teacher was Mrs Alvares. She was the epitome of kindness, love, grace and discipline that ever existed in one human. Her reassuring smile even if one did not complete one's homework stands out as an example in forgiveness. Punishment was invariably a threat and remained so. Her patience with the students whom she soon got to know on first name basis was what one would imagine even mothers to seldom exhibit. All this soon put us at ease. Most of us were really awestruck by the foreboding nature of the school building and the dark passages between the classes. The presence of other bigger boys in the school instilled a sense of fear in our minds. Mrs Alvares was soon to realise our predicament and did everything she could to put us at ease so that we could really put our minds to study.

One of the first things that we were taught by her was, "running handwriting". We were soon to realise that it was actually a two hand effort ! With the right, we struggled in holding the pencil correctly and with the left index finger we were to meticulously provide a space between the next word. An erect posture and a proper distance between the eye and the paper were dinned into our heads. We were told in the midst of all this that we should not lose track of the spellings and hence the use of rubber was to be kept to a minimum because very soon we would be using fountain pens with blue ink.

On the last day of school before the Christmas holidays, she created an environment in which everyone could look forward to the holidays, irrespective of how one had performed in the exams. There were delicious snacks that were distributed to all and we were actually allowed to eat them in the class. Then we were all told to be at our best as we were going to witness a "magic show". Yes, Mr. Alvares was invited to come to the class and with his knowledge of Chemistry we witnessed the mixing of 2 colourless liquids to produce a brightly coloured mixture. There were oohs and aahs from all the boys and this went on till almost a rainbow of colours were on display in test tubes kept on the teacher's desk. In the end, we were told that even we could do this if we studied hard.

Mrs Alvares handled each and every student with such personal attention that we never felt lost in our new surroundings and with our new writing implements. Coming to her class was something we looked forward to and study became a joy. It was always an enigma to me as to why we had to change our class at the end of the year. The "Ink" with which these pictures remain etched in my mind will never be erased. They will continue to remain my priceless possession, “Cher” lives on in the hearts of hundreds of lives she touched and helped transform.

13th Friday, Feb 1998, Bharat

Respected Sir, may I end this brief note with this short poem that I read some time ago. “May cherished memories give you peace as every day goes by And bring you reassurance that love can never die ... For just as long as Love endures and lives within your heart, You and your dear loved one will never be apart.”

Bharat M. Mehta

To, Dear Mr. Alverez,

Though it was my good fortune to go thro’ St. Joseph’s and be taught by you, unfortunately I was not able to study in Mrs. Alverez’s class. This was because I joined school in VB under Mrs. Phoenix. Soon enough I came to know that Mrs. Alverez was perhaps the most popular teacher in that section of the school. I would like to tell you a clear memory of Mrs. Alverez when I was in VB. Mrs. Phoenix was encouraging us to draw and one of the pictures we were doing was of a woolly sheep. I had just discovered that I could draw a bit and with boyish enthusiasm had drawn this sheep. I went up to Mrs. Phoenix to show her my drawing when Mrs. Alverez came in to discuss something with Mrs. P. She saw my drawing and exclaimed: “My! What a woolly sheep! Will you give me some of that wool?” As boys will, I suppose, I took it as a great compliment to my drawing and so it remained until when I had grown up and remembered this, I realised that Mrs. Alverez was also telling me something with much humour. I think that my sheep had far too much wool. That’s the best way to teach, I suppose, something for the child and something to be realised as an adult. I have had the impression over the years that you were a couple very devoted to each other. It must indeed be very hurtful to lose the presence of such a person who has devotedly shared so many years of your life. I find it very comforting the inscription on the grave of the great racing driver Aynton Senna, who was killed in a fatal crash: “Nothing can separate me from the Love of God”.

K. Mathen Verghese, X Std, 1962, 11th February.

Dear Past Students of Dorothy and Alec Alverez -

Sympathy Cards, e-mail messages of condolences and phone calls expressing sorrow have been pouring in from different places - Australia (Melbourne). Canada (Toronto,Vaancouver), Scotland (Glasgow), U.K. (Brighton, London), USA, India and Bangalore - where former students paid their last respects in person at the house, the funeral service at St. Patricks and and the final burial in Hosur Cemetery.

I am over whelmed at the love and affection displayed by so many towards Dorothy. I do not think any other school teacher has been shown such great regard and respect by her old pupils.

It is amazing to witness such a spontaneous outpouring of grief. I am deeply impressed.

Yours in gratitude,

= Alec Alverez =

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