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Who am I? My name is Megan Brown. I am a scientist by training--a molecular biologist and genetics with a focus on cancer research.

But I'm also interested in how science is communicated to the public. How does the non-scientist/layperson learn about Science News? My own experiences in teaching undergraduates (a type of layperson population) have inspired some ideas for incorporating science news in teaching undergraduates and even younger students everything from molecular biology to the scientific method.

The current population of new Ph.D. scientists is not matched by the number of new, traditional Ph.D. jobs. What do all the people with Ph.D.s end up doing? Increasingly, Ph.D.s are entering non-traditional science career fields that make use of their scientific training but do not involve direct bench research or teaching. Now I find I fall into this category too. My most recent jobs are science educator (I teach teachers about genetics) and freelance science writer. I plan to have features on both non-traditional and traditional science careers on these pages. I'll be adding new material frequently, so please stop back again to see what's new.

    Science Careers.
    Includes recent news about science careers, annotated links to some excellent sources of information on both traditional and alternative science careers, and links to science job listings.

    Science in the News.
    Includes a list of annotated links to good, on-line sources for science and health news.

    Cancer Research and Information.
    The best sites for information about cancer. Includes links for the layman as well as the scientist.


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