Genetic causes of cancer
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The genes and proteins that have been implicated in cancer. Includes both tumor suppressors and oncogenes.
p53. Tumor suppressor. Mutations in p53 are found in close to 50% of human cancers, including skin, colon, breast, liver, and lung.
What is p53? From the International Agency for Research on Cancer comes this description of the canonical tumor suppressor p53, which has been found mutated in so many different tumor types.
Web review for p53. p53 web resources are reviewed by HotMolecBase. Other useful information on p53 structure, expression, and involvement in disease are also provided.
Rb. Tumor suppressor.
BRCA1. Tumor suppressor. Mutations in this gene can predispose to breast and ovarian cancer. A heterozygous woman (containing one good copy of BRCA1 and one defective copy) has an 80% chance of developing breast cancer during her life.
Web review for BRCA1. From HotMolecBase.


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