Current Cancer News
American Cancer Society Newsstand. Recent cancer-related news items. Each report is a paraphrasing of a selected, hot cancer news article from the scientific literature and so can be very useful for people with minimal scientific background. The ACS newsstand goes a long way toward making cancer news accessible to the general public. Research papers are "translated" into everyday language. The newsstand also includes ACS press releases and official responses to cancer research news. Some examples of recent reports include:
Mutation discovered that causes colorectal cancer: test developed to detect it. (2 Sep 97)
Terminally ill cancer patients define quality of life. (25 Aug 97)
American Cancer Society responds to Joe Camel's retirement . (10 Jul 97)

Medscape. Daily medical news stories including a separate cancer section. Full-text, clinical articles are also available. Probably of greatest use to health professionals.

ScienceNow. Daily science news stories, including coverage of significant cancer research advances when they occur. Of interest to both scientists and the general public. Very informative, up-to-date, accurate, and well-written. Past stories are archived and searchable. Sponsored by Science Magazine. Some recent cancer-related stories include:
Mutations surge in jam-packed cells. (4 Sep 97)
New kind of cancer mutation found. (25 Aug 97)
Decisive word on magnetic field-cancer link? (2 Jul 97)
InScight. Daily news stories from the world of scientific research, including cancer. Very similar to ScienceNow, but with different stories and a discussion forum on topical science issues. Sponsored by Academic Press and Science Magazine. Some recent cancer-related stories include:
How cells divide not to divide. (5 Sep 97)
Heavy smoking may leave permanent damage.. (21 Aug 97)
Kidney gene linked to breast cancer? (22 Jul 97)

Cancer Weekly. Database of cancer-related articles. Viewing titles is free, but full-text is available only for a fee. Target audience is medical professionals.

Cancer Biotherapeutics Newsletter. Non-profit bimonthly publication devoted to the discussion and review of basic and clinical research in cancer biotherapeutics. Geared to oncologists and the general medical community.


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