Some informative readings on cancer

How do cancer genes work? A highly accessible, well-written essay by Jim Thomas explains the ins and out of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes by using a well-chosen analogy to an automobile. Even those with little scientific background will come away with a basic understanding of cancer genes after reading this.

Genetic testing for cancer. "Understanding Gene Testing" is a joint effort of the National Cancer Institute and the National Center for Human Genome Research. This online publication is geared toward the general public and provides basic, up-to-date information about genetic testing for cancer as well as a discussion of testing's risks and benefits.

Taking on prostate cancer. In Fortune magazine (May 96), Intel CEO Andy Grove tells the story of what he did when he discovered he had prostate cancer--how he navigated through the worlds of medical journals, second opinions, and conflicting scientific studies and ultimately made his own informed decisions. Well-written and inspiring, this account is an example of how a person with no medical background can educate himself and make his own life-impacting decisions. In an accompanying article, "Still Waiting, Watchfully", another man tells how he reached a very different conclusion from Grove and chose an unorthodox approach to dealing with his prostate cancer.


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