Science Career Information for
College and High School Students

Since building this web site, The Scientist's Guide to Traditional and Alternative Careers, I have received many e-mails from high school and college students asking for more information on science careers. Much of the information at my site is geared toward those with graduate training, so here, by popular demand, are a few links to get budding scientists started on their search for more information on science careers. If you would like to suggest a site for inclusion on this page, please e-mail
Careers in Biology. (Emporia State University).
The Biology Careers Page. (Furman University).
People Doing Science. Profiles of people with various biomedical careers. Entries range from neuropathologist to genetic counselor. (NIH Office of Science Education).
People Doing Science Archive. Broad range of careers represented, including Medical Artist, Biomedical Researcher, and Journal Editor. (NIH Office of Science Education).
The Biotechnology Industry Career Guide. (Access Excellence).
Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals Careers. (
Careers in the Genetics Field. (FASEB).
Careers in Human Genetics. (University of Kansas).
Genetic Counseling as a Career. (National Society of Genetic Counselors).
Genetic Counseling: A Career Whose Time has Come. (
Careers in Genetics. (PBS). Includes descriptions of career options and interviews with people of different occupations.
Healthcare Careers: Information for Students. ( Excellent article including descriptions of many healthcare careers requiring 2, 4 year, and graduate degrees. Many interviews of people from different healthcare professions.
Health Careers An Internet Resource Guide for High School Students. (Medical Center of Central Georgia).
Medical Technologists. (American Medical Technologists).
Careers in Physiology. (American Physiological Society).

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last updated January 6, 2003