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Postdocs, Seeing Little Way Into the Academic Job Market, Seek Better Terms in the Lab. Interesting article from The Chronicle of Higher Education Career Network on the current movement for postdoctoral fellows to form organizations to improve their lot. If you don't know what a postdoc is, see What is a postdoc anyway?

Intensive Five-year Study Finds Five Years a Long-Ass Time. (The Onion, 1998).

Looking for Career Alternatives? Environmental grad students at Princeton "cross-train" in public policy (NextWave, 14 Nov 97)

Grad School Enrollments Dropped for First Time in Decade. (NextWave, 7 Nov 97)

They say there's a shortage, but is there? (NextWave, 3 Oct 97)

Not rocket science: Too many scientists, too few jobs. (Seattle Times, 21 Aug 97). Article on job statistics and prospects for postdoctoral Ph.D. scientists conducted by the Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology. For those not in the know, what is a postdoc anyway? Highlights from the article include these statistics:

  • the number of postdoctoral researchers increased by one third between 1988 and 1995.
  • the average salary of a postdoctoral researcher in the Life Sciences is $26,500. (This figure seems high to me, as the NIH pays only $19K/year to first year postdocs.)
  • 40% of Biology Ph.D.'s are still postdocs 4 years after receiving their Ph.D.s.
  • Two years after receiving their advanced degrees, only 13% of Ph.D.s have permanent, career-track positions.

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