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Prevent Eating Disorders Through Educational Workshops

Not only is it completely possible to recover from an eating disorder, but there are steps to ensure their prevention from ever happening. Through education and awareness, attitudes can be changed and self-esteem can be strengthened.

Interactive and informative -- seminars and workshops on a variety of topics ranging from general overviews on eating disorder awareness, to the specific needs of athletes who might be at risk for developing body image disturbances are available by contacting FED-UP!

Amy Herskowitz has been an educational advocate and avid public speaker for the prevention of eating disorders for many years. Her adaptable presentation skills allow her to speak comprehensively to a wide variety of audiences, on a diverse range of topics -- no age or level of understanding is excluded.

Though we live in a culture that prizes thinness and claims only a few body-shape types to be acceptable, boys and girls are not relegated to being victimized by these narrow cultural endorsements. If you are interested in hosting a workshop for your school, team, undergraduate or graduate class, community group, summer camp, sorority house, workplace or other group, please contact FED-UP! and ask about the workshop that's right for you.

Only when we get FED-UP! will we begin to take action and reclaim our bodies for ourselves.