The "3-Minute Workout" Scam

A government agency has barred a fitness company from claiming that three minutes a day on an abdominal machine would result in significant weight loss in a month.

The company, Fitness Quest, Inc., is also prohibited from making unsubstantiated claims about calorie burning or body sculpting. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) cracked down on Fitness Quest because it claimed consumers would burn 1,000 calories an hour on its exercise gliders and drop weight fast on the abdominal machines. The FTC also says testimonials used in company advertisements did not apply to the typical consumer and were thus false and misleading.

Fitness Quest made no admission of guilt in its agreement with the FTC to stop making the claims. The advertisements in question were pulled in 1997.

Iím glad the FTC is taking a watchdog role in regards to companies that are making unsubstantiated health claims. Itís the only American government agency taking action in this important area.

Three minute workouts sound good, but if the hype sounds too good to be true . . . it generally is.

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