Read about the latest legal action taken toward the Enforma System

Have you ever watched a TV commercial or seen a magazine ad with the "Before" and "After" photos of once unhappy, slovenly, unkempt people who have turned miraculously into glamourous, thin, beautiful and happy versions of their former selves . . . all because they purchased a product? Has that ever made you feel as though you don't have what it takes to "get it together" and "get thin", "get healthy", or "sculpt yourself into the person you've always wanted to be" because you just don't think you have the willpower?

Have you ever gone so far as to purchase a mail-order diet pill, "cellulite cream", Ab-domenizer, meal-replacement shake, appetite suppressant, "slimming tea" or "all-natural" herbal weight-loss product?

Have they worked as promised to you by the glossy advertisements, personal testimonials and money-back guarantees? Or have you noticed that the only thinning going on, is with your patience and your wallet?! Even worse -- have you experienced adverse side effects from the products you consumed?

Take consolation, friends . . . because you're not alone. You, along with tens of millions of others have just been scammed.

Because of the various loopholes in the advertising world, manufacturers of absolutely bogus -- and some quite harmful -- products are able to market their quackery with false testimonies and claims of "scientific breakthroughs" without citing any scientific studies. They promise "easy", "fast", "permanent" weight loss to anyone who is vulnerable and able to pay the amount that flashes up on the screen or across the page of the magazines.

You might not think it's such a big deal . . . surely, weight loss scams are few and far between, aren't they? 50 billion US dollars per year lost to fraudulent weight loss products say otherwise. Want to know how to be a smart consumer? Ready to become an informed eye who's critical of the mass media and not likely to throw away any hard-earned money? Then read on . . .

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