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April 11, 2001

Lots of stuff (good stuff) has been happening lately in my life! The two big things in my life is me finally moving into the cheaper two bed room apartment across the street and me finally going a gym again. The bad thing is that I peeked at 217! Yup, I fell into the diet “after trap”. Next week I am starting over into “Phase Two” of the dieting plan integrating WW back into my lifestyle FULL TIME instead of PART TIME (aka whenever the hell I feel like it) and exercising 5x a week. A week ago I was he-hawing about working out and I found the flyer that saved me…it was advertising the program “Curves for Women” , the women’s only workout place that takes 30 minutes. I heard about this place in Kentucky and I heard about it online so I was so excited to see the flyer in my local paper stating that they are opening a place 7 minutes down the road from me. So I called and made an appointment for them to tell me about the place. I went in and I was super impressed. This is what I’ve been looking for! It’s cheap @ $29 a month ($20 is reimbursable from my work) and I had to pay a one time enrollment fee of $49. I went yesterday and today so needless to say I’m hooked! If you have one in your area, you should think about trying it out. Check out their website for more information…you won’t be sorry. I’m just hoping their hours will be a little later because I get off of work sometimes at 6:30 so I would couldn’t work out at night. We’ll see how it goes.

Getting back to the new apartment…It’s wonderful. I’m only paying $480 (utilities included) a month for a 2 bedroom. Across the street where I used to live I was paying $655 plus utilities, what a rip off! I got settled in right away. I finally feel at home. It’s been a long time since I had that feeling. I just never felt settled in at the old apartment…it just wasn’t home.

I’m going on vacation the 19th – 30th to visit my mom and dad in Kentucky and to see my best friend Teresa in Louisville. I’m really looking forward to going down there because I haven’t been there since December. My parents sold their big home and they built a small cabin in the back of their property and they live back there now. They also bought a new pickup truck, so it will be nice to see that. Dad buys Chrysler since he used to work there and the discount he gets is pretty good. I’m a GM girl myself…I detest Fords…and Chrysler is good in my book but their vehicles are so expensive. I really like my blazer and I loved my old Oldsmobile so I think I will stick with what works. Since buying my blazer in August I have put almost 20000 miles on it already! Can you believe that?

I bought some new glasses last weekend. They are nine-west tortoise shell frame with a lime interior. I’m slowly getting a new look…now lets just get my body back into control. Take care everyone-Kellie

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