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April 14, 2007

We got the house! Now onto the inspections and seeking out a mortgage. This mortgage stuff is not fun. Unfortunately since we paid off all our debt last month, that leaves us where it would be so tight to put 5% down, I don't know if we are going to do that. So we have been exploring zero down programs. The crappy things is that the people that Chris contacts, they want him to do a 80/20 loan. I'm anti- 80/20. I would like to do a 30 year fixed but Chris is complaining about the PMI. I really don't care if I have to pay $50 a month for it but he does. So we are not exactly on the same page yet. I have some calls out to people so hopefully they will get back with me soon. I thought that mortgage stuff was supposed to go smoother than this! Chris is meeting with the inspector next Friday. I'm jealous that I cannot be there. I wish I could but I can't take off the time. With all of the house stuff, I lost 1.75 pounds this week. That's the biggest loss that I have had since being back at WW. Now that is terrific. Things are going good so wish us good luck on the inspections. We could close sometime next month. Yeah!!!

April 10, 2007

Whew...heavy month full of very many ups and downs (work and other stuff). No floating was allowed in the past month whatsoever. It seems like when things change in your life, they really change. Chris and I did the amazing thing last month and we did something that your average family has not done. We became debt free. We literally paid off $62K in debt which came from car payments, land, and Chris's financial aid. Then, we found a house we loved. Last month when I learned that my landlord transferred from the assisted living home to a nursing care home, I freaked out so I took one Sunday and drove around looking at open houses and then I spotted the house. There is sat with it's little orange picture in the window and I was instantly in love. It's an English Tudor Cottage Style home. I was so excited that I told Chris immediately about it. Then we began to case the neighborhood. Two weeks ago when the snow was melted, we were able to go look into the windows and I was amazed at what I saw. Vaulted ceilings, wood floors, and a classic 1940's style home. I was so excited and I drove Chris nuts. I chatted with the neighbors to find out the history of the home. It orginally belonged to Mr. and Mrs. Smith. They owned the place for 67 years. He was a dentist and she was a beloved wife and neighbor. They sold it to Mercedes. Mercedes was 'eccentric' according to the neighbors and she had a few tragedies like a divorce, a job loss, a baby, and she was chronically mentally ill with bi-polar. She just walked away from the house last year. She had been in the process of remodeling. Everyone was sad to see that happen. The house was foreclosed on by FHA/HUD. So...I became even more in love. Then the house came on the market on Good Friday, I was up early that morning because I had been having trouble sleeping do to some things that have been going on at work. I saw that the house was listed and I freaked out. I was excited and sad. Sad because we took our major savings of $9K and had just drained it for paying off the debt. We have an emergency fund but not enough to cover closing costs so I freaked out. I sat quiet for two hours until Chris was up. I had attempted to call my parents too but their cell phone would probably not reach them (and it didn't). So we figured we should go see the house anyways. Then I thought that I could do the worst case scenario and inquire with the folks for some help. I know that I've never asked them for help but I asked them for a potential loan to help out. Luckily, they were okay with it and you don't know what that means to me. Plus, I found out that they were on their way home so I was excited for that. I told them that if it worked out, they could come see the house. So I arranged to met a real estate guy over there. We get there at the home and there is no lock box...there's basically no way to get into the home. He finds out that the person is putting the boxs on the home so we would have to come back later. I do some arrands and then come back to the house several times and it's still not on. Finally at 3:45 the box is on. We go in and I start to jump around. It's everything I want in a house and more. It has this positive feeling about it. So I told the relator that we would like to see it tonight at 6:30 and he agreed to meet us back here. I call my folks and they could make it and then I called the inlaws and they were more than willing to see it so we all got to see the house together. Thumbs up from all. We put a bid on it on Saturday morning and now today by 4pm we find out if our bid was the highest bid. We loved the house so much, we overbid the house by $8K. Now, if someone is willing to go higher they are crazy. So hopefully we have our dream home. If not, I will be upset and cry but I know it will be meant to be but I'm so excited. Argh! So here's my future home hopefully. This is the forever home for me. Honestly, and it's a 1 income home. I can honestly say that when I walked in this home, I could envision my future kids being there and that was a feeling that I have never had. I hope we get it. So here it is...

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