# of Days Recommitted to WW Current Weight Re-Start Weight Goal Weight Total Pounds Lost
588 160.50 226.50 140 66.00

I updated my progress pictures!!

August 21, 2003

Wow, all I can say is that Iíve been swamped during the past few weeks both personally and professionally. Luckily, personally it has been fun stuff but professionally, it hasnít been fun. Needless to say, the scale hasnít budged but youíre not going to hear me complain. Chris and I went hiking on the South Manitou Island and we had an excellent time. All I can say is that Iím in love with the guy. Yup, Iím in love and enjoying every minute of it. It was such a romantic trip. He didnít do anything special except be himself but I enjoyed every moment with him. At one point we had hiked about 10 miles to the dunes on West Lake Michigan and we just looked out at the beauty and enjoyed each others company and created memories together because the view was just breath taking. So we hiked practically the whole island. We probably put about 50 miles on our bodies in the three days that we were there. Itís amazing because I did hurt from the hike but you know, I did hike 50 miles but my pack was 50 pounds and itís amazing to add and subtract 50 pounds from your body. I now know what 50 pounds feels like and you know what? I never want to be there again. At least with the back pack, I can take it off quickly  instead of it taking 2 years!

Okay, so things are going great with Pilot ChrisÖno worries and I am enjoying every second with him. Iíve met his parents multiple times and hung with his friends. Heís really intergrating me into his life. Unfortunately, I donít have so many friends or I would love to have them meet him. Luckily, heíll meet Teresa soon. The cool thing about him is that he isnít like any other guy I have dated, which is a good thing. I donít think we have stopped running since starting to date each other. Weíre always on the go. In early October we are going to KY to do the extreme Mammoth Cave tourÖ6.5 miles of hiking in a cave. I have to say, itís awesome to date such an active guy. Itís funny I go from couch potato extreme to a guy that doesnít know what a couch is.

One thing that Iíve noticed about summer is that Iím eating too much to lose. Iím maintaining my weight but I would like to lose the remaining amount of my weight before the end of the year. Iíve just noticed that Iím just eating a lot this summer. Okay, not a lot but enough to maintain my current weight. Iíll be interested in the new program. Iím not too sure about this target point thing but it sure will be interesting. It seems like WW is having us eat moreÖbut Iíll see on Saturday when I have the new program present to me. Iíll give it a tryÖwhat do I have to lose? Nothing but weightÖ

The new Jeep is working out. Though, I had to put it in the shop last Friday because I had a leaking sensor. They fixed it, so hopefully everything will be okay. Iím putting cruise control on it on Monday because I canít live without it. Itís the only option that the jeep did not have but I just discovered recently cannot live without it, yes, Iím lazy, I need the cruise control. Funny thing about Jeeps, itís the number 3 domestic vehicle that gets stolen each year. Huh? Why are Jeeps that popular to steal? I still havenít taken off my hard top and I doubt if I will (well, only to take off the soft-top) but Iím kind of afraid to. I first want to get a kill switch or an alarm system before I sport around in the Jeep without a top.

Well, I hope you all are doing well out there. Iíll try to update some more this month. I just didnít plan on being swamped at work, running up to my folks cabin 2x a week, and then hanging out with Chris all weekend (but I donít mind that at all or hanging out with the folks). Things are going to calm down but I want to know, where the hell did my summer go??? Take care all-Kellie

August 6, 2003

Wow, Iím down 3.25 pounds for the weekÖnot bad, er? Iím back on track and working my way back down. Iím ready for life to settle down for a bit. Itís about time. Funny thing is that summer is almost over. Can you believe that it is August? I went shopping tonight. I bought a Columbia Rain Jacket, a formal dress for my reunion, a top from Ann Taylor (yes!!! I finally got to shop there), a few things from Sears from Landís End (which were on sale for $5) and a few things from Marshall Fields. Everything was on sale. I love bargains. Iím finding that Iím fitting into mostly 14 or big 12s. I donít mind that a bit, Iíve come a long ways.

Things are still busy at work. Last week I worked 50 hours. Next week Iím taking off Monday and Tuesday so that I can go camping with Pilot Chris on the South Manitou Island. Heís bringing his digital camera so Iíll be able to post some pics. Things are doing nicely with him and I couldnít be happier. Iím taking things day by day with him. Iím not jumping to conclusions, Iím just enjoying the moment. Itís nice that way, no rushing, no pressure, just pure enjoyment of anotherís company.

Iím at a quandary with a reunion dress. I got the invite in the mail on Monday. The reunion is going to occur September 20 from 6 Ė 10 pm. Chris is going with me. You know, it feels kind of awesome to go back and to almost look the same. No one will ever know that I gained 100 pounds in college unless I want them to. A few people know but not too many of them. It will be just my satisfaction. Sorry for the short post but Chris is coming over tonight after work so we have to pack my gear for Saturday. I will try to update soon. Take care all-Kellie

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