# Of Days On Diet Current Weight Start Weight Goal Weight Total Pounds Lost
284 197 237 140 40

February 28, 2000

Exercise: 24 laps, 25 minutes treadmill, and machines.

Kellie, Carrie, and Dennis At the Spaghetti Factory
Taken on my digital cam (okay so it's not too good). Carrie, Me, and Dennis at the Spaghetti Factory

Where the Heck have I been?!?!? No I didn’t fall off the wagon, school got busy and my family came down to visit. My sister, her husband, and my mom and dad came down to Louisville to do that sight seeing thing. It was the first time they’ve seen my apartment since it’s been set up. They really like it here. We went to the mall and ate Chick-Fil-A, then we went to Caesar’s Indiana to check out the gambling boat, and then we went to the park by the bridges that cross over from Indiana to Kentucky. I loved them coming over here because I hardly get any company accept school friends besides it’s a nice change from driving home. Last night Carrie, Dennis, and I went to the Spaghetti Factory and we went on a carriage ride in Downtown Louisville. All I can say it was awesome…Gosh, I love Louisville. I hate the thought of moving!

I got the job at the Crisis Unit!!! It pays $8.50 an hour and I just basically have to baby sit dual diagnosis patients. So you are wondering what in the heck is a dual diagnosis patient? Well, it’s someone that has a severe mental illness paired with a substance abuse problem. The crisis unit is where the patients come after they have been discharged from the University Hospital Psychiatric Care. In the month of March, I will be working a total of 3 times so basically I will have an extra $200 in my savings so I won’t be out in the cold in June. I just don’t want to barrow money from my folks because they are retired and they are on a tight budget so I’m trying to think ahead for once.

The wedding pics are back. This is one my dad took…not bad eh? Check me out…my makeup is caked on! I’m not used to wearing make up. I’m a natural chick so I’m usually just sporting the moisturizer. So when I see makeup on me it’s like oh, that’s me???

Weight wise, I stayed the same but TOM reared his evil head this weekend. Oh well, I’ll hopefully see some losses this weekend! Well take care all-Kellie

February 23, 2000

Exercise: 34 laps,8 kick, 10 pulls, and machines.

Okay, I am racing this week. It totally feels like I am spinning around with no time!! I’m racing here and there. It’s mostly school and my internship that is making me nuts!! My advanced social work research class is a bear. I’m using the Statistical Analysis Software named SPSS to derive my data and it’s making me go bonkers because my professor lacked to explain certain important aspects of it so I’m lost out in the woods without a lantern. GRRR….how many more weeks left of school? SEVEN! Okay, that’s making me go bonkers too because folks it’s decision time and I have to choose what the hell I’m going to do with my life for the next two years. As I was told by one of my social work professors the job I will get, right out of grad school, will be just a stepping stone to my next job. He said the key issue in finding a job is not the money aspect but how much experience one can get from a job. The pay issue ticks me off. Watch out because I’m going to rant and rave…okay it’s pathetic, social workers are some of the most underpaid workers out there in the job world. YET, we put up with the most crap and deal with some bad stuff. Gosh, what about compensation for keeping people sane, productive, and aiding them to help themselves? Getting back to the pay issue, guess what a starting out MSW makes in KY? $25,000. Guess what a BS person makes with a humans services degree in KY? $24,000. So may I ask, what is the incentive to go to school? Hell, I put in 7 years of schooling and I deserve decent pay. So to me, what is decent pay? I want to make at least $30,000, I want to buy a 1995 Jeep Cherokee this summer so I can travel a little, I want to support myself, and I want a job that is an adventure…a job that is challenging. So to everyone out there in cyberworld, hang on tight with me because this is going to be a wild year…I’m going through a lot of changes in my health (for the better), personal (maybe for the worse?? Or for the better??), and career (God will plant me where I need to be!) Well that’s it for me tonight, take care all-Kellie

February 20, 2000

I had a pretty good weekend. Yesterday I went to an auction. Occasionally, I will go to them just to look and browse. The auction I attended yesterday by far was the most extravagant auction I have ever been too. This woman had tons of antiques like Nippon vases, depression, carnival glass, pottery, jewelry, etc. The cheapest something went for was $10, which was a statue of Buddha, which no one wanted. I guess she lived in New York for 40 years then she came out to Louisville. I stayed at the auction for 4 hours. I tried to stay longer but it was way too cold for me (35 degrees outside with a wind-chill of 15!). I wanted to bid on some of her costume jewelry but I just couldn’t handle staying out in the cold any longer so I left. I guess her estate was estimated to bring about 1.5 million dollars! Yikes! Lets just say it must have taken all day to sell out all her stuff!

I’m finding that journalizing food intake does matter. The last couple of nights I was almost over points but I caught myself when I tabulated my intake for the day. I also took my measures today and it looked like I lost a lot of inches over the last month so I was shrinking…not in pounds but inches!

We’ll I finally did it. I bought my digital camera. I settled for a low-end Agfa ephoto smile camera. I got it from I’ve been dying for a digital camera so hopefully it was worth it.

I had a good workout yesterday. A woman commented that I made swimming look easy. She said she couldn’t swim so she was amazed how effortless swimming looked. Ah, I thought that was cute. Now only if it was effortless! Well that’s it for me today, take care all- Kellie

February 17, 2000

Exercise: 40 laps,8 kick back and forward, 8 pulls, and 25 minutes treadmill.

Okay, I’ve been wallowing in my plateau misery. I must admit for the last four days I have been obsessing about me not losing any substantial amount of weight for a while. Normally, I wouldn’t care but my goal of being 170 for graduation is slowly fading away…now I would be happy with weighing 180! I’ve been racking my brain to figure out what is going on. Like, what am I doing wrong? So I posted a message on Cyberdiet that asked for people’s plateau’s stories, like how they got over them, I was looking for some inspiration here. I guess I didn’t get the answers that I was looking for. Three people said I should over look them and only one stated that I should change my regimen (a.k.a. try something new). I’m sorry but I can’t overlook this one because I feel like I am doing something wrong…I know what I am doing wrong. Here are my speculations of what I believe is going on:

• I’m not writing down what I eat.

• I’m eating over my point range (I think).

• I’m eating out too much.

• I’m stressing over my plateau too much.

• I’m snaking too much.

So am I going to sit around and complain about it or am I going to do something about it? I’M GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! So what am I going to do? Well here we go….

• I am going to recommit to Weight Watchers fully.

• I am going to journal my food intake again…no more not keeping track.

Since not writing down what I eat, I think I am consuming more points

than I am supposed to have

• I am going to walk on the treadmill Tuesday and Thursday to get more

of a fat burning workout.

So folks this is my new game plan. I figure if what I am doing currently is not working, well I have to do something about it. I have to change my strategy. I have to outsmart this plateau.

I heard the worst thing this week. Another intern at my practicum just dumped her boyfriend. She’s a single mom who is 32 and she was dating this guy for 2 months, for a while there he was even chatting about marriage. So last week he told her that he was having trouble with her body. She’s about 5’4 and weighs around 220. Getting back to the dumping, he said he was chatting with his friend and they were discussing how different she was from his former girlfriends. I guess he only dated trophy women…the friend pointed out how the boyfriend was athletic and all that stuff. So he goes back to her and tells her that he is having trouble with her body and that he had "fun" with her but he couldn’t get past the fact she was overweight. So she looked at him and said "We’re over…I want nothing to do with you". He was shocked that she dumped him and now he is begging her back. I’m proud of her but it must be hard!

Things are strange for my friends right now. I have two friends that are going through a lot of crap from their partners. My one friend has been waiting for her annulment for a year and she was just told that she would have to wait another year for it. But then I got an email from here tonight stating that she is thinking about calling the whole relationship off. I got this suspicion that something has been going on with her and her fiancé. This is only speculation but I think she is in a domestic violence situation. So why would I think this? I’ve known her really well since last October. She said her got violent against her when they were fighting and he backed her against a wall and choked her. So she sent him to counseling to resolve the situation. Only the counselor she sent him too was a wacko…like one of those new wave counselors that believe in strange things like touching your client. NEVER SHOULD A THERAPIST LAY A HAND ON YOU!! This counselor was rubbing his chest and back, she claimed it was therapeutic…that’s bullshit! Anyways she found out and pulled him out of it. Then she said things were looking better and but then a month ago her broke her thumb. She said he just grabbed her finger and pressed too hard on it. Okay now fast forward, I was chatting with her mom and I said "Isn’t horrible how the church is making them wait?" her mom said "Well, I think they should wait because they have some things to work out…" and then the discussion leads to domestic was like she was hinting on something. Okay, so what do I do? As a social worker and a friend my head is telling me two different things. I have to do something but I don’t want to say something to jeopardize my relationship with her nor do I want to see her get hurt or worse. This is hard. Real hard. My other friend just was hurt today by her girlfriend. So she was struggling with the notion that should she get an EPO or should she not. This isn’t the first time her girlfriend did this…but it was the first time it got extremely violent. Gosh, there must be something in the air!

February 16, 2000

Exercise: 32 laps, 5 kick board, 8 pulls, and machines.

I have a job interview…no it’s not a “job job” but a partime 10 – 15 hours a week job. You see I’m going to be broke in June, real broke if I don’t do something about my financial situation. I don’t want to be forced into a job just because of money. In June, I want to take my time and find a “great job” (if there is such a thing!). This all came about last week when I was in my research class. While I was on break I was talking to my friend Chyna and telling her about my money situation, I yelled out “I need a job!!! I need some money”…and out of the blue this guy named Paul says “You need a job? I’ll give you a job”. So the he gave me his card and told me to send him a resume and he’ll get me an interview. The place called today and I have an interview next week. I would be a PRN, basically a baby sitter for the mentally challenged and people who have mental disorders. So I will have to squeeze out some time during the week or on the weekends. I know it’s going to cramp my style right now but I want a safety net because I can’t fathom asking the folks for $1000 to live on until I get a permanent job. I simply cannot do that.

I’m eating great lately so hopefully it will show that on the scale. I must admit that I quit journalizing my food a few months ago so I’m going to start doing that again. Maybe that’s my problem, maybe I am consuming more points than I thought. I went a little overboard today when I had a staffing meeting at my internship because I snacked on some chips and cheese so the points really racked up there. So when I got home tonight I feasted on a plate full of Brussel Sprouts. I know it’s not a real good meal but I wasn’t that hungry. I changed my workout today by doing what the intern at my internship suggested and I think it’s going to make some good changes. We’ll see, take care all-Kellie

February 14, 2000

Exercise: 32 laps, 2.5 kick back and forward, 12 pulls, and machines.

Happy Valentines day to all! Shawn sent me some flowers and my folks sent me a silverware tray. You see I just got some silverware for Christmas so I was just throwing it in the kitchen drawer. Let’s just say it was mass chaos in the silverware drawer without a tray…so when I was home last weekend I mentioned that I needed a tray. Oh thank goodness I got it! It’s about time that I organized that drawer.

Okay, I’m on this quest for the truth…the truth about working out. I was talking to another intern at my internship and she said that I need to change my workout a bit especially where it concerns the weights. Meara, the intern was a health fitness therapist (Master’s) in the program at U of L and she’s taught a ton of exercise classes. According to her, she believes I should workout in a triad program where instead of adding/increasing weights, I should intensify my weights. For example on a leg lift do one set of 80 pounds, then rest, do a set of 100, then rest, then do another set of 80. She said if I added weight to my program, it would only bulk me up and I am not looking for bulk. She agreed that I should add the treadmill to my heavy swim day workout because it will help burn the fat. She said swimming is good but it’s not the best for losing weight. Okay, so I will try it!

I ordered a swim book from and it was sent to the wrong address. The funny thing is that it was sent to someone in Tennessee. Now I know Tennessee is pretty close but how in the heck did it get down there?!?!? Funny! Hopefully Barnes and Noble will remedy this situation because I have been shopping with them for 3 years. I just want my swim book! Speaking on buying things on the net, I just got my order from This week I purchased the Nivea Body: Skin firming lotion. According to them it is supposed to be a lotion that “adds vital moisture to noticeably help improve skin’s elasticity and tone…results in 8 weeks.” Okay, so it cost $5.25 and I am ready to see some results. I’ll keep you all posted on it! Take care all-Kellie

February 13, 2000

Exercise: 40 laps, 2.5 kick back, 2.5 kick board, 12 pulls, and 20 minutes on the treadmill.

I had a pretty good weekend. I just relaxed a bit and I watched a movie yesterday…okay I broke down and rented American Pie, it had it’s fun points in the movie, though I would rate it a 7.5 on a 10 point scale. On Friday, I went out to Teresa’s place to hang out with her and her fiancé Chris. I had a good time. We just hung out at her place and went out to dinner. I ate okay but I indulged a bit on some chicken fingers dipped in hot sauce. Oh well!

I was doing some browsing at and I noticed in their diet section. They have these exercise sections that state what is good or bad about your workout. According to them, swimming is an excellent source of a cardio-workout and strength workout but it doesn’t really aid you in the weightloss department. Okay, this bothered me a bit because I thought it would be wonderful for losing weight. So I got lost in a moment…it led me to believe (just for a second) why in the heck am I putting out so much effort? But then I began to think about it really, I am doing something good for my body and I enjoy it but I want the benefits of weightloss so I decided to make a change to my workout. On the heavy swim days, I will add 20 minutes of walking on a treadmill. Hopefully, this will add to my workout, it can’t hurt it too much anyways! We’ll I’ll weigh in tomorrow. Take care all, Kellie

February 10, 2000

Exercise: 40 swim laps, 5 kick board, 5 back kick, and 12 pulls.

I’m kind of ticked off right now at my undergraduate university and the students on campus…you see they are trying to change the nick name again. This happens every ten years to question if Central Michigan University’s nick name is politically correct: the Chippewas. I’m proud to be a Chippewa and I feel that I have never disgraced the tribe in any sort of way. The school doesn’t have a mascot nor do we chat “Indian fight songs”. Being a Chippewa is a state of proudness, it’s an honor and some students feel it degrades the native Americans. If we would do stuff (university wise) to degrade the history of native Americans I would say, hey maybe we should look what we are doing, but we hold the name is the highest esteem. I t ticks me off…maybe they could rename the mascots to be the chipmunks, heck we could at least say “Go fire up chips”…stupid!!!

I felt cute today…like I actually felt sexy. I felt it all day. Teresa and me went to the mall after class today and I was walking around the mall feeling good. Heck, I even had a guy check me out in the discovery store. He was a bit young, around 20 I think, but he was quite adorable plus it made me feel good. Then I started to think maybe sexiness is a state of mind. Like, maybe if you feel good about yourself it heightens your sexiness. Humm, it felt good to do this though! Y’all should try this!

When I was at the mall, I bought the best book How to make your man behave in 21 days or less, using the secrets of professional dog trainers. This book is so awesome because everything in it about men and relationships is true. Here’s an exert:

"Never wait to act on punishment. Too communicate effectively, you must punish directly after misbehavior; i.e., immediately rub his nose in the mess he’s made. No doubt about it. Next time he’ll think twice before giving you shit."

Awesome, the book is so funny. I bought it at Spencers gifts but you could pick it up at Barnes and Noble. It’s good stuff! Well take care all! Kellie

I'm about 175 here

February 9, 2000

Exercise: 30 swim laps, 2.5 kick back, 2.5 kick board, and 10 pulls.

I think I’m doing really good this week…I feel good this week diet wise. I’m eating well, exercising well, and things are just going great. I have that spark back again. I was thinking yesterday that I’m going to be 175 in no time flat! I was about 175 in my id there (to the right). Okay so it won’t happen that fast but when I’m 190, I’m halfway to my goal! Wow, that’s amazing to think about that…I might actually hit my goal weight this year. I’m pumped! It was strange; I woke up at 6:00 am this morning full of energy. My whole day was like that.

Nothing too exciting happened today except that I finally cleaned my apartment from top to bottom. I got some dust bunnies from some strange places! The floors in my apartment are hardwood but in the bedroom and living room there is carpeting on top of the floors, what a shame because they are so beautiful! I love my apartment so much because it is so cozy. It’s a brick building that was built in the 20s. My door handles are those crystal type, I have black and white tile in the bedroom, and I have some glass cabinets in the kitchen…it’s just so adorable. If I could find a decent job in Louisville, I would love to make this a semi-permanent home. Over the last few years I have moved six times. I just want to stay in one place for once. The apartment I had last year was a dump, I lived in a bad neighborhood, kids were dealing drugs in front of my place, people were always hanging out, and I was basically scared to leave my home. The worst thing about the apartment was that I had bugs…not your normal everyday bugs but I had COCKROACHES!!! It was horrible because I always thought that “dirty people” had cockroaches but to my surprise anyone can have them, even clean people. The first time I saw one was when I lived there for 2 days. There was this bug on the wall when I turned on the light and then it scurried away. I wondered “What the heck was that?” and then I started to really think about what it could be and then I came to the conclusion it was a roach. Damn, they were disgusting little things. So for the whole year I kept everything in storage bins and I never left anything out. Thank god I got out of there! It was horrible. I knew last year I wanted to live in the neighborhood I do now because it was beautiful. I used to drive around this area just to look at the beautiful houses. The whole neighborhood is just breathtaking because of the buildings and the old oak and maple trees. Ah, I am so lucky!

If any of you swim out there, I want you to check out these products from (my favorite online store). These products are a must because the chlorine is really harsh on your skin so you need to protect yourself.

. I’ve tried a lot of products but these are the best out there. I especially love the shampoo and conditioner because they are natural products. Oh, and while you’re at, check out the $1 Ultra Slimfast and the Huggies wipes for a $1…I love! Well that’s it for me today, take care all-Kellie

February 8, 2000

Exercise: 40 laps swimming, 2.5 laps of both back and board kick.I got into a minor finder bender today. I was on I-65, merging into a lane of traffic, and a semi hit me! I was lucky though, real lucky because he just cracked one of my taillights. He wasn’t paying attention. I got out and swore at him. I called him every name in the book…sorry but my car has to last me until May at least! I want to buy a used Jeep Cherokee pretty soon, hopefully by next November. When I do buy one I’ll buy it in Michigan because down here they have crap cars…cars that have been in wrecks, floods, etc. You get less of that stuff in Michigan. My 89 Oldsmobile has exactly 170450 miles on it. I love that car because it runs like a top but it’s getting old so hopefully it will last me at least 7 more months! I figure when I get to my goal weight, I’ll get a new vehicle…maybe!

Okay this was the first Tuesday night that I didn’t overeat at my class! I am so proud of myself because I would just go to class hungry and eat a ton of junk food. Everyone has to bring a dish at least once so they have been bringing in cookies, meatballs, chips, and nachos. So tonight, I battled the urge and got a handful of nacho chips and some cheese…moderation was the key tonight!

I’ve been asked to be in a wedding!!! My friend Teresa from school asked me to be in her wedding this November. Teresa is my best friend from graduate school. I don’t think that I’ve mentioned her much (more out of respect I guess…). We hang out a lot and do stuff occasionally on the weekends. Her and Chris are pretty neat. They are just waiting for an annulment on Chris’s previous marriage. Crazy archdiocese is taking too long and she wants to be married in the Catholic Church. I wish the Church would hurry up because they put in for the annulment last Spring. So I’m honored! Wow, I’m in a total of 3 weddings this year…always the bridesmaid…Never the bride (nor would I want to be the bride!!!) Take care all-Kellie

February 6, 2000

Wow, I had a great weekend at my folks and I ate terrific while I was there. Everything that I had to eat there was completely healthy. I think this is the fire that I really needed to get that burn to lose that 30 pounds…it’s not that I didn’t have the fire in my belly I just got some extra fire in my belly. It’s like rejuvenation in my spirit to loose the weight. I also did something else that rejuvenated my spirit, I got my picture taken. I picked out a dress that I ordered from Carol; she specializes in vintage clothing. I love vintage clothing. I have a small collection of clothing dating from the 1900s to the 1960s. The dresses that I do own, that are vintage, are about a size 14. The one I have in the picture dates back to the 1950’s. Since the sizes from that period are so much different than today, I have no clue what the size is. I would speculate it would be about a size 16. When I first got the dress at 225, I couldn’t even get it over my head! Know I can wear it tightly for the pics. I speculate when I’m 170, I can wear this dress. Hopefully I will be able to wear it to graduation. I officially have 2 graduation ceremonies to attend. One is mine and the other being my sister’s. Carrie is graduating Summa Cum Laude from Michigan State University, May 6 and the next week I graduate from the University of Louisville. So I will be sporting the new body hopefully. It’s amazing to see the difference of 40 pounds (almost) in the pictures. I can see my face and my whole entire body is taking on another shape. Now if someone told me a year ago that I would be losing weight, I would have laughed at them. A year ago I wasn’t ready to lose the weight. I actually thought I would be heavy for the rest of my life, I was hopeless. Really I was. I remember crying myself to sleep at night sometimes because I convinced myself that I was powerless against the weight. After some thought and family intervention, I was ready to begin and it’s the wisest decision I have ever made. Yeah, it’s tough at times but it’s worth it. After taking that picture, I received the most rewarding feeling, the feeling of accomplishment. I have accomplished something and so have all of you out there. Even if you are not currently losing weight, you’re stuck on a plateau, or just beginning your journey you have accomplished a bunch so just sit back and wait for the results.

My parents just got a treadmill for $50, it’s used but it’s like brand new. They found it on a radio swap show. They didn’t want to spend $500 for a new one because they didn’t know if they would one it or not. I got on that puppy yesterday and gawd what a workout. My mom just started walking and she jumps on the scale everyday. I told her today, it might take up to a month to notice some results because when you start to exercise the results are slow to come. I think the first thing that I noticed in swimming was that I didn’t get as tired and my times improved. She’s been on a ten pound losing kick for a long time, I would like to see her lose it but she just has to stop snacking!!! She’s one of those people that snack all night. I swear she must have a high metabolism because she can eat almost everything. Though, at times I think she has a distorted body image because she’s always obsessing about her looks and criticizing her body. At 49, my mom looks damn good. She’s got beautiful skin and other features like her hair but she just picks…and picks. Like for instance, she looked beautiful at my sister’s wedding…just fabulous but she claimed that she looked that she looked “fat”. Sad…real sad…I wonder why she’s like because she’s never had a weight problem but she’s fat-o-phobic. Sometimes I wonder if it was because of me…though her mother was heavy and she said it could be because of that. What it bowls down to is that I just wished sometimes she would realize what she has..good healthy and a great shape. Strange as humans we often overlook what we have. So love yourself and your body. We’ll I’ll weigh in tomorrow…so take care all-Kellie

February 3, 2000

Exercise: 40 laps (1000 yards) swimming, 4 laps (100 yards) back kick, 4 laps (100 yards) kick board.

I’ve been doing good the last couple of days, really good but so far the scale is not moving…that’s okay but I’m kind of curious why it’s not moving at least a fraction of an inch “Come on baby, go down a little” I’m thinking! But TOM just ended today so I may see that scale come down a wee bit by the weekend. I’ve decided that I’m going to visit my folks this weekend so it will be quiet here…besides I need to do some laundry and going home will save me some chump change! Because I hate doing laundry at the laundry mat. The joys of folding underwear in front of people…I usually try to hide it but I’m not that sneaky.

I’m in a funk at school, I have senioritis. The classes this semester are boring and unmotivating. The material sucks and I am stuck doing narrative therapy and I’m not learning any other therapy skills such as Gestalt, behavior modification, and cognitive therapy. I hate this. They always said as future social workers we should have a huge tool belt to deal with different situations but they are only teaching me one therapy skill? I feel unprepared. I’m scared…Maybe it’s just the fact that soon I will become part of the work world and guess what folks…I’M NOT READY!!!! I wonder if other people feel like this before they graduate. Before this I knew that I was going to grad school so I wasn’t afraid but now I have to work…yikes, 11 weeks left. Last day of school April 28. Day of Graduation: Mother’s day and I want to be 170. I’m working hard for it so hopefully I will reach that goal. We’ll see…

Speaking of working, I just realized how am I going to incorporate this to my life then? Will I have to get up at 5:00 am? Will I have to workout at night? I hope not. For all of your out there that exercise and actually work, I give you a lot of credit because you must balance your life accordingly. It’s easy for me right now because I have free time, but will I have that in the future? I hope but I can’t worry about it now.

I always get chills on February 3, it was my elementary school friend’s birthday. Her name was Catherine Bennett; she preferred the name Cat. We met at Roosevelt School in Ferndale, Michigan. We were inseparable in the first, second, and third grade. She was rich. Her father was an executive for a stick company and her mother was a painter. I on the other hand was poor…at that time my dad was laid off from Chrysler and he mad $500 more than the national poverty line at that time but I never knew that when I was a child. We shopped at resale stores, garage sales, and my partners worked any job they could get. Getting back to Catherine, she had 3 other sisters, the older one was a punk rocker, the middle girl was the quiet one, Catherine had the middle child syndrome, and her little sister Marilyn was the sneaky one. We would play a lot together, visit each other’s homes, etc. It was 1983 and I got invited to her birthday party. It was a grand affair, cake and ice cream at her place and skating at the roller rink (a child’s dream birthday party then). I bought her this nice little gift and a beautiful card…it had a little bunny on it. I was so proud to give it to her…as she opened the card she ripped the card in half on accident..though I was so excited to give it to her, it hurt my feelings that she ripped it up. I remember having all the excitement ripped out of me. Ah, childhood so I always get chills down my spine when this date hits. We eventually drifted apart for unknown reasons. She moved away to East Lansing, Michigan in the 5th grade and I moved to Marine City at the same time. I always wondered what happened to her. So happy birthday Catherine she’s 25 today.

Damn groundhog! He saw his shadow so that means 6 more weeks of winter. Spring would be nice right about now but at least I don’t have to put up with those Michigan winters anymore because that’s down right cold…KY has much better weather. Speaking of Groundhog’s Day, have you ever seen that movie? When it first came out when I was a kid I hated it! But after watching again, it’s a great flic. Funny how taste’s change. Well that’s it for me today, take care all-Kellie

February 1, 2000

Exercise: 40 laps (1000 yards) lap swim, 10 (250 yards) back kick, 10 (250 yards) kick board, and 10 (250 yards) pulls.

Just call me the Ebay queen. I sold $76 worth of stuff so far and I have spent $23 worth of Outsider Art. Outsider art is amateur art. I bought the pic above from Pat for $9.99 and I bought another pic from her. I loved this picture so much that I’m going to stick it above my computer in my living room! I’ll be getting it in 16 days (my checks got to clear!). I’ll be getting my Speedo radio pretty soon too…I can’t wait ‘til Friday morning when I have it in my hands finally, you bet I will be playing it.

I’ve got to behave myself on Tuesday nights. I have this psychopathology class and people bring in goodies. I tend to gorge myself on them…I don’t mean gorge in the typical sense but I eat when I am not hungry just because it is there. This bothers me because it’s such a social thing. I need to watch it or I’ll be in trouble. Like tonight, I had 2 little mini ham sandwiches, with some chicken, and fresh broccoli. I’m not hungry but I eat it anyways! Shame on me!!

Here’s a bit of web facts for people who are losing weight: According to Shape, March 2000, p.34.

"People who kept online food and exercise diaries, received weekly email feedback from a behavior modification expert and chatted on an online bulletin board with others who wanted to lose weight lost an average of 9 pounds in three months in a Brown University School of Medicine, Providence study. People who had access to online weightloss information but no interactive experiences lost 3 pounds."

So all of you out there in cyberland keep on-line to lose weight. I’ve never picked up a Shape magazine before, it was an okay magazine (but there were too many skinny mini women in there...I want to see women of all shapes and sizes!) but I did like their profiles on weightloss. They had one woman who was in her seventh month of dieting, so far she has lost 35 pounds. She started out at 207 so she’s down to 172 and she looks damn good. Man, I can’t wait ‘til I get to 170 because she had a similar body type to me. Ah, dreams of 170…now that is a beautiful thought!!! Well that’s it for me today, take care all-Kellie

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