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July 25, 2000

Weíre moved but Iím still coming back to the old apartment to work on the computer because the phone is not turned on until August 1st (which seems like a long time away!) Iíve never been without a phone this long . Iíve had to stick around the new apartment a lot in the last two days because the cable people were SUPPOSED to come (never did, darn rats!) and the Art Van people are going to deliver the bed today from 12 Ė 4. So Iím stuck at the new place without a phone and no tvÖyuck!

The move went relatively well but of course we had some little arguments. Shawn was kind of grumpy because he was moving to a new place and itís a mild hassle he said. Luckily we had a lot of help. His folks, his friend, my sister, and her husband came to help so there were plenty of people to get things on the ball. After moving on Sunday, Carrie (my sis), Dennis (my bro-in-law), Shawn and I went to the Rio Bravo Cantina and it was awesome. I got one of their low-fat burritos called the lighter side chicken burrito and I was super impressed. It only had 6 grams of fat in it and it was so tasty. I ate good all weekend but I gained because TOM showed up. Go figure! I knew it was coming because I felt very bloated.

I have a job interview on Thursday. So wish me luck! This is job interview number four. Finally the paper has job postings for social work jobs because for the last month there hasnít been anything. This week, I sent out 7 applications in the Grand Rapids areaÖitís about time. Well folks I better get goingÖtake care all! Kellie

July 20, 2000

Shawn is moving this weekend to his new apartment. My sister and Dennis are coming over to help him move and so are his folks so itís going to be a long weekend. Shawn doesnít have a thing packed yet. I volunteered to help packing but Shawn wants to be here to package the stuff. So lets just say that Iím going to be really tired from the move. Then yesterday we found out that we will be without a phone for nine days. I was kind of pissed off at Shawn because he waited for the last minute to get things together. I told him when he found out about the place he should have called the phone company, heck I even asked him about it repeatedly but he didnít call. So he called last night and found out that the phone cannot be turned on until the 1st of August. Shawn still has possession of the apartment until August 10 so I think we are going to leaving the computer and the answering machine over here at the old apartment. Some things you can procrastinate on, others you canít.

Iím doing okay diet wise but I must admit some days are diamonds, others are pearls. I mean, sometimes Iím really strict with the food and sometimes I donít eat as well as I should. Iím not overeating but Iím not eating healthyÖlike getting my fruits and veggies. It seems like my meals lately have been mostly carbs and protein. So as soon as I hit the grocery store, Iím going to get some fruit and veggies. Itís amazing how you can actually overlook those important ingredients in your diet. The walking is coming good. Shawn and I are walking every evening. Weíve been hitting the neighborhood around his complex. When he moves into his new place, they have a tennis court so I wouldnít mind doing that a little for exercise. Iím glad Iím exercising but I must admit that I miss the gym scene. I was reading someoneís journal and they spoke about being bored of itÖbut I was just jealous because she got to exercise in a gym. Is that weird or what? Me being jealous of that. Though I must admit to being jealous of others at times because they are losing weight faster, have a better workout, etc. I must admit at times, I want to compare myself to them but deep down inside, I know I canít be compared to anyone else because Iím KellieÖIím unique, I will lose weight differently. I think thatís important for people to know that tooÖdonít compare yourself to others when losing weight because your body is going to make itís own pace of taking it off, whither it be 2 months to 2 yearsÖand donít get discouraged!

I got a call today for a job interview. The funny thing is that I sent that resume out over a month and a half ago. Man these people take forever to get back to you. Jeez, I didnít know a job positing meant they would call you in a month and a half. Now Shawn is moving and the address is changing and so is the phone numberÖso I hope they will call me at the new number. Weíll thatís it for me today, take care all-Kellie

July 17, 2000

Okay, I have discovered the best diet pop! Ruby Red Diet Squirt. Itís awesome and it doesnít even taste like diet. But then, I have a question, is diet pop bad for you? So far, Iíve been limiting myself to one a day for the last two days. I read in Luciís Journal a while ago that citric acid was bad for youÖso is that true? I figure you all who have leaders can answer my questions because I have no one to turn to but yíall. On that note, I would like to thank all my readers. Thanks for the support because without you all, my journey would be a lonely one without support! I swear, if you have the capabilities and you are losing weight, you should have an online journal. Itís an excellent tool to mark your progress both weight wise and mental wise. There are tons of tools and sites out there to help you get startedÖso think about it.

The job interview went well but I think they want to go with someone from the Ann Arbor areaÖthey want that built in referral system, a person with contacts. Besides, my gut feeling about the job was not good. They are currently on the defensive with the rest of the countyís social service department because they are a new service and let me tell you folks, social work is VERY TERITORALÖ the funny thing is that people donít but the best interest of the client first, but they put their agency first. So, they want a peacemaker to come in and make things right. Another thing that bothered me is the area is way to busy. If any of you live in Ann Arbor, MichiganÖKudos to you because that city is super super busy. Then the cost of living is way too high. $700 can get you a dumpy apartment while in Grand Rapids, it can get you a super nice place. Iíll take my time. I sent out some applications today, two are in GR and the rest are in Allegan (30-minute drive from GR).

Weíve been walking faithfully and I ate good at the wedding butÖhow do you say no to the bar and appetizers. Oh, I am weak when it comes to having a drink and some goodies. On Saturday we went to BW-3 to just play some trivia after the wedding and I had a lot of high fat food and a beer. I need to be stronger in this type of situations because I must admit sometimes they get the best of me. Can people actually go to the bar and drink diet pop and snack on some lowfat items? Yes, itís possible but I havenít been able accomplish that task. Itís something I need to work on. No excuses! Well thatís it for me today, take care all-Kellie

July 12, 2000

Thanks Teresa (if you are out there reading) but I took your advice to heart. She basically asked me why wasnít I walking or doing something to that effect. Well I had no excuses, so I thought, I should go take a walk. Shawn and I are now walking in the evening. He lives near subdivision and we walk about 45 minutes over there. By the time we are done, we both had a great workout. Iíve been eating really well lately so everything is going well and hopefully now, Iíve surpassed my hump. When I was walking around a strip mall, I saw weight watchers. It made me wonder if I should sign up for a meeting because I am on the at home plan and would it hurt to attend a meeting? Humm, maybe when I am employed I can do it.

I have a job interview on Friday in Ann Arbor. I was surprised to hear from them because I sent out the resume more than a month ago. When I pulled up the ad, I must admit I donít know if they will want me because I might be under qualified. Weíll see, I just want to go to refine my interviewing skills. I know the place is interviewing at least 8 people so unless I make a stellar performance, I wonít have a leg to stand on. Though, what kind of attitude is that? I think I do pretty well in interviewing situations (granted Iíve been pretty sick for the last two!) I still havenít heard from the Grand Rapids job and itís been two weeks tomorrow since I went to the second interview. Part of me wants to call them and the other half of me wants to sit back and do nothing. I hear aggressive people usually get the jobÖbut is that for real? Well thatís it for me today, take care all-Kellie

July 9, 2000

If you havenít noticed it, I must admit that Iím kind of angry at myself for being lazy. I want to start exercising again but itís like Iíve hit a brick wall with this relocation thing. I keep on feeding myself excusing of why Iím not exercising but you know what? Itís not workingÖ.I long to be working out at a gym and feeling the benefits of it. I love working out at a gym but I have less enthusiasm when it comes to working out at home. Iím pathetic sometimesÖhopefully; I will get over my laziness pretty soon. You know only 50 pounds stands away from me reaching my goal? I donít think thatís too much at all. I have to have that go-getter attitude that I am used to having because I think Iím lacking that right now. Iím kind of letting my current surroundings and feelings get too me I think. I am allowing my self to get overwhelmed and I am letting my feelings control what I eat.

Speaking of eatingÖI have lost my sense of taste and smell. I canít taste anything Iíve eaten since Iíve had this nasty cold. What in the heck did I have? And I am wondering when am I going to be able to taste things again. Maybe this could be good but itís kind of spooking me out. Iím finally feeling 100% but Iím still have some after effects. I want to taste again!

Okay, Iíve decided that Iím going to get a job here in Grand RapidsÖand Iíve found the perfect neighborhood to live in. Itís called the Heritage Hill area and they have Victorian homes that were built in the 1880s. So if I canít live in Louisville, I want to live in a place that looks like Louisville. The area is relatively safe but the outskirts of the neighborhood is not too great, a tad ghetto-ish. Now, I just need a freakingí job. So wish me a job so I can get my stuff up here and feel settled! Well thatís it for me-take care all! Kellie

July 6, 2000

Still no word about a jobÖthatís okay but money is still getting tight though. I need to financially work soon but I am doing all I can. There arenít too many ads out this week for social work jobs. Oh well. Iím finally feeling better. That cold just knocked me off my butt. I still have a little in me but itís slowly coming out.

I made it through another weddingÖjust one more to attend in a week from now. Okay, is it me or is everyone getting married in the year 2000? I wonder if these couples will stay together? These days, you kind of have to wonder about that. Then, of course, I get the question of ďWhen are you going to get married Kellie?Ē I absolutely hate this question because Iím not ready for it just yetÖyet, everyone is asking that question. Believe it or not, Shawn and I are doing relatively well together. I guess I am getting to see a new side of him. Heís been doing a lot of growing up and itís nice to see that. My only pet peeve about him is some of his bad habits, like stealing my bath towel or him quoting movie quotes from Star Wars all the time. Shawn is a graphic designerÖso heís into collecting comic books, watching sci-fi flicks, and his huge Star Wars collection is amazing. He has at least $10000 in his collection. Basically he needs his own trophy room for his collection. This is funny because we are polar opposites because those things donít even interest me.

Iím down to 188, which isnít bad. That cold helped me lose those 5 pounds that I gained the week before. Iím frustrated though with my lack of exercise. I wish I had some $$$ so I could join a gym up here but I donít. I need to get my tapes so at least I could start to exercise here. When looking at some apartments on the Internet, I noticed that some apartments advertise health clubs in their complexes, which could save me some money but then, how good are they? Would joining the YMCA up here be cheaper? HummÖ.if I could just start working everything would be okay. I feel that I can be my goal weight by next February but sometimes I think that feels like itís so far awayÖthough, itís one step at a time.

Iím getting a little bored tooÖas if you didnít notice?!?!? My schedule is like thisÖI wake up at 9:00 am, stumble around the apartment a bit. Then I check my ebay auctions and email, then I take a shower, dry my hair and watch some tv. Then I box up the auction items and take them to the post office. I hit some resale stores in the area and explore a bit while sometimes hitting a garage sale. By the time I get back to the apartment itís around 4 and I start dinner. Shawn comes home, then we eat dinner and sometimes we go out to Barnes and Noble or the Mall. I miss aspects of my old life honestlyÖitís hard to get to know a new area. I guess it just takes time. I still miss my folks and my life in Louisville but that life is over and I just have to adjust to my new life...good things will happen soon!

For those who are in a clothes transition, I suggest shopping at your local resale stores. I hit goodwill regularly and there are some great buys there for all sizes of women. For example, I got some Elisabeth (Liz Claiborne) items really cheapÖlike some jeans and shirts for $8.00. If you really want to save some money, you should go the resale route. Iíve been shopping at resale stores now for 10 years. I started when I was 15 and Iíve been doing it since. 75% of my wardrobe is resale stuff. Another manís junk is definitely someoneís treasureÖ.Well thatís it for me today, take care all-Kellie

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