June 12, 2007

My new house is absolutely wonderful. Words cannot describe how wonderful it is...I'm living in a neighborhood of yester year. The neighbor next door brought us some brownies, the other made us cookies, the neighbor kitty corner took our weeds/lawn mulch to the dump. This is wonderful and brings utter joy to my heart because I think I found the neighborhood that I grew up in as a child. Middle class living at it's finest. Everyone takes pride in their home, waves when you drive by, and is friendly, not in the fake way but in the nice way. I see kids riding their bikes and scooters, hanging out, and playing in their front yards. I'm still in awe...

Amongst the awe, we are definetly getting the sweat equity in. It took me 3 days to remove 2 rooms of the wallpaper that had 2 borders under it. I learned that DIF and a paper tiger is a God send. Chris's parents have helped out a ton and so have mine. Teresa my best friend from KY came up from KY to help paint on her vacation so she was a huge help. Her fiance came up too so he helped with the landscaping and putting up new lights because the former owner of the home took everything before the house foreclosed. Our target date for moving is July 1. We're about 80% there. Things are progressing nicely and I'm eager to move in. We are waiting for a 220 line for the kitchen stove and to re-wire a few outlets because there's old aluminium electric in it. DH met with the electrician tonight and it looks like it's going to be very affordable because he's a friend of a friend who is an electrician but had to get out of doing it because of his knees. He gave us a shopping list and we're heading to Lowe's tomorrow night to pick up the equipment. I hope my vintage stove works because we're putting in an electric line just for it. We're going to leave the kitchen the way it is for a while because it's something I can live with and I'm not too sure if I might change my mind about turning it into a retro kitchern...we'll see. i keep on looking at the new "retro stoves" but I cannot fathom paying $3500 for a stove and it not do anything special except looking special. I'm getting cheap in my old age :)

So as we are moving into the new house we are working on getting out of the rental and you know what...I HAVE WAY TOO MUCH CRAP! Currently, I have 10 boxes that need to go to the Salavation Army and I'm only a quarter done with the garage (that's were all the crap is, I already got ride of a ton of stuff in the house when we moved the furniture over). I 'm sickened how much stuff I have. Looking at it, I'm just sad about being so wasteful with buying items. If I would have save the money I spent...we'll I don't think I even want to go there. I'm purging myself of my crap. The funny thing is that I'm also purging myself at work too. We are moving into the new building on Thursday so I spent the whole day packing today and it's crazy how much I had to recycle and shred. So it actually feels great to get rid of this's like I'm ready for a new "phase" in life.

I'm maintaining my weight right now. I'm okay with that. In July, I can get my life back on a regular schedule. Much of our time is spent on moving and getting things ready. I miss my lady friends at Curves so I'm pretty eager to get things in order.

My sister had her baby three weeks ago. They named him Gregory James. According to my mom he's a quiet baby and so fair no colic. Kyle is a year and a half so they both are keeping her busy. I went up to see her and it was a nice visit. I'm taking things cautious with Carrie but it's looking promising. She appears happy so that's all that matters.

Life is very good. I'll post pictures os the house when I find my camera up load thing. Take care all-Kellie

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