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May 24, 2002

BODY: Well, Iím going to weigh in this morning at WW and I think Iím going to do really well. I kicked some major booty this week. I worked out 4 days this week at curves and you know that Ė16 points to the bad I had? Well I currently have bank 4 points! I ate in the low point ranges this week so that I would be able to get over that deficit. Iím hoping for at least a 2.75 loss. If that doesnít happen, Iíll be okay but Iím hoping to lose that TOM weight that I gained last week. Shown in the picture is my weigh in outfit, I always wear this top and khakis.

DIET RAMBLINGS: Since I am weighing in this morning, I went to the meeting last night and can we say ďThis leader stinks?!?!Ē The meeting was all about her, her life, her family, etc. She was dryÖvery dryÖno personality whatsoever. When it came to celebrating losses, she just had people raise their hands, and she just gave the whole section to take some bravo stickers. Argh! Thank goodness for good leaders. The two I really enjoy are on Saturdays and Friday mornings. This Thursday night woman has got to go.

OTHER RAMBLINGS: Well Iím off to play builder or gopher today. Iím meeting my parents and the rest of the crew tonight. I guess they started yesterday on it. Now, this is going to be fun. I think Iím going to sneak out find the garage sales this weekend up there. Itís amazing how many of these old cabins have old stuff. Well, I hope you all have a safe Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy the time off! Take care-Kellie

May 21, 2002

BODY: Howdy all! Just went up slightly this week due to my good friend TOMÖitís like heyÖwhat are you doing hereÖIím happy to see you, of course, but why did you have to land smack in the time I weigh in. So the scale went up 1.25 pounds. Iím not freaked or anything because I stayed on plan all week. I was hoping to be under 200 this week but itís going to take another couple of weeks to do so. Thatís okay because I have all the time in the world to lose this weight (God willing of course). Today I feel like a turtle, one who is slow to move but one who will reach a goal eventually!

I honestly made some unwise choices this past weekend where I really didnít maximize my choices. On Saturday, I just ate some junk but I stayed in my point range but on Sunday, I had a 42-point day so Iím going to have to make up for this all week. I figure if I stick at the minium amount of points until Thursday plus exercise at CURVES M Ė Th, I should be okay. That 42-point day was not worth it, really, it wasnít. What happened was that Shawn and I went to the movies and instead of eating air popped popcorn, I ate some nachos. Then we went over to BW3 and I had two grilled Buffalitos and 2 hot wings. Then I had a light dinner. I just got into that eat out fever this past weekend. On Friday, Shawn and I ate at Chiliís and I ordered that Guiltless Chicken Sandwich for 9 points then Saturday, BW3ÖI know better than that!

CURVES is working out good. They opened a new one in Fremont (near one of my clientís home) so Iím going over there when I have a late night with them. I used to have to skip curves on those nights but now I have a nice alternative. I guess they are going to open a new one in Newaygo, which is on my way home from work, but Iím honestly debating if I want to transfer down there. I guess Iím spoiled because they have 4 of the extra machines so Iím going to miss thoseÖso Iím debating if itís worth the 10 minute extra drive, which equals at least an hour of savings a week. Iím going to have to look into that.

OTHER RAMBLINGS: Okay, I saw Star Wars twice this week because when you are dating a FanBoy (people who know about comic books will understand this term) itís a must. I honestly loved the movie. I know there have been a ton of people out there stating that the film was dumb but if you are a fan, youíll like it. If you are just a bandwagon jumper, you wonít understand it. Then just when I thought things were going to die down for Shawnís collecting (he has 4 of my closets filled with Star Wars stuff) he is now heavy into Transformers. Honestly, I donít think I can take any more collecting from him. Itís getting difficult because those damn toys are everywhere. Will he ever grow up????

Work is still difficult. Though I feel fortunate that my boss is out sick this week (so far) he left work on Monday at 3 pm but not before infecting all of his coworkers with his germs. Heís one of those people who will cough all over without covering his mouth. After numerous people requested that he should go home, he finally did. Funny thing is that he has annual time up the wazoo! He should have never come into work because now I am totally paranoid that Iím going to come down with something. So needless to say that I am taking my vitamins and getting plenty of sleep. I have to be in tip top shape because my folks expect me to help them build the cabin this weekend. They are finally able to start on Friday. Iíve never seen my folks more happier than when they are building. I swear they are addicted to building. So thatís my memorial day plansÖjust hanging around in Baldwin, hoping for warm weather. Now thatís a topic, weatherÖis it ever going to get hot? I heard that the farmers almanac is calling for a cold wet summer. Argh! Well you all have a great day, take care-Kellie

May 13, 2002

SHAPE: I did great last week. I earned 13 activity points with the help of CURVES. I opted to stay out of the pool because I had this strange cough thing and I didnít want to make it worse by jumping in the pool. Iím actually enjoying my time at CURVES so needless to say, Iím happy that I started going again. Eating wise, I did well, very wellÖand I dropped 2.50 pounds. Not bad, er? I made my 10% on Saturday and I got my keychain!! Yippy! I canít believe that Iím down 24 pounds in 4.5 monthsÖNow, onto my next 10%Öwatch out here I come!

Iíve been trying a lot of different clothes lately. Iím actually fitting stuff in my closet that I just put away if I ever got down to that size. On Friday, I wore a pay of Jones New York casual sport pants size 16 and they fit! I havenít been in a 16 since 1996Ösix long years. I did a clothing exchange a month ago and I have a couple of things that I got thatís not me so in about a week Iíll put them on here for free, just check back. First come first serve. Just give them a good home and please agree to do the same when you lose the weight. I donít believe in reselling stuff that I got for freeÖitís just not ethical. Though, I have a ton of new stuff on this week so if you are looking for some cheap new stuff check out my auctions on ebay. The link is on the main page.

Food wise, Iíve been noticing that I really mix food up. What I mean is that I will have beef once a week, fish/seafood twice a week, high carb meal once a week, and chicken 3 times a week. I think that variety is the spice of life and it's been encouraging me to eat new things. For instance tonight, I made a yummy Salmon Pan Fried dish. I pan fried it and basted it with soy sauce, melted butter, and garlic. Oh, it was so good.

OTHER RAMBLINGS: Iíve been getting irritated at Shawn lately. Maybe itís that monthly thing were I get down in the dumps but Iím having some trouble lately with his attitude. Heís grumpy all the time and heís been snapping at me a lot. I think itís the job thing so Iím praying that heíll get something soon but Iím just growing tired of this mood. Sometimes, I just look at him and wonderÖam I going to marry this guy? But then I look at him and think..I canít picture my life without him. Is that odd? Or am I just a nut about this relationship thing. Oh, itís been like this for years. Things never change with me, huh?

Okay, Iím a huge ALIAS fan. Source of photo is: Can I say that Michael Vartan (Vaughn on the show) is the absolute sexiest thing on TV(If anyone could send him my way, I would appreciate it). I loved him in Never Been Kissed and in ALIAS he just smokes the screen. And the shows season ender was fabulous. I donít believe heís dead. Thereís now way that they would do that. Only 146 days left until October 6 where the season opener comes on. I donít think I can wait that long! Well you all have a nice day- Take care-Kellie

May 6, 2002

SHAPE: Iím down another .25 for this and that was on Wednesday. Which is an early weigh in day for me. I jumped on the scale at CURVES today and it said 199! But of course, I have to add the 3.5 pound difference of the scales so I should be around 203 at the WW scale. Hopefully, the numbers will continue to fall because it would be nice for me to get my 10% this weekend. Iím just happy that I am going down steadily. Honestly, itís more of a mind set change for me. I got it in my head that Iím going down. Iím making wiser choices, I stop when I am full, and if I crave it, I eat it but within moderation. Talking about moderationÖIím actually on my second box of Girl Scout cookies. It took me two months to eat the first box of thin mints and now Iím onto the short breadÖbut Iím having a cookie or two every other day. No longer am I hitting the box every 5 minutes and snacking out of control. Iíve found that eating 3 meals a day works for me. When I do this, I really have the tendency to snack less and as crazy as this sounds, I have some treat like a cup of dried cranberries or a skinny cow fudge bar. Iím not your typical sweet tooth but I feel really satisfied after having some type of desert. Well, it works for me!

RAMBLINGS: We made it down to INDY okay for the Star Wars Convention and all I can say is that if you want to meet a man out there ladies, hit a Star Wars Convention because the male female ration was 1:15. I read in the local paper that they had 1 million visitors. I honestly found the convention rather annoying. Too many fan boys running around and basically the place was way too crowded. The lines were long and it was just way too chaotic for my taste. I finally get to rest this weekendÖnothing is planned. Iíll just have WW on Saturday then I thinking Iím going to hit a huge auction in my town on Saturday. Iím not too sure if Iím going to buy anything but Iíll keep my options open I guess. They have these old Fire King Tulip Bowls that are going up for auction so I might try to get those, if they go cheap. Though, auctions are funny because you never know how high things are going to go.

OTHER DIET RAMBLINGS: Curves is opening up in another town close to work so I think Iím going to transfer my membership up there so I can attend about 4 times a week instead of 3. I got measured today and I lost 5 inches & 7 pounds. Not bad, er? Well you folks have a nice Monday! Take care all-Kellie

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