Journal for May

May 30, 1999

So this is my first posting…Ah, there is such pressure for me to say something profound, but alas I am a horrible writer but I love to write any ways. So I hope y’all will put up with me for the next up coming year. So if I am such a horrible writer, you may ask, then why am I writing these entries? Well, in searching the net, I too have read others entries. I have found them both interesting and uplifting, so in making my page I could possibly help out others, as others have helped motivate me.

In starting out, I will talk briefly about myself. Currently, I am 23. My birthday is in September, so I am a Virgo. I am the oldest child, in which I have a younger sister who is 21. I have an excellent relationship with my folks too! I am originally from the grand state of Michigan but I moved to Kentucky to be closer to my parents who also moved and to go to graduate school. I am getting my Masters Degree in Social Work at the University of Louisville. I graduate in May 2000. I have a boyfriend, Shawn, who I have been with for almost four years…currently, I am trying to dodge that alter because I am not ready to get married just yet.

I have the summer off, so I am working at a psychiatric care facility in southeastern Kentucky. By the time summer ends, I know I will be begging to go back to school because I am working with some mentally unfit violent boys that range in the age of 13 – 17. The bad thing is that I’m there for the paycheck because right at this moment, the other staff annoys the heck out of me. Another thing that annoys me is that everyone there is around my age and in top physical condition. It almost makes me self-conscious when I look at who I am working with because they are all toned and buff. Plus did I mention that they are annoying????

Well folks that is my post for today….take care and have a good one. Please also note that since this is my first post, I have not really spoken too much about my weight but I will. I just want you to get a feel for me.


May 31, 1999

Gotta to love the holiday season and how it centers on food. Today the folks and me went over to my aunt and uncles to partake in the festivities. I must say, I was proud of myself because this is the first holiday in a long time that I did not overeat! I prepared ahead which helped a great deal. I love this WW123 plan because it is easy to follow and I can eat what I like (in moderation of course!). I had my hamburger and olena chips so I was satisfied. Plus, I didn’t have to feel self-conscious or announce that I was attempting to go on another diet… I think this time I’m going to keep it hush-hush from others.

On another note, I added my week two picture today and I took my measurements. It was a difficult task because sometimes I just cannot fathom how much I really weigh. I am looking forward to see the inches melt away in time. I must say I was also disappointed in the picture I took: I look like a stuffed sausage! Really, it’s almost painful for me to look at it. The outfit I chose to wear is a size 16. I ideally would like to look good in it by September, when I go back to grad school. I thought it would be neat to post the pics on how I gradually fit into the outfit. That’s it for today, take care - Kellie

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