November 27, 2001

BODY: I’m finally back to this format! And two days in a row of posting? INCREDIBLE!!! I went swimming this morning. I was mildly disorientated by the others swimmers wake. They were creating some wacky wake and I ended up feeling tossed like a little sailboat today. The pool is getting busy again in the morning. I guess I’m going to have to get there a little bit earlier. I have to say this, swimming is my rock. My mental health depends on swimming, my energy level depends on swimming, it’s just the greatest thing. My food intake is better and I’m snacking on baby carrots right now…yummy! So I’m on the right track this month. 4 pounds isn’t bad.

MIND: I’m trying to develop a two-year saving plan for my doctorate degree and paying off my student loan. I figure I’m going to enroll again in school for my Ph.D. in the fall of 2003. By then I would like $8000 in the bank and have my financial aid down to $3000 owed. Right now I owe about $12000 so I would like to get that down…but I’m going to have to stop spending money first.

SPIRIT: Not too much going on in the spirit department. I’m just trying to keep things floating this month. Financially, I’m strapped. I’ve been spending too much money on EBAY and estate sales. Now when it comes to paying the bills this month, I’m pretty tight. Argh! No more estate sales! That’s it for me today, take care all-Kellie

November 26, 2001

I made it through Thanksgiving without overeating, which is truly amazing! My downfall is usually the stuffing but I only got one piece of it because my lovely relatives ate it all. We had the festivities at my aunt’s place, Pat. She, uncle Beauford, his sister Carmen, my cousin Roberta, and her two kids, Stephanie (plus her creepy husband Jake), and Warner. I haven’t seen Roberta and her kids since 1987, when Roberta was 26 (my age now!), Stephanie was 6, and Warner was 4. Let me say…wow, what 14 years does! Roberta is going through some major psychiatric trouble (I think she’s Bi-Polar through what I have heard), Stephanie…the beloved child is now the mild mess up. She married Jake last year (who didn’t even mutter a word to anyone) and now she is sporting a lovely tongue rings with multiple piercing plus tattoos AND a 70 pound weight gain in the last year. Plus she dropped out of nursing school because it was boring. Warner has always been labeled the family mess up but my family sees him as the lost child….he just got lost in the shuffle. That’s pretty sad…Anyways, getting back to Thanksgiving, it seemed like they ate all the food. They lacked any consideration about the food…they were like animals, they ate without thinking there were others there, if they wanted 3 rolls, they took 3 rolls. Oh well, I shouldn’t be complaining…after all, they are family. I’ve lost 4 pounds this month…not bad huh? I’ve been swimming continually and attempting to make good choices when it comes to eating, take care all-Kellie

November 7, 2001

Finally, a semi slow week! Yeeehaw! Work is still insane. Last month I had 45% client contact hours, which is a lot for a homebased therapist because theirs the drive time and people don’t come into the office, I go to them. Anyways, I’ve had two nights so far this week that I have been home at 6:30! Which is truly amazing. I actually had time to cook this week….amazing because this has not happened in weeks.

Okay, my thinking has changed. No longer am I going to be complacent with a lack of effort weightloss. Folks, I’m kicking it in the ass this week and hitting it head on. Enough of fast food unwise choices and blowing things on the weekend…things are going to change. My thoughts and feelings are going to change. Honestly, I’m tired of not reaching my goal and putting things off. The only thing I’m going to be putting off is my weight, in which it’s gong to be falling off of my body. I’m a thin person trapped in a large person’s body. I just want this weight off. I work so hard at swimming every morning. I get up at 5:30 to swim and yes my body is looking good but if I was being more careful about my weight, I would be losing it. Honestly what has been keeping me from my goal is lack of follow through. The funny thing is that I don’t practice what I preach. I work with families and individuals every day trying to aid them in changing something yet…I cannot change my ways towards eating healthier and following through with programs? There’s something wrong there. So I’m setting myself up on a behavior modification program. I’m going back to Weight Watchers with the help of ediets (for support) and looking to my behavior modification plan to assist in this new journey. I’m on my third day so far and I’m doing okay. In the last two days, I have drank all my water, and I stayed in my point range each day. New beginning…with an end in sight…my goal…I will be 155…may not be that soon but next fall is coming…and it’s not that far away. So stick with me guys my plan is going to work! Take care all-Kellie

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