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690 160.50 226.50 140 66.00

I updated my progress pictures! (7.27.03)

November 21, 2003

WowÖguess what? Stayed the same again this week. Thatís okay though. Iím beginning to suspect itís the darn birth control but really, I donít have too many options in that department so I will forge on the birth control. The good thing is that at least, Iím not gaining. Itís been my goal this week to work out 3-4 times and I made 3 this week. I actually attempted to work out 5 days this week but the two times I didnít, my plans were foiled. For example, the other night, I had to see a client in a psychiatric facility so I had to go down to Grand Rapids and I knew exactly where a Curves was. So I drove to the closest Curves and got there at 7 pm only to be informed that they were closing. It was like shucks! Then today I get to another Curves across from work only to find out that they went out of business. I guess it wasnít meant to be but at least I tried.

I found that the weight watchers is holding a 7am meeting on Friday mornings so I hit that today. It seems like itís been a major challenge to get to the meetings on Saturday mornings so I decided to give the early morning meeting a try and it seemed really positive today. I must say, I will no longer have any more excuses in missing a meeting because I can now either hit it on a Friday or Saturday morning. The leader had a ton of pep for this early morning meeting so I think Iím going to be pretty happy with her. Plus, I need the support from the meetings itself. Honestly, Iíve really missed the meetings so it felt good to be back in the grove. The one cool thing about the meetings is that it pumps you up for the week and Iím all geared up to lose plus they announce low point foods that can spicy up your ordinary routine. So Iím hooked.

Okay, you will never believe who I saw on Tuesday. Take one guess? Yup, if you guessed Shawn, you would be correct. I saw him and Tammy (you know his old boss/ coworker) in Target holding hands. Luckily, they didnít see me. I know, I should have ran smack right into him but it was kind of nice just to be a fly on the wall and witnessing their interaction. The funny thing is that I knew I was going to run into him that night. I felt it. I know it sounds crazy but I just had that feeling. I was picking out a journal for my client in the hospital and I hear this laugh and I was like no freakiní way, and there I look over and itís Shawn and Tammy. So I peaked around the end cap and just made sure it was them, walking down the isle and it was. I decided not to panic, I just finished up my shopping and I figured that if I ran into him, I ran into him. Heís still wearing the damn Columbia Jacket that I bought him, I would have thought he would have gotten rid of that. Funny thing about the whole situation is that I knew he was going to end up with Tammy. Hopefully, heís not giving her the crap I used to get from him. What a difference a year makes, huh?

Things are going great with Chris. Heís coming to my folks cabin for Thanksgiving so it will be nice to spend it with him. Hopefully, my family will be on their best behavior. I still havenít spoken to my sister in weeks since my butt chewing. I even gave her two nice calls and nothing. I figure weíll eventually meet up for Thanksgiving. Well, thatís it for me. Take care all-Kellie

November 10, 2003

I made it back from Detroit and the agency car was not stolen! I highly doubt if someone would want an old Dodge Stratus. Needless to say, it was a great conference and Iím really happy that I did not gorge myself at the conference because it would have been so easy to do. Luckily, the scale did not move so Iím one happy woman!

Things are going good but busy. Iíve only been making it to Curves 2 - 3 times a week and I have to tell you that I can totally see the difference. Four times a week is what my body needs. Unfortunately, my schedule is not respecting that at this time but I will try to attempt to. Surprisingly, I was able to work out several times last week so I was a happy woman.

Life is is kind of strange right now. Relationship is doing good so far but I have to tell you the truth, Iím feeling a caution flag just went up. Iíve ran across a site on his computer that he visits regularly and I donít know what to think about it. I guess time will tell. Nothing too freaky, just something that makes me think...who is this guy, Iím dating. Sometimes I think the computer is the Antichrist. I guess that is life. Well, I better get off to bed! Take care all-Kellie

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