October 31, 2001

Hi…Yes, I’m here…didn’t mean to be gone so long but I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. It started back in mid-September before my vacation and I’ve had basically no personal time whatsoever. Work is hectic. I’m continuing to put in numerous hours there, basically I’m there most days from 8-7:30 and I’m home at 8:15. Tonight was the first time that I was able to cook for myself. Basically, I’ve been doing convenience food…which could be better but at least it is not fast food. I’m still waking up @ 5:30 to swim and I’m usually in bed before 10:00pm. So that is my life in a nutshell lately and I’m beginning to tire of this lifestyle though. I’m lacking me time so that’s why I haven’t been journaling…I miss journaling though and I’ve missed all of you!

Lots has happened this past months. So much that I don’t know where to begin. I’ll start with my family. Carrie is doing better. I guess it hit her that she basically was mentally worn out because Dennis was going bankrupt, she was trapped in a carpenter job where she spent all of her time with him, and she basically saw her dreams up go up in smoke. So she spent 3 weeks with my mom and dad. During this time she had some rest so she decided to work on her stress management and career goals. She decided that she wants to be a schoolteacher now so she will be substitute teaching in the south east Detroit area. As for health, she had a pinched nerve in her leg so she’s going to the chiropractor. She’s a lot better but I’m still a little concerned. My parents were up about 3 weeks ago and put a bid on a cabin, which was fabulous. The had verbal confirmation that the man would take the offer but something with the real estate office went sneaky and those rat bastards bought the place. So my parents are going to file an ethics case with the state real estate board. I’m still sour about the cabin because it was so cute but my parents now decided that since then they are going to have my dad’s foster brother in law to build a cabin in Baldwin and he’s going to sell my folks some land too…so good things do happen but it honestly sucked to go through it because we all had our mind set on getting that cabin. Oh well…what can you do?

Finally me…besides work, I opened a booth at my coworkers store. I spent a lot of time getting the booth ready, painting, carpeting, decorating, but alas in three weeks, I haven’t sold a damn thing. I have vintage clothing and collectibles in there but no one is buying and Bonnie, my coworker, keeps reminding me. So I’ve been frustrated with that because I thought at least one thing would sell...I work the shop this weekend so I will attempt to find out what is selling. I had one old biddy at the shop ask me “Who on earth would want to buy vintage clothing?” so that’s the mentality I am working with here.

Lastly, I’ve been pissed at Yahoo/Geocities lately. It looks like I am going to have to fork out some money now to maintain the site. I knew it was going to result in this. If you haven’t noticed lately, nothing is free on the net anymore. I think when Diet Watch sent me an email out earlier last month stating that “Dietwatch is no longer a free service” t put the nail in the coffin…pay or get off the pot! So goodbye dietwatch…you were a good site! Argh…Take care all-Kellie

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