# of Days Recommitted to WW Current Weight Re-Start Weight Goal Weight Total Pounds Lost
1014 167.50 226.50 140 59

October 30, 2004

Oh gosh! I must have fallen off of the face of the earth! Iím back, wedding is over, and newlywed life has begun. The wedding was absolutely fantastic. Folks, it was my dream wedding and it didnít break the bank. Total spend was $5700 all paid in cash thanks to Chris's parents, my folks, and us. No wedding debt!

I donít have too much time tonight, but I just wanted to show you all some pictures and tell you that things are going good. Iíll write up a huge narrative next week though.

Weight wise, I was up but Iím heading back down. I havenít exercised in a month in a half which was a total bummer. Next week it looks like I can get back on track but with work, the wedding, I had no time for myself. I got back on plan Monday and Iíve lost 2.5 pounds this week. Two weeks ago, I was 170 so Iím back down to 167.5 so Iím glad I recognized that I needed to get back into the lifestyle. I hope you all are doing great and check back next Wednesday for a new post! Take care all-Kellie


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