# Of Days On Diet Current Weight Start Weight Goal Weight Total Pounds Lost
480 199.5 237 140 37.5

September 26, 2000

Iím going to officially join weight watchers on October 10th. At the county building, across from my work, they are having a weight watchers work group meeting and I think it could do me some good to join. Then I could get the new weight watchers materials then I could hock my old materials so I wonít be out the $122 it costs to join the group. Itís a little steep but itís worth the cost. I found a weight watcher buddy at work also. Her name is Bonnie and she has another 100 to lose. Now, I just have to go join the wellness center so I can work out on the machines. It will cost me $10 a month and bonnie indicated that she would be interested in joining. So I could have some motivation from a peer that could get me back into the swing of things.

I ate well last week but I did myself in on the weekend. Carrie and Dennis (my sister and brother in law) came over and we stayed at their cabin in Bitely, MI (a small hick town, 20 minutes from work). We had a blastÖrunning around town looking at estate sales, looking at antiques, and going out on the boat and fishing. We ate out and drank a little more than I desire to admit to but at least I didnít blow everything and I lost a half of pound. We are going to see them again this weekend to have the resale/lions weekend. On Saturday, we will be resale-ing in the metro-Detroit area (Mt. Clemens and Roseville area) and then on Sunday we will see the Vikings play the Lions at the Silverdome. Iím really looking forward to Saturday because I love resale-ing. Last weekend we finally found the 1950s retro table weíve been looking for. I bought half a table and so did Shawn. We got one of those tables were it has the old fashioned chrome and we got the red Lucy chairs from Target to match. Itís over at his place and Iím totally jealous.

I have to admit Iím feeling a bit overwhelmed right now in my life. I guess I am just waiting for things to settle down but so far things have been non stop going since being in Michigan. Iím going to go in late for work tommorrow so I can get a Michigan Drivers LicenseÖoh, Iím not ready for a permanent picture! There just seems like there are not enough hours in the day to do things! Just once would I like a weekend where I can sit and do nothing but relax. I think next weekend is going to be that time. Shawn is going to Detroit to see Pearl Jam (without me :P ) so I think I will stay home and do absolutely nothing for the weekend. That will be just great! Take care all-Kellie

September 18, 2000

Shawn and I had a good weekend. We went to his parentís home because it was his momís birthday. I ate okay but it took all of me not to indulge in the high fat food they were serving. His parents have put on a few pounds, especially his dad. Which is bad because heís big to start off with. Plus heís been drinking a lot too (but the family refuses to acknowledge that he is an alcoholic)Öhumm, what can you do. While we were down there I got the perfect pair of cat glasses from the 60s at an antique mall. They were actual old prescription sunglasses so it will be easy to put lenses in them. The coolest thing I saw there was an old college year book from Purdue circa 1947. It was strange to browse through the pages and looking at the people and thinking, ďJeez, these people are 75 years old nowĒ. Itís always strange how people stand out in those yearbooks, like the way they smile or hold themselves. A pair of twins caught my eye from Ohio. They were in the same clubs & activitiesÖand both held themselves in a ďlook at meĒ manner. I wonder if they are still living. It looked like those were good times back then. People were getting back from the war and things were all rosy. Plus, it made me think how great my college experience was. The sad thing about my own college experience is that I have no pictures. This was partly due to my weight. Itís like Iím missing part of my life from that period, yeah I have memories but pictures would be nice.

I stayed the same this week. Itís due to the monthly thing. So itís a good sign that I didnít gain any weight so I probably would have gained if I had stayed the same. Well, Iíll find out for sure next Monday. Thatís it for me today, take care all-Kellie

September 13, 2000

Hi everyone! Itís mid-week of Phase Two and Iím doing great. Iím back to my good lifestyle change habits and I have been waking up at the but crack of dawn to walk on the treadmill. I must say itís a great way to start off my day. Yeah, itís a tad bit early but it feels good when itís over. Plus itís a great time to let me think about whatís going on in my life and what my goals are.

The eating habits are getting betterÖfor instance, I took one of those prepared lettuce bags to work and I have a salad for lunch everyday. Iíve also been eating baby carrots, which is a feat within itself. I found a great snack to snack on, those apple dippers by Kraft that have the graham cracker and apple sauceÖthose babies are good when your tummy is growling!

I get my first huge paycheckÖand just as I think I am racking in the dough, here comes the billsÖcar payment, insurance payment, school bill, living expensesÖit just gets worse! The job is going great and they are breaking me in slowly.

The apartment is coming along okay. Itís still a tad bit messy but things are getting organized. Wow, I guess I didnít know how much ebay crap I had. When I see good buys, I just picked it up. For instance, I got a beautiful Elisabeth dress really cheap and I turned around and sold it for 3 times as much as I paid for it. Iím telling you all, there is a huge market for plus size womenís clothing so when you lose, get rid of them on ebay or heck, even on that point, buy stuff on ebay when you reach a smaller size so you donít have to go to a mall and pay a bundle for new clothes. Anyways, getting back to the apartment, itís getting better. Itís hard to decorate though because I actually prefer not to have pictures hangingÖis that not weird or what? The funny thing is my stuff doesnít fit the style of my apartment. I have all of this 30s Ė 60s glassware and it just doesnít fit inÖhumm, I will figure something out! Well thatís it for me tonight take care all-Kellie

September 11, 2000

Phase Two of the diet is going well today. I started my morning off with a 30 minute walk and I had a healthy breakfast. I think I'm off to a great start because I'm in that dedicated mode again. No more fooling around. I have so clear focused goals that I am going to reach before the end of this year and I'm planning on being successful.

The one thing I need to work on this week is getting all my water in. I haven't been drinking that 6-8 glasses a day because at work, the water is from a well. They have a cooler but I don't think my co-workers would enjoy me drinking all their water so I'm going to take a jug to work tommorrow. I jumped on priceline last night and I got my weight watchers meals for $1.79 instead of paying $2.99! I love that place. Well I'm off tonight, take care all!-Kellie

September 10, 2000

Iím back online. It took a while to get my phone on at the new place so I was without the computer. I have some bad newsÖIíve spiraled out of control the last two weeks and I am up to 200 pounds according to Shawnís scale this morning. I thought I had gained some weight because I have some of those strange marks and when I got on the scale, it confirmed it. Iím beating myself up a lot today. Mostly my mind is racing about how Iíve let myself down and how insecure I am right now. I donít like feeling like that so Iím recommitting myself todayÖnot tommorrow. Iíve been eating super crappy. With moving, I didnít have my dishes out until Thursday so I had relied on fast food and take out. I know better than that but I was allowing myself to slip. In a wayÖI was talking the talk this week but not walking the walk. In my mind, I was rationalizing my overeatingÖlike it was okay to overeatÖI didnít think I was going to gain any weight but in fact I did and I put it on fast. My old new habits were dying fast the last two weeks. My thoughts were about food, in fact, it was deriving my relationship. It seemed like I was hungry the whole time at work...I wasnít eating enough, then I would come home and just ravish at the nearest fast food place. In retrospect this was bound to happen, my less involvement in the web page and letting the commitment to myself go by the wayside. Itís easy to let yourself go but itís harder to get back with the program. Right now, I feel like a walking lard ball and folks, it doesnít feel good. So itís up to me to get back with it. SO WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? WELLÖ.

Enough whining because I control my destiny in wither I will be fat or thin. I hold the key. Iím recognizing my triggers, I know what needs to be done and hereís a list:

  1. I need to get on the program again. Count ALL points and be committed to my lifestyle change.
  2. I need to exercise regularly for my mental and physical health.
  3. I need to think thinÖnot think fat.
  4. I need to use my webpage for a sense of motivation and update it nightly.
  5. I need to get my butt in gear because I only have 60 more pounds to lose
  6. I need to forgive myself for slipping. I need to recognize the faults Iíve made and learn from my mistakes so it will not happen again.

Well, yesterday was also my 25th birthday and I went out and bought myself a treadmill. Thereís a Kmart that is going out of business in Grand Rapids so it was a pretty good deal for $199. Now I can walk in the morning and night so I can get a good workout. I also want to join the gym near where I work for $10 (my job will pay for ĺ of the cost to workout there) so I will get the freeweight workout. It all boils down to how much do I want to lose weightÖ.and I want to dearly. I know Iíve been going through a ton of changes but now is the time to buckle down. So I was thinking of getting an email thing going like through that webring e groups so if anyone of you are out there, let me know because Iím in need of support. I need you all to keep on my toes and Iím sure some of you need that extra support. If that sounds good, let me know. So I am about to enter PHASE TWO of Kellieís Weightloss JourneyÖbuckle up for some major action!

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