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This just dawned on me today…of how I shop for clothes. I had always loved to shop for clothes when I was thin, thus it explains how much clothes I actually own. Though, when I look to my clothes of when I’m overweight, I really do not have a lot of items. In fact I must have skipped over the 200-pound mark because my clothing goes from an 18 to 22s. Anyways, I was in several stores today and I glanced around at the selections the stores gives us and you know what they STINK! Yet, when wandering over to the regular women’s department they do have selection, they can pick and choose. They have casual wear and career wear that is spread throughout the store. Yet the plus sizes is crowded into a tiny corner with out of date looks and stuff I wouldn’t dress a scarecrow in. Who knows…this is just my opinion!

Just Curious…

How many of you save your thin clothes? Down in my basement, I have sizes ranging from 12 to 20. I have six full boxes of clothes. I swear I have 30 jeans down there, at least 25 sweaters, a ton of shirts, and etc. I have often heard that when you lose the weight you should get rid of the fat clothes. So I’m looking forward to selling my clothes on ebay…when the time comes.

Do You Remember When???

    You got your first stretch mark from being overweight?

    The first time I saw that red ugly monstrous stretch mark was back in 1997 when I was working at a girl scout camp….I’m telling you I was in shock when I saw it. At first I thought I had some disease of the skin. I even had the nurse look at it and she laughed at me stating "Kellie, you know that’s a stretch mark?" Obviously I didn’t so I was quite the embarrassed one!

    Getting Discriminated From Friends

    Have you ever been discriminated from a friend or friends about your weight? This one time it hit me hard. I had this friend from high school named Angela. She was the only person I really kept in touch with. Angela was always geared towards getting married, like she talked of getting married to a guy when she was in ninth grade! (now that was pretty young) She had always talked of me being her bridesmaid at her wedding.

    Now the thing with Angela, she had a complex with her weight. At one time she weighed 200 when she was in the tenth grade. Then she decided to lose it all one summer and she did. Though her body type was large and muscular so even when she was 130, she looked thick, strong, and healthy but she still thought she was fat. Over the years she was constantly obsessing about her weight, she exercised at least 3 hours a day, and counted every calorie and fat gram that went into her month.

    When I was in high school, I didn’t really have to worry about my weight but when I hit college I started to gain. When Angela saw this she started to make comments like ‘Kellie you really need to go on a diet to control your weight problem’. Then Angela found the guy she really wanted to marry and she still talked about me being her bridesmaid. I hadn’t seen her in a while then I ran into her at the gas station when I was home from college. She looked at me like I was the most vile and disgusting thing that she ever did see. She made a harsh comment about my recent weight gain (I was 170 last time I saw her and then I was 210 at the gas station). I smiled and just said, ‘Yeah, I guess I have put on a few.

    Several months later I call her to say hi and she states that since I met Shawn I went on a downward spiral so I got off the phone real quick. Three months later in January, I get a wedding innovation, no mention of being a bridesmaid. Since her treatment of me was so harsh, I decided not to go (and I gained some more weight also). I send her a card and a note that stated that I couldn’t attend the wedding because I was going to a scholarship contest and I wished her all the luck in the world.

    The wedding passed and I got a call from her. She told me that she cried when she found out that I was not comming too her wedding (I’m sorry I didn’t feel bad about missing it) and she told me the only reason why I was not asked to be a bridesmaid is because she thought it would be too expensive for me because I was a college student. In my heart, I believe she was lying, the way she treated me and the way she looked at me the last time we saw each other. I haven’t really talked to her since then, nor do I want to…maybe I am reading too much into this situation but I do believe I was being discriminated against.

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