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First some British Car-Links:
AC and their famous Cobra sportscar.
ALLARDMost famous for an ugly designed sportscar in the 40-50:ties.
ASTON MARTINNot only James Bond's famous DBS coupé.
AUSTINMuch more than the popular MINI !
Austin HealeyBig Healeys Check it out! And the Sprite Site!
BERKELEYOne of theese fiberglass sportscars.
BENTLEYThe most aristocratic of all British cars.
BMCThe British Motor Corporation. also British Leyland Ltd.
BONDThe 3-Wheeler Cars, or are they Motorcycles?
BRISTOLA luxury car with big engine.
CLANAnother little sportscar.
DAVRIANSounds more like some character from Hamlet?
DeLorean The rustproof gullwing car that you never have to repaint...
Ford (British)Ford (Australia), Ford Cortina, Ford GT 40, Ford Prefect.
HILLMANOne of the Rootes cars.
HINDUSTAN AMBASSADOR An Indian made 1950th Morris, still in production.
HOLDEN (Aus)HSV-Holden Special Vehicles
JENSENA very nice sportscar with V8 and even 4-wheel-Drive.
LAGONDA(Aston Martin Web)
LOTUSLotus Cars, Inc.
MARCOSA cute little sportscar.
MGMG is probably the most famous of all British sportcars.
Mini'sA whole bunch of theese popular little cars by Alec Issigonis.
MORGANHave looked the same for almost 40 years now!
PEELI have no idea at all?
PEERLESS & WARWICKA Hot one in the 50:ties !!!
RELIANTThe Scimitar and Sabre sportscars from British Reliant!
ROOTES GROUPa whole bunch of ugly small cars.
ROVERRover Cars & Land Rover
SCOOTACARThis is the UGLIEST in Europe!
SINGERnot just a sewingmachine, they also made cars.
STANDARDWho does'nt remember the bathtube designed Vanguard in the 50:ies?
STERLING(See Also Rover)
SUNBEAMAlpine, Imp, Tiger,Imps & Imp Specials
TRIUMPH they did'nt only made sportscars, but also some ugly mini's...
TVRA nice little British sportscar.
VAUXHALL(Viva) Vauxhall Inc.
WESTFIELDSomething almost unknown?
WOLSELEYThey also made Mini's...
BRIT-IRONThe British Motorcycles Website
Racing WebsLinks to British Vintage Automobile Racing!
DOUBLE DECKERSThe great Red London Doubledecker Buses !

Some Swedish Car-Links:
BILTORGETHere you can buy new and used Swedish Cars.
MototAmi AbCheck the new Jaguars at this Swedish dealer.
MRFMRF - The Swedish Authorised Car Dealer Org.
SAAB U.S.A.Shows you the new Saab models for the year.
The Unofficial SAAB MuseumEnjoy pictures of old Saab Automobiles here.
SCANIA SWEDENTake a look on the new Trucks from the SCANIA factories.
The Saints P1800Here are The Saints good old Volvo P1800 from the movie.
Volvo Car SwedenIf your'e a Volvo fan, wisit this site with new Volvo's.
Volvo FinlandSuomalainen Volvo Site, you are welcome!
Volvo Trucks This is the site for all Truckdrivers, and others too.
Exclusive CarsA swedish car-dealer with nice luxury cars.
Toyotas HistoriaThe history of Toyota (Swedish Toyota Dealers Page)
SVEDINOSVisit Svedino's Auto and Aviation Museum.

Some Italian Car Links:
FERRARIRead about the famous Italian Super Car.
LAMBORGHINIAnother famous Italian stallion.
LANCIAAn maybe not so famous Italian automaker who made many nice cars.
FIATThe most famous of all Italian Cars, The car who put Italy on wheels.

Some German Car Links:
MERCEDES-BENZThe king of German carmakers, Well? Ehh!!.
BMWThe king of Bavaria, Germany. Well? Ehh!!.
MOSKVITSCHMore Russian than German, but an Opel Kadett from the beginning.

Some Japanese Car Links:
HYUNDAIWell maybe Hyundai Motor Company, was from Korea, but what the xxx!
MITSUBISHIThe Japanese 4-Wheel experts.
NISSANFor old Sweeds also known as Datsun!
TOYOTAThe Japanese bestseller worldwide.

Some American Car-Links:
Cadillac See the crown of General Motors cars.
Chevrolet Visit Detroit and see the new models.
Chrysler Chrysler Motor Inc. - Take a look at the new models.
DodgeDodge Motor Inc. - Almost as good as Chrysler, or...
FORD INC.Don't forget a visit to old Henry's place!
General-Motors Look at the new models from Detroit, U.S.A.
HummerProducers of Masculine American Military Vehicles, take a look!
JEEP Here you can take a look at the classic Jeep.
Pre '47 Chevy/GMCVisit the Homepage of Pre ´47 Chev/GMC Pickup-Trucks.
Plymouth Visit Mopar and see the new Plymouth models.

Ford Mark

Some Links for Ford Lovers:
FALCON CLUB USAAn International Club for Ford's Classical Falcons!
Gallery GartelAn artistic image of a 65 Ford Falcon Coupé.
Grady's PageI guess this Grady is another fan of Ford Falcons?
Ford Falcon (Aus)Info about (new) Australian made Ford Falcons.
Ford Falcon (Aus)Another site with Australian Ford Falcons, and their history.
Ford Club (Norway)A local Ford Club in Norway, with many nice Ford's.
Northwest Classic FALCON Inc.Looking for parts to your classic Falcon, wisit NCF, who has almost every screw or bolt that you need.
AUTOKRAFTERS INC.Another good supplier of classic Ford Falcon spareparts.
Original FALCON Interiors Inc.If you are looking for interior items to your Falcon, check OFI, who say they are the worlds largest supplier of upholstery sets and parts.
FORD INC. (USA)No Fordlover can miss a visit to Henry's Official Ford Page!
HENRY FORD MUSEUMWelcome to the Henry Ford Automobile Museum and Greenfield Village Online.
FordnaticsUnofficial Web-Site for Ford Lovers - Lot's of Ford's here.
Falcons Another Site for Ford Falcon lovers (or just interested in the car).
FORD (Australia) PrivateCheck the new Ford's of Down Under!
FORD (Australia) OfficialMore Fords from Down Under - Fords own kangaroo site.
FORD TRUCKSAnd here you can look on some Heavvy Trucks!
Global FORD LinksClick here to surf around the world with Ford!

Everything Automotive
You can also wisit Everything Automotive by clicking on their icon, here to the left. At this site you can find almost anything you would like to know about cars, and news from the automotive world, as well as nice pictures.
AutoConnect Award
The website ADP AutoConnect have given us a four tires (4 TIRES !) award, so ofcourse we have to tell everyone to make a visit to their site too! Just click on the the nice award badge to the right! They have a lot of auto information and many good links for everyone interested in cars and automobiles.
PENNZOIL INC.The famous American Oil Company in Pennsylvania.
AUTO MUSEUMSFind addresses to Automobile Museums all over Europe, and more.
PIAGGIO of ItalyWisit the home of scooters, and the classic Vespa.
PIRELLI TIRESLook on some very sexy tires here, and their famous calendar.
Car & Driver MagazineAn American magazine for Car lovers.
Classic Car SourceJust nice cars, try a visit on this good site.
K.T.U.D.Special Automotive Web. - Just a lot of cars.
CAR-NETAt this site you can get addresses to Auto Museums.
Classic Car SourceHere you can find almost any classic car of your interest.
MICRO-CARSRead more about European Micro Cars.
HotRods WorldwideA site dedicated to the Worlds HotRods !
The EXXON Co.Read more about the biggest Oilcompany in the World, and their efforts to save Tigers !?!
SVENSKA RALLYTThe Swedish Rallye - see photos from Swedens biggest yearly car rallye.
Adresser till HobbynHär kan du finna nyttiga adresser till företag inom Bil hobbyn! (In Swedish only)
Rolfen's SiteRolfen's Site for all Motorheads! A Swedish site with lots of links and Mopar cars.
Alf's BilsidaVisit a Pontiac enthusiasts Homepage!

Car Enthusiast Clubs:
Fiat 500 ClubThis is a nice Dutch enthusiast club for the Fiat 500 (Bambina) car.
Ford Falcon ClubAn International Club for Ford's Classic little Falcon cars.
Am. Ford Club of SwedenA Swedish club for owners of American Ford cars.
Swedish Alfa Romeo ClubA Swedish club for owners of the Italian Alfa Romeo cars.
Volvo 164 ClubA Swedish club for owners of Volvos big 164 limousines.
Volvo P-1800 ClubA Swedish club for owners of Volvos famous sportscar the P-1800, remembered from the TV-series ''The Saint''.
Volvo PV ClubThis is a club for owners of Volvo's famous PV cars!
Svenska SAAB registretA register of enthusiastic owners of Vintage SAAB automobiles.
Swedish TVR ClubThe Swedish TVR Club's very nice homepage in Lund, Sweden.
ACCSAmerican Car Club of Sweden, lots of cars here!
ACCS ÖsterlenA local club under ACCS in southern Sweden!

And some Truck-Links:
VOLVO TRUCKS This is the site for all Truckdrivers, and others too.
SCANIA TRUCKSTake a look on the new Trucks from the SCANIA factories.
FORD TRUCKSAnd here you can look on some Heavvy Trucks!

And some Aviation-Links:
LandingsA Web-site with all you ever want to know about aviation.
K.S.A.K. The Royal Swedish Aviation Club, about Swedish aviation.
DC-3 DAKOTAVisit the famous Douglas Dc-3/Dakota Historical Society.
Ron's Sea & Sky SiteWisit Ron Wanttaja's Flight Site with his Fly-Baby Experimental aircraft and much more.


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