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My 1961 Ford Falcon Futura Tudor Sedan.

Image: Falcon Tudor 61
Above image from American Car Spotters Guide 1940-65

This is the story about MY '61 Ford Falcon, it started back in 1972 when I was barely twenty years old, that I saw my first love, a white 1961 Ford Falcon Futura Tudor Sedan, with red upholstery, in a Used Car Shop in Falun, Sweden. It had a 170 cui, 6 cylinder straight engine, manual gearbox, separate front seats, and a Stereo-8 cassette player (Wonder where they dissapeared?). I was in love, so I swapped it for a Simca 1500 GT from 1964, that I owned at that time, plus some little cash, don't remember how much any more, but I was not so wealthy at that time, and I could drive home with my first American Car, - guess I was proud, (My father was not, more concerned about the gasoline bills than the steamline design) ..... This was something really different from the European junk I had owned before, it had vacuumdriven wipers, almost soundless (unfortunately almost useless some times too), and I could open the rear sidewindows in the backseat (what a luxury), not to mention the Beer Coolers under the dashboard (Was it cool-air intakes?) with nice little black doors with locks on. I also remember the button on the dashboard for the nice lamp in the roof, an invention not known of among European carmakers, so I had much fun with it, trying to convince all the pretty blond girls in the car, that it was sound controlled when i snapped my fingers (Who said that blondes are dumb?, Well, some maybe ...)

Photo of my Falcon 61
1973 - The authors 61' Falcon at a Beachparty near Falun, Sweden.

Actually I met my first wife in this nice car, (she was not blond) so I found out that a white American Ford had much more sexappeal than some rusty French Simca, so over the years I have owned many American cars, and specially Ford, a 1966 Fairlane 500XL Coupé, and a 1968 Falcon Fordor, all white ofcourse! (The sexappeal again). The 66' Fairlane also had a red interior, but the 68' Falcon was unfortunately blue, but at that time I was on my second wife, and my first daughter, so I din't need the red interior any more.

Front of a Falcon 61
1973 - The beautiful front of the authors 61' Falcon Futura Tudor.

Another time the bolts holding the rear axle to the suspension broke, and the rear axle were moving diagonally, so one day I found out that the car where running sideways like a piing dog over the road, the Police was not so amused of it, so it costed me some money to fix it. Then I enjoyed the car for some years and had very fun with it, until the gearbox broked down at the end of the 70:ties I garaged it, thinking that I some day should get time to renovate it back to mint condition, and it's still there waiting for me to start doing something with it, and I hope that I will one of these days......

The back of my Falcon 61
1973 - The back view of the authors 61' Falcon Futora Tudor.


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