The Nash/Austin Metropolitan Story

The Nash Metropolitan small economy car was introduced in the United States and Canada in March 1954. Buildt in England by Austin to Nash specifications, the 85-in. wheelbase Metropolitan was offered in 2-door hardtop and convertible models.

A 54 Metro from a Popular Mechanics photo.


Some Facts:
The popular little Metropolitan (which was to continue through the 1962 model year) underwent major changes for 1956, as the 1500 series replaced the original 1200. In addition to styling improvements, including two-tone paint treatments, the horsepower of the 4-cyl. engine was boosted 24 percent. The final year for the Nash nameplate was 1957 as American Motors decided to drop both the Nash and Hudson names to concentrate on the compact Rambler, the Metropolitan was later sold under the name Austin.

The Images (clickable):
Totally 94.986 Metropolitans were produced. The top year was 1959 with 22.209 units sold. At that time Nash planned to make the Estate version of the metro, but the year after the production fell to only 13.874 units produced and Nash desided not to put the estate version in production.

  • 1. The never produced estate version.
  • 2. A 1957 1500-model Metropolitan.
  • 3. 1959 Convertible w. outside trunk.
  • 4. The last Hard-Top from 1962.
  • 5. Construction image of a late Metro.
  • 6. An early prototype w. big front.
  • 7. The NK1 project around 1950.
  • 8. A Swedish Metropolitan - Front.
  • 9. A Swedish Metropolitan - Rear.

The Swedish Metro:
The Swedish Metro (at right) was bought by Egon Stridh in Stockholm in 1975. It had only gone 40.000 kms at that time, so the mechanics was in good shape, but the body was very rusty. It took six years before the car was renovated, and now Egon uses his nice car every summer when the weather is good. There are only a few remaining Metros running in Sweden today.
Metropolitan Estate Design Study
The 1500 model of 1957
The 1959 convertible with trunk
The last 1962 Hard-Top
Construction image of the Metro
An early prototype with big front.
The NK1 project around 1950.
A Swedish Metropolitan.
A Swedish Metropolitan.


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