Prior to the Pageant:
Don't make drastic changes in your diet right before the pageant.  For example, if you drink lots of soda and suddenly stop, you are risking a brake-out.  Instead, begin changing your eating habits slowly and well in advance (at least a month).

Fitness is important, START NOW! 30 minutes of cardio at least three times a week. The closer you get to competition the more often you should work out. Personal trainers can tailor the workout to your goals and body type. Cardio will melt the fat and keep you tone. Your goal isn't to get skinny, because that isn't pretty, it's to get tone and healthy!

Break in new shoes before the pageant.
You need to look comfortable on stage, high heels take practice and you need to break in new shoes.  Remember, you will be standing on stage for approximately an hour (intermittently) while they announce awards and finalists.


Practice Walking Naturally

Especially in your swimsuit heels, the judges can see your legs and if your legs don't extend naturally or your arms swing too much trying to keep your balance, you will look awkward.


High Heels take practice
First walk normally, with no shoes, and then try to emulate that walk in your heels.  To prevent an embarrassing fall, try using "non-slips" on the bottom of your shoes.  (You can get these at Payless for $2/pair, I have even seen them at HEB!)

Practice Smiling!
If you smile too hard or too long it will look forced.  Try smiling at yourself in the mirror for one full minute, watch what happens.  Don't be afraid to relax your smile, it will look more natural.

Practice Posing
Your body should make an "S" curve, if you lean too far in one direction it won't look natural.  Watch yourself in the mirror.
Keep your head straight  Some girls will cock their head to one side or other thinking it makes them look cute, instead, they just look shorter.

Make a Pageant Day Kit
Think of everything you will need on the day of the pageant, and try to get it together a week in advance, so if you discover you need something, you'll have plenty of time to get it.  Here are some suggestions as to what you might include
Wear a button down shirt to the Pageant so you don't have to take a shirt off over your hair and makeup.  
Bring Bite-Sized snacks to fight off the hunger during rehearsal and before the show.  The size prevents damage to makeup!  I have found that grapes work best, you need to eat something or you will pass out.  Remember, junk food will only make you tired.
Makeup - Darker for stage, Not More!
The bright lights on stage will wash you out so use darker shades of base, eye shadow, blush and lipstick.  Make sure to completely cover with translucent powder to avoid shininess.
Don't distract the Judges
Wearing a watch or rings will distract the judges from YOU.  However, you should wear earrings because they bring attention to your face. 
Put your Gown on Last!
After the makeup and hairspray, so nothing can get on it!  Avoid sitting in your gown, it could wrinkle, sequence or beading could come off, etc. 

Please heed the following WARNINGS!!
Don't lock your knees on stage! (You could pass out)

Breathe!  Some contestants have passed out from holding their breath and not realizing it.  Don't be afraid to breathe through your smile.

Don't "diet" but change your eating habits. Its a mental thing, no one wants to be on a diet, but if you simply watch what you eat, i.e. "change your eating habits", you are more likely to stick with it and succeed at your nutrition goals!

Present a Complete Package to the judges.  Make sure they don't focus on any one element, but on the entire package, You!
If you have any advice you would like to share, e-mail me and I will post it giving you full credit for your great advice!

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