It's (Lord) Mysterio's House O' Fun!

-pretty cool, eh?

 Hi and welcome to my House O' Fun! I know it doesn't look exciting, but you can't judge a website by its index page, can you?!?!?? I hope you enjoy this fabulous site and have hours of laughter!! And a thank you to all my reliable sources for the jokes and the rest! [me, myself, and I]. 

And don't forget...HAVE FUN!!! Don't worry, ill change the background music every few months or so! Please remember, my real name is not mysterio! [jeez some people....]

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WARNING: Site may offend some people... I don't know why but it may. But I guess that's your problem!

-Updated as of Autumn 2002- 

(I'm in the southern hemisphere... so its Spring 2002 in the northern hemipshere for those confused people out there...!)

Here's a preview of what's in store at (Lord) Mysterio's House of fun!

What your pets are up to when you're gone... hehehe

Here's a true story: I told a person to visit my site but they wouldn't go past this first page because of this link to Snoop Dogg Heaven. They just got so angry and I was sooo scared!! (some people are such pains in the gluteus maximus, aren't they?) BTW I have this link because we've got a link agreement =)