Benjamin Stratton Barton:

Benjamin Stratton Barton was born about 1835 in Fentress (now Pickett) County, Tenn., at Forbus, about 5 miles from the border with Wayne County, Ky.

On 8/10/1861 he enlisted as a private in Captain W. S. Bledsoe's Co. Independent Tennessee Cavalry and fought in the Battle of Mill Springs, Ky.

Bledsoe's Co. became Co. F of Murray's 4th Tennessee Cavalry, CSA, but Barton deserted on 8/25/1862 and joined Ferguson's company. He was commissioned Captain of Co. K, 11th Kentucky Cavalry, CSA on 3/10/1863 at Monticello, Wayne County, Ky; captured 7/20/63 at Buffington Island, Ohio; he was exchanged at City Point, Va. 3/7/1865, but was murdered in Pickett County by Unionist bushwackers in April 1865.

Resident of Fentress County, Tenn. in 1850, age 15, son of John and Becky (Frogge) Barton.

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