~ Order of Battle ~

~ "The Lexington Rifles" ~

Organized with three companies at Bowling Green on October 27,1861.
Company D was assigned in the spring of 1862.
Merged into the 2nd Cavalry Regiment in June 1862.

First Commander:
John Hunt Morgan (Captain)

Hindman's Brigade, Hardee's Division, Central Army of Kentucky, Department #2 (December 1861 -February 1862)
Breckinridge's Brigade, Reserve, Central Army of Kentucky, Department #2 (February, March 1862)
Unattached, Army of the Mississippi, Department #2 (March-June 1862)

Expedition to Bacon Creek Bridge (December 5-8,1861)
Operations near Greensburg and Lebanon (January 28-February 2, 1862)
Scout to Nashville (February 26, 1862)
near Nashville [detachment] (March 8, 1862)
Operations about Gallatin (March 15-18, 1862)
Shiloh (April 6-7,1862)
Morgan's Middle Tennessee Raid (April-May 1862)
Pulaski (May 1, 1862)
Lebanon (May 5, 1862)
Cave City (May 11, 1862)

Source: Compendium of the Confederate States; Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, the Confederate Units and the Indian Units - by Stewart Sifakis

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