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Welcome to the "Dead Horse Camp" photo album. This page is always a work in progress so please come back to visit often.

The pictures on this page represent our unit from it's beginnings as the 2nd Kentucky Cavalry (Co.A), to our present impression as Ferguson's Independent Company (including our Federal Guerrilla impression). As with most units this has been a learning experience for us, so you will find pictures of us in various stages of interpretation as our research progressed, from somewhat "farby" to a more historical correct interpretation.

Please note in the tribute pictures of the old 2nd Kentucky the cadet grey uniforms worn by some of the men. These were actually made for us in Kentucky, & were based on actual uniforms worn by Morgan's "Old Squadron" at the start of the Ohio Raid!

Our research is never done, so our uniforms (or portions thereof) will always be undergoing changes. And like the historical Morgan's Men, we shall always be "uniform in our variety".

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Tribute to Co.A, 2nd KY Cavalry

Ferguson's Independent Company

Civilian Refugees

Our Alternate (Federal) Impression

What is the "Dead Horse Camp"?

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