~ Morgan's Men captured on Ohio Raid; July of 1863 ~


At Camp Liberty, Tenn., January, 1863, After the Christmas Raid


Capt. Thomas Quirk

Lieut. Geo. W. Owens

Lieut. Pat. H. Gardner

Lieut. Frank Brady

Ord. Sergt. K. F. Peddicord

Ord. Sergt. Wm. K. Jones

Ord. Sergt. Wm. Miller

Ord. Sergt. S. F. Terrill

Ord. Sergt. W. O. Tuggle

Corp'l. John Spake

Corp'l. Edward Loney

Corp'l. Charles Ash

Corp'l. James Allen

Corp'l. John Sutton

Scout, Arnette, J. Lee

Scout, Arnette, R. M. J.

Scout, Allen, Henry

Scout, Ashford, J.C.

Scout, Brown, Geo. W.

Scout, Beeler, Jas. C.

Scout, Beach, Henry

Scout, Berry, Thomas

Scout, Byrne, Chas.

Scout, Bess, Charles

Scout, Beach, William

Scout, Burke, Curtis K.

Scout, Colgan, Edward (The Bird)

Scout, Calvin, John W.

Scout, Cook, Jordan

Scout, Curd, Jack

Scout, Carpenter, J. T.

Scout, Cushing, Geo.

Scout, Cox, S. F.

Scout, Churchill, Samuel

Scout, Davies, Frank

Scout, Donovan, William

Scout, Dearing, John K.

Scout, Edgar, John A.

Scout, Easley, W. W.

Scout, Elder, Henry

Scout, Field[s], J. D.

Scout, Ferguson, Walter

Scout, Foley, William

Scout, Garrett, Alex

Scout, Gavin, F. V. H.

Scout, Gibbons, K.

Scout, Gibbons, William

Scout, Gurnon, J. G.

Scout, Hutchinson, H. M.

Scout, Hogan, Jack

Scout, Harrison, J. O.

Scout, Hedges, S. F.

Scout, Hickey, David

Scout, Hicks, James

Scout, Holt, S. S.

Scout, Hays, Thomas

Scout, Hays, James

Scout, Handley, Wm. K.

Scout, Jeter, M.

Scout, Jackson, J. G.

Scout, Kelley, _____

Scout, Kennedy, Daniel

Scout, Lucas, Charles

Scout, Logwood, Thomas

Scout, Lisle, John Clarke

Scout, Moore, Henry

Scout, Manhart, James

Scout, McGillick, John

Scout, Monroe, Winder

Scout, Murphy, Thomas

Scout, McCreary, William

Scout, Mitchell, J. S.

Scout, Owens, Edward

Scout, Owens, Robert

Scout, Patterson, Samuel

Scout, Quinn, _____

Scout, Reason, J. M.

Scout, Rice, W. L.

Scout, Robb, Joseph

Scout, Roberts, Bolin

Scout, Reeves, Robert

Scout, Rives, William M.

Scout, Riley, W. L.

Scout, Ritter, George

Scout, Sloan, William V.

Scout, Shindler, D. K.

Scout, Sisson, Jeff

Scout, Slaughter, B.C. [B.G.] (The Squirrel)

Scout, Slaughter, Sim

Scout, Steadman, Lee

Scout, Shelby, H. C.

Scout, Shippers, Ben F.

Scout, Stagg, Edward

Scout, Sweesey, Jos. G.

Scout, Sweesey, Chris

Scout, Spencer, W. H.

Scout, Tichenor, G. K.

Scout, Tichenor, S. V.

Scout, Thompson, D. M.

Scout, Thompson, Dave

Scout, Vaughan, _____

Scout, White, Henry

Scout, Willet, Henry

Scout, Waller, John

Scout, Wilson, A. J.

Scout, Waggoner, A.

Scout, Weatherly, William

Scout, Wingo, Thomas

Scout, Wade, George

Scout, Wilson, T. M.

Scout, White, Harrison

Scout, Wade, M. J.

Scout, Worsham, Richard

Scout, Young, L.

Scout, Young, Ambrose

Scout, Young, Bennett

As more Scouts, not listed on the roll above, became known their names will be added below:

John Allen Wyeth

Jim McGowdy

Ben Drake

Charles Rogers

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