photo of Reverend J.S. Scobee from the book
“Partisan Rangers of the Confederate States Army” by General Adam R. Johnson


Major & 1st Chaplain, 10th Kentucky Cavalry-Partisan Rangers
~ My Morgan's Raiders Ancestor ~

Notes for Reverend Joseph Simpson Scobee:

Born January 19, 1818 in Clark Co., Ky. on the Stone River. Lived on a farm with his parents (father: Stephen B. Scobee, farmer, b. Louden County, Va. & mother: Hannah McKee of Va.) in Clark County until seven or eight years old; then relocated to Shelby County (Ky.), locating seven miles northeast of Shelbyville until grown.

At 18 yrs of age he was licensed as a local preacher, and at 21 yrs of age he entered Transylvania Methodist Episcopal University at Lexington (Ky.). In the fall of 1848 he joined the Louisville Conference at Hopkinsville. He became a circut preacher thereafter.

In 1850 he married Fannie Covington, daughter of Issac Covington & Martha Hughes, they had two children (both deceased). Fannie died in 1859.
Reverend Scobee was a Major and chaplain in Confederate army, helping to recruit for the 10th Kentucky Cavalry P.R. Received medal from Daughters of Confederacy.
After the war, Reverend Scobee was a well-known Kentucky Methodist circut minister, and was a presiding elder of the Owensboro district, Louisville Conference, of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.

On December 12, 1876, he married Julia A. Smith (widow), of Louisville. Though they had no children, to this union she brought 3 sons.

Reverend scobee was also a Mason, a Knight Templar, & a member of the Nelson Lodge (Lexington, Ky.); and a member of I.O.O.F., Friendship Lodge, Louisville.

He died July 08, 1909 in Louisville, Ky. & is buried at Cave Hill Cemetery.

The following quotes about Reverend Scobee were excerpted from "The Partisan Rangers of the Confederate States Army" by General Adam Rakin ('Stovepipe') Johnson, commander of the 10th Kentucky Cavalry-P.R. (CSA) & of J.H. Morgan's 2nd Brigade on the Ohio Raid.

~ Company Officers of the Rangers ~

"...He [Capt. A.Fowler] was impetuous and under excitement was sometimes impulsive. In the heat of battle he often emphasized his exhortation to his soldiers by a little profanity. On one occasion in the midst of the conflict when battle was raging hottest, he exclaimed:
"D__n them, boys, give them h__l."
At that instant he observed Major Scobee, who was then and is now an eminent divine in the Methodist church, standing near him. Captain Fowler turned to him and apologized for swearing in his presence.
Major Scobee replied: "Colonel, if it does you any good let them have it."

~ An Outline History of the Partisan Rangers ~

"...They [10th Kentucky Cavalry-P.R.] camped part of the night on Panther Creek at Glen's bridge. Colonel Martin, Major Scoby, and Captain Owen got lunch at Mrs. Oglesby's. As all of them were devoted Southerners, both she and her daughters treated them with great kindness."

~ Escape From Camp Morton ~

"...When the regiment [10th Kentucky Cavalry-P.R.] was partially made up it was officered by Adam R. Johnson, colonel; Robert M. Martin, lieutenant Colonel; and F.Amplias Owen, major, without commission, and I was so recognized; but when the regiment was fully organized, Rev. Scoby, a man of age and great mental as well as physical power, defeated me for major, and I was made adjutant, and later captured and taken to Camp Chase..."

The following is excerpted from "History of Daviess County, Kentucky"

~ Owensboro ~

"Rev. Joseph S. the outbreaking of the late Rebellion he was instrumental in raising the Tenth Kentucky Cavalry; went out first as Chaplain; was promoted to Major, and held the office of Chaplain and Major until the close of the war, when he returned home..."

front of UDC Cross of Honor presented to Reverend Scobee
for his service to the Confederate States of America.
If you look close, you can see his name on the top bar.

back of same.

Special thanks to my cousin Susan Swinney for providing the Daviess County
information and photographs of Reverend Scobee's UDC Cross of Honor.

The background is:
Perthshire District Tartan
this is where the Scobee's (Scobie/Scoby) originated from in Scotland.

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