Champ Ferguson's Independent Kentucky and Tennessee Cavalry, CSA

" I was a Southern Man at the start. I am yet,and will die a Rebel. I believe I was right in all I did. I dont think I have done anything wrong at anytime. I committed my deeds in a cool and deliberate manner. I have killed a good many men, of course; I dont deny that, but I never killed a man whom I did not know was seeking my life. It is false that I never took prisoners. I took a great many and after keeping them awhile paroled them.... I had always heard that the Federals would not take me prisoner, but would shoot me down, wherever found. That is what made me kill more than I would otherwise have done. They never got a man that belonged to my company or Bledsoe's company but that they killed him, and of course they might expect that I would not miss doing the same thing with their men. I repeat that I die a Rebel out and out, and my last request is that my body be removed to White County, Tennessee, and be buried in good Rebel soil...."

            Champ Ferguson
            His last statement to the press
            on the morning of his execution
            October 20, 1865


History of Ferguson's Independent Cavalry

Roster of Ferguson's Independent Kentucky and Tennessee Cavalry, CSA

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Reenacting Ferguson's Independent Co. & Killen's Homeguards
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