~ John Hunt Morgan ~

"I'm sent to warn the neighbors, He isn't a mile behind;
He sweeps up all the horses, every horse that he can find;
Morgan, Morgan the raider, and Morgan's terrible men;
With bowie knives and pistols, are galloping up the glen..."

~ from the Kentucky Belle
by Constance Fenimore Woolson


Brief History of the 2nd Kentucky Cavalry, CSA

Lexington Rifles

Units that served in Morgan's command

Map's of Morgan's Raids

The Mounted Raid

George St. Leger Grenfell

Black Raiders?

Capt. Tom Quirk

Roster of Quirk's Scouts 1863

Historical Photo Gallery of the 2nd Kentucky Cavalry, CSA

Reenacting Morgan's "Terrible Men"

My Morgan's Raiders Ancestors

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