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Mississippi Flag 27th Regiment Mississippi Infantry, CSA Mississippi Flag

"An infant nation struggling for existence, and just now fairly disengaging itself from the oppressor's grasp, pauses in the strife to drop a sympathetic tear over the grave of its gallant dead, ... will her free sons and daughters cherish and revere the names and memories of those who fell on the bloody plains of Murfreesboro."

J. Patton Anderson, Brig. Gen., 1863

Infantryman The 27th Regiment Mississippi Infantry was organized in September through December 1861 from independant units from the Counties of Oktibbeha, Leake, Covington, Jasper and Simpson in Mississippi while these units were stationed in Pennsacola. It underwent several field consolidations with various other Mississippi units. The first was with the 24th Regiment Mississippi Infantry from October 1863 through August 1864. Another was with the 24th and the 34th Regiments Mississippi Infantry Regiments from September 1864 through April 9, 1864. And finally with the 24th, the 29th, the 30th and the 34th Regiments Mississippi Infantry from April 9, 1864 until the unit was surrendered on April 26, 1865.

This is the story of that unit...

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