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Julia Morgan

Julia Morgan Collection, 1893-1980.

The Julia Morgan Collection spans the years 1893-1980, (bulk 1893-1940). It is important as a record of California design, and as a record of the education and work of one of the earliest female architects in the nation. The records document Morgan's education at University of California Berkeley and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, as well as her architectural projects. The collection contains a limited amount of personal papers. Similarly there is little project correspondence; projects are documented mainly through photographs and drawings.

Below are links to the collection, which also has many drawings of Hearst Castle and Wyntoon. To see the entire collection, with thumbnails of all images and other image resolution options, you may go directly to the collection at this link. The University appears be in the process of adding more images as time permits.All images courtesy of the Julia Morgan Collection, (1959-2), Environmental Design Archives. University of California, Berkeley. Berkeley, California.

Copyright Statement: The contents of the Online Archive of California (OAC) database (digital content including images, text, audio and video recordings) are made publicly available by the collection holding repositories for use in research, teaching, and private study. For these purposes, you may reproduce a single copy (print or download) of materials from this website without prior permission. You can read the Terms of the Copyright Agreement at the OAC.

Clark Residence, Berkeley, CA 1913.

Item 3, First floor plan

Davenport Residence, San Francisco, CA 1917.

Item 2, Exterior view, south elevation

Eltse Residence, Berkeley, CA 1915.

Item 3, Front & side elevations

Farnham Residence, Oakland, CA 1915.

Item 2, Southwest elevation

Federated Community Church, Saratoga, CA 1915

Item 2, Study [Elevation]

Goddard Residence, Berkeley, CA 1908.

Item 2, East elevation

Greene Residence, Berkeley, CA

Item 2, South elevation

Chauncey S. Goodrich Residence, Saratoga, CA 1919

William Randolph Hearst, Sausalito, CA

Item 2, Study for Sausalito Residence [Elevation]

John Langley Howard, Jr Residence, Oakland, CA, 1911

Helen (Mrs. Horatio),Livermore Residence, San Francisco, CA 1916-17

Item 2, Elevations, Alterations

Dr. Kellogg Residence, San Francisco, CA 1907.

Item 2, Exterior view, south elevation

Mills College: Bell Tower, Oakland, CA 1903-09

Item 5, Side view, elevation
Item 6, Upper view, front
Item 7, Front view, elevation
Item 8, Corner view, front

Newell Residence, San Anselmo, CA 1908.

Item 3, Exterior view, south elevation

J.N Parsons Residence, Monterey, CA 1939

A. Rosenburg Residence, San Francisco, CA 1917

Item 2, North Elevation

Rixon Residence, Burlingame, CA 1931.

Item 2, Exterior view, east & west elevations

Saint John's Presbyterian, Berkeley, CA 1908-10.

Front Elevation, photograph

The Julia Morgan/Forney Collection spans the years 1907-1931, (bulk 1907-1917). It is an important record of California residential and commercial design, and of the work of one of the earliest female architects in the nation. The collection contains drawings of architectural projects arranged alphabetically by project.

Sharp (Lechworth Cottage), Berkeley, CA 1910.

Item 2, Exterior view, north & south elevations

Squire apartments, San Francisco, CA 1908.

Item 2, Exterior view, south & west elevations

Western Hills Cemetary (Darbee, Annie H.) with Bernard Maybeck, San Mateo County, CA 1940

The Julia Morgan Architectural Collection consists of Morgan's drawings, chiefly from her partnership with Ira Wilson Hoover and records of from her own firm, for the years 1907-1929. The collection contains pencil sketches, along with blueprints, linens, and one specification for Morgan's commissions in San Francisco, the East Bay, including Berkeley, Oakland, and Piedmont, as well as other California communities.

Le Conte Residence, Berkeley, CA 1908.

Item 2, East and north elevations

Lombard Residence, Piedmont, CA 1915.

Item 3, West elevation
Item 4, North elevation

Dr. Walliser Residence, Berkeley, CA 1907.

Item 3, West elevation

Watt Residence, San Francisco, CA

Williams Residence, Berkeley, CA 1911.

Item 2, Front elevation

Additional Julia Morgan Photos & Drawings from other sites.

James P. Kennedy Residence, Stockton Ranch, San Jose, Santa Clara County, CA

John G. Kennedy Residence, 423 Chaucer St., Palo Alto, Santa Clara County, CA. 1921-22

Item 9, Interior view, upstairs gallery
Item 10, Interior view, master bedroom entrance
Item 11, Architect's drawing, foundation plan
Item 12, Architect's drawing, first floor plan
Item 13, Architect's drawing, second floor plan
Item 14, Architect's drawing, front elevation
Item 15, Architect's drawing, rear elevation
Item 16, Historic Building Survey

Piedmont estate.

Item 2, Exterior view, landscape

Saratoga Foothill Club, 20399 Park Pl., Saratoga, CA. 1915

Item 10, Architect's drawing, main floor plan
Item 11, Architect's drawing, foundation plan
Item 12, Architect's drawing, northwest & southeast elevations
Item 13, Architect's drawing, southwest & northeast elevations
Item 14, Architect's drawing, bldg. section, assembly room
Item 15, Architect's drawing, bldg. section, dining room & wall detail
Item 16, Architect's drawing, bldg. sections, dining & assembly rooms
Item 17, Architect's drawing, interior details
Item 18, Historic Building Survey


Julia Morgan Collection, UC Berkeley The complete sets of photos & thumbnails
John G. Kennedy House, 423 Chaucer St., Palo Alto, CA The complete sets of photos, thumbnails, and forms
James P. Kennedy House, Stockton Ranch, San Jose, CA The complete sets of photos, thumbnails, and forms
Saratoga Foothill Club, 20399 Park Pl., Saratoga, CA The complete sets of photos, thumbnails, and forms
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