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Building Material Salvage

This page features businesses that salvage architectural materials in the San Francisco Bay Area. For too long, too much valuable building material has been going to waste, filling up our landfills on increasingly more expensive and less available land. In the true American entrepreneurial spirit, many progressive businesses have grown up over the past few years to address this problem. Building and building material salvage is good for the economy and the environment. It helps to reduce our depletion of natural resources and use of energy to acquire and manufacture them into new products. Sustainability of these resources also benefits us by preserving those antique items that cannot be easily replaced while at the same time reducing our need to cut down more trees from our environment. New jobs are created by the recycled building trade. Please support the businesses listed below when you are engaged in your next home improvement or new house construction project.

Berkeley Architectural Salvage: 1167 65th St, Berkeley, (510) 655-2270.
Doors, windows, hardware, moldings, columns, gingerbread, corbels, lighting,
plumbing, marble, granite. M-Sat 10-5 p.m.

Beyond Waste: 607 W. Sierra, Cotati: (707) 792-2555.
Manufactures and sells flooring made from old-growth Douglas fir rafters,
custom makes floonng or paneling, carries entire sets of home windows in
casement including Victorian double-hung windows.

Building Resources: 701 Amador St (near Third Street), San Francisco, (415) 285-7814.
Lumber, plywood, marble, bricks, tiles, mirrors, lighting fixtures, plumbing supplies.
M-Sun. 9-4:30 p.m.

C&K Salvage: 718 Douglas Ave. (near Edes Avenue), Oakland, (510) 569-2070.
Lumber, large timber, siding, flooring, brick, doors, plumbing. M-Sat 8-4:30 p.m.

Caldwell Building Wreckers: 195 Blvd. (near Oakdale Avenue), San Francisco; (415) 550-6777.
Lumber, flooring, wood trim, bricks, marble, plumbing, specializes in factory,
seconds and overruns of new doors and windows.

Crossroads Recycled Lumber: PO Box 928, North Fork, 93643; (559) 877-3645.
Specializes in resawn timbers and remanufactured flooring.
Recycled lumber from buildings. bridges and railroad lines

East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse: 4695 Telegraph Avenue. (at 47th Street), Oakland, CA 94609 (510) 547-6470.
Hours: 11am-6pm seven days a week.
And the Depot Annex, 6610 San Pablo Ave., Oakland, (510) 923-1531.
Nonprofit agency that collects materials and redistributes them to the community at low cost.
Specializes in art materials, books, small furniture, frames and garden artifacts.

Ohmega Salvage: 2407 San Pablo Ave. (between Dwight Way and Channing Way), Berkeley; (510) 843-3636.
Doors, windows, stained glass, pedestal sinks, clawfoot tubs, lighting fixtures,
mantels, wrought iron, marble, Victorian hardware, architectural elements.

Omega Too: 2204 San Pablo Ave. (near Allston Way), Berkeley; (510) 843-3636.
Antique and reproduction lighting, plumbing, doors, windows, garden ornaments.

The Reuse People of California: 2615 Davis St, San Leandro; (510)-567-8525.
Cabinets, doors, fixtures, lumber, plywood, sinks and tubs, windows, bricks,
ceramic tile, flooring, garden art and more. M-F 9-6, Sat-Sun 9-4.

Savvy Salvage: 4385 Piedmont Ave., Oakland, (510) 655-8877.
Lots of garden ornaments and. architectural elements. Wed-Sat 11-5 p.m.

The Sink Factory: 2140 San Pablo Ave. (near Bancroft Way), Berkeley; (510) 540-8193.
Specializes in new and used basins. The company will repair, rebuild, rechrome
or customize a new or salvaged sink.

This & That: 1701 Rumrill Blvd, San Pablo, (510) 232-1273.
Approximately 40,000 square feet of recycled materials including bi-fold and
louver doors, wrought iron, fireplaces, door moldings, windows, granite,
marble, and brick building materials.

Urban Ore: 1333 Sixth St. (near Gillman Street), Berkeley; (510) 559-4455.
Moving to 7th & Ashby; (510) 559-4460.
Doors, windows, lumber, marble, bricks, tiles, glass, mirrors, lighting fixtures and hardware.
Also a general store with secondhand household items.
A recent SF Chronicle article about Urban Ore and a Berkeley auto mall proposal that may displace them.

Whole House Building Supply: 1955 Pulgas Rd., East Palo Alto; (650) 328-8731.
Doors, cabinets, windows, bricks, roof tiles, gates, heaters, lighting, plumbing
fixtures, solar and pool equipment, marble, fireplace mantels, hardware.
An article in the SF Chronicle on Whole House Building Supply:
Salvage Heaven,Predemolition sales offer help-yourself,home-hardware bargains.

Last updated 08-08-2007


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