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Berry, John - Best Years of Our Lives Revisited
Size: 70K

Berry, John - Bond, Jake's Bond
Size: 63K
Summary: Jake takes Daria and Quinn on a road trip in an attempt to get to
                 know them better.

Berry, John - Herself, An Elf
Size: 77K
Summary: It's Christmas, and Daria, deciding for once to give her family some
                 decent presents, takes an embarrassing job in order to afford
                 shopping. She gets a little more in return, good and bad.

Berry, John - My Quinn's Delayed Reaction
Size: 68K
Summary: "Quinn flaunts herself, you can't escape her, then she uses guys like
                 toilet paper." But what if she found the right person?

Bigglesworth - Sleepover
Size: 21K
Summary: When Jake and Helen leave town for the weekend, Quinn decides
                 to throw a sleepover party...luckily Daria decides to take no part in

Board Bum - Ski Trip
Size: 21K
Summary: Trent, Jesse, Jane and Daria take a trip snowboarding during
                 summer (?!) vacation.

Boyd, Jenell M. - Dream A Little Dream
Size: 30K
Summary: Daria's sarcasm is taken the wrong way, and she almost spends her
                 day at home taking care of Quinn, who's sick with chicken pox.
                 Luckily, Jane calls telling Daria that she and Trent are going to a
                 fair, and Daria decides to go. Meanwhile, Daria seems to be having
                 weird daydreams...

Bronstein, Danny - Fast Times At Lawndale High (1/4)
Size: 19K
Summary: Get to know Trent, Jane, Mr. O'Neill, Mr. DiMartino, Tommy
                 Sherman and others back in 1995, before Daria moved to

Bronstein, Danny - Fast Times At Lawndale High (2/4)
Size: 31K
Summary: See part one.

Bronstein, Danny - Fast Times At Lawndale High (3/4)
Size: 30K
Summary: See part one.

Bronstein, Danny - Fast Times At Lawndale High (4/4)
Size: 21K
Summary: See part one.

Bronstein, Danny - Hell Hath No Fury
Size: 27K
Summary: Daria, forced to attend the prom, must to use her new telekinetic
                 powers against a vicious rival's humiliating prank. Based on

Bronstein, Danny - Misfit Love
Size: 31K
Summary: Daria strikes up a romance with a new student, Jared, who starts
                 out a lot like her but is actually not all he seems.

Bronstein, Danny - Misfit Love ML20: 20 Years Later
Size: 29K
Summary: Twenty years later, Daria is the new principal of Lawndale High
                 and has a son. Everything is going well until her old nemesis,
                 Jared, resurfaces.

Bronstein, Danny -  One Band Town
Size: 29K
Summary: Daria and Jane follow Trent and Jesse to their first big concert, in
                 some hick town called South Park. Unfortunately, they have to
                 contend with Blake Cartman, the jealous lead singer of the town's
                 only successful band.

Bronstein, Danny - Sex and the Cynical Girl
Size: 18K
Summary: High school senior Daria has been going out with Trent for a year
                 and a half and feels pressured to go all the way with him. Featuring
                 a never-before-seen ending!

Bronstein, Danny and Forman, C.E. - Thicker than Water
Size: 68K

Bronstein, Danny - Who Shot Principal Li? (1/2)
Size: 27K
Summary: Principal Li's latest actions cause everyone in school to
                 contemplate murdering her. But who will be the one to pull the

Bronstein, Danny - Who Shot Principal Li? (2/2)
Summary: See part one.