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CalTrec10 - Q & A With Jane Lane
Size: 7.5K
Summary: Jane Lane gives a magazine interview in the year 2007.

Canadibrit - Meeting of the Brains, A new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: 31K

Casey, Susanne "SusieDyke" - I'm, Like, Gay or Something: The Coming Out Episode of Daria
Size: 43K
Summary: Daria's relationship with Jane from a lesbian perspective.

cherishc - Inner Apathy
Size: 20K
Summary: Lawndale's PE classes start teaching Yoga. Quinn catches the "inner
                 peace" bug and tries to get "earth crunchy".

cherishc - Underestimate Me
Size: 15K
Summary: Helen and Jake try to send Daria to camp.

cherishc - Zippity Do Damn
Size: 20K
Summary: The Morgendorffers spend time in The Happiest Place on Earth,

Corbin, Colby - Through the Moshpit: Daria's Adventures In Wonderland
Size: 12K
Summary: Daria gets a bump on the noggin and is sent off to Wonderland,
                 where she runs into some familiar faces.

Covello, Austin - Boy Fiend
Size: 59K
Summary: Daria finally gets a boyfriend. Find out who it is. One thing is for
                 sure, though. It isn't Trent.

Covello, Austin - Daria What If #1: Quinn the Brain Alternate Ending
Size: ?K (it's not on my server)
Summary: What if Quinn didn't care that Daria dressed up like her?

Covello, Austin - Day In The Life Of Stacy, A
Size: 59K
Summary: Stacy is a member of the Fashion Club: ditzy, perky, and insecure.
                 Or maybe not. Take a look at life in Lawndale from Stacy's
                 perspective. She might just surprise you. And herself.

Covello, Austin - Fifteen Minutes of Frame
Size: ?K (it's not on my server)
Summary: When Jane is awarded her own exhibition room at a museum, Ms.
                 Defoe turns it into a field trip. Meanwhile, Daria finds out that
                 Beavis and Butthead have their own TV show, with her likeness as
                 a character.

Covello, Austin - My Date With Daria
Size: 13K
Summary: The author goes out on a date with Daria.

Crazy Nutso - Daria...Where Are You
Size: 19K
Summary: Daria, Trent and Jane meet the Scooby Doo gang and help them
                solve a mystery.

Crazy Nutso - Through The Rainbow new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: 26K
Summary: Daria & Jane get stuck in yet another musical involving a natural disaster
                as a tornado carries them to the land of Oz.