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GiantJ8009 - Buzzcut vs. Barch (1/3) new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: 22K
Summary: The two greatest sadists of there respective universes. Now this
                dimensions no longer big enough for both.

GiantJ8009 - Buzzcut vs. Barch (2/3) new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: 11K
Summary: See part one.

GiantJ8009 - Buzzcut vs. Barch (2/3) new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: 10K
Summary: See part one.

Gliniecki, Candice - Prommies
Size: 14K
Summary: Daria and Jane decide (reluctantly) to go to the prom and Quinn
                 tries to get a good deal on a dress.      

Gliniecki, Candice - Hero and the Tank, The 
Size: 14K
Summary: Jane "saves Kevin's life," and "The Tank" gets a groovy new paint

Guerin, Peter W. - About the Author: Peter Guerin
Size: 5K
Summary: A biography about Peter Guerin, much like the ones found at the
                 back of novels.

Guerin, Peter W. - Booted!
Size: 108K
Summary: Daria's boots are stolen from her gym locker; meanwhile, key
                 characters begin to pick up the pieces of their lives.

Guerin, Peter W. - Dari-Boo
Size: 16K
Summary: A crossover with Chicken-Boo from "Animaniacs". The big chicken
                 becomes our favorite smart, cynical girl and raises Hell in
                 Lawndale High.

Guerin, Peter W. - Dinner Date From Hell, The (revised)
Size: 47K
Summary: Chaos ensues when Sandi's family is invited to dinner after Jake
                 lands a contract with her father's company.

Guerin, Peter W. - Girl Like Me, A
Size: 10K
Summary: A poem where Daria and Jane help a girl being beaten up because
                 she's smart and cynical.

Guerin, Peter W. - Karen Carpenter Blues
Size: 134K
Summary: Stacy goes bulimic for an upcoming "Fashion Clubs Showdown",
                 with tragic results.

Guerin, Peter W. - Marathon Woman new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: 113K
Summary: Jane enters to Lawndale Bakery Women's 5K Run to prove to
                Ms. Morris once and for all that she isn't a slacker.

Guerin, Peter W. - The Misery Senshi Neo Zero Double Blitzkreig Debacle
Size: 463K
Summary: Daria takes over for Ami/Sailor Mercury when she leaves for
                 Germany; however, terrorist attacks in Japan and Lawndale
                 threaten the world order.

Guerin, Peter W. and Forman, C.E. - My Stupid Date With Destiny
Size: 110K
Summary: A Daria/Beavis and Butthead crossover

Guerin, Peter W. - No Nudes Is Good Nudes
Size: 113K
Summary: Jane persudes Daria to pose nude for a painting she's doing for
                 Trent's birthday; however, they both get more than they bargained
                 for when Ms. DeFoe's so impressed with it she puts it on display at
                 the local art museum, causing a local taxpayers' group to protest.

Guerin, Peter W. - One Man's Trash
Size: 51K
Summary: A Daria/Sanford and Son crossover. Thieve steal a guitar and hock
                 it at Sanford and Son; when Trent needs a new guitar after his gets
                 broken, guess where he goes when he's in LA?

Guerin, Peter W. - Outbitched
Size: 150K
Summary: Sandi's ousted from the Fashion Club and vents her anger on

Guerin, Peter W. - Prepaid Phone Card Call of Tommy Sheridan, The  
Size: 67K
Summary: A Daria/Real Ghostbusters crossover. When the ghost of
                 Lawndale's lecherous football legend haunts the high school, Peter,
                 Egon, et al. are called in; however, matters get serious when
                 Sheridan possesses Daria.

Guerin, Peter W. - Return Of The Lawndale Militia
Size: 189K
Summary: A 'Daria'/'Gunsmith Cats'/'Here is Grenwood' crossover. Daria and
                 Jane mix it up with the Gunsmith Cats and the gang from
                 Greenwood Dorm when the Japanese yakuza is supplying arms to a
                 revived Lawndale Militia.

Guerin, Peter W. - Sick, Sad Burbank  
Size: 59K
Summary: When Daria and Jane win a 'Sick, Sad World' contest, they wind up
                 with the ultimate booby prize: interviewing Slappy Squirrel from

Guerin, Peter W. - Strange Reunions
Size: 78K
Summary: Penny Lane and Vivian Taylor return to Lawndale, each with a
                 different agenda.

Guerin, Peter W. - Stupid Sunday
Size: 79K
Summary:  Super Bowl fever hits Lawndale, but Daria doesn't want any part of

Guerin, Peter W. - This Is Spinal Crap
Size: 112K
Summary: Kevin is left paralyzed while playing semi-pro football and is forced to
                think about what's important in his life.

Guerin, Peter W. - Triumph Of The Retart
Size: 229K
Summary: A Special Education student decides to run for Student Government
                 President, with serious repercussions.