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Invisigoth Gypsy - Art and Entertainment
Size: 25K
Summary: When Jane gets wrapped up in an upcoming art show, she leaves
                 Daria the task of designing a Mystik Spiral poster for Trent.
                 However, Jane soon regrets her decision...

Invisigoth Gypsy - Bad-Weird
Summary: The aftermath of "Good-Weird"

Invisigoth Gypsy - Chatterbox
Size: 5K
Summary: Daria seeks advice from an Internet chat room and ends up having a
                 *very* interesting discussion...

Invisigoth Gypsy - Cheaters Never Prosper
Size: 50K
Summary: Jesse enlists Daria's help in making up after a fight with Jane,
                 leading to a plan that convinces Jane and Trent that Jesse and Daria
                 are dating. Meanwhile, Helen and Jake take a second honeymoon,
                 leaving Daria and Quinn in the care of their aunt, Amy, who finds
                 herself involved in Daria's crisis.

Invisigoth Gypsy - Conformity for Hire
Size: 45K
Summary: A hit local band from a nearby town invites Trent to join them, and
                 he'll do anything to fit in-- including bad-mouthing Daria.

Invisigoth Gypsy - Disney World Story, The: (1/7)
Size: 45K
Summary: When Daria's ancient great aunt dies, everyone is shocked to learn
                 that Daria inherited her fortune for a very unusual reason. Helen
                 coerces Daria into taking Quinn, and all the rest of the Lawndale
                 gang, on a vacation to what Daria claims is "The one place which
                 goes against everything I believe in"-- Disney World. Multiple
                 adventures ensue down in sunny Florida.

Invisigoth Gypsy - Disney World Story, The: (2/7)
Size: 41K
Summary: See part one.

Invisigoth Gypsy - Disney World Story, The: (3/7)
Summary: See part one.

Invisigoth Gypsy - Disney World Story, The (4/7)
Size: 37K
Summary: See part one.

Invisigoth Gypsy - Disney World Story, The (5/7)
Size: 53K
Summary: See part one.

Invisigoth Gypsy - Disney World Story, The (6/7)
Size: 53K
Summary: See part one.

Invisigoth Gypsy - Disney World Story, The (7/7)
Size: 53K
Summary: See part one.

Invisigoth Gypsy - Electricity
Summary: Jane sends Trent to patch things up with Daria, who gets more than
                 she bargained for when an electrical storm strands him at the
                 Morgendorffers' over night.

Invisigoth Gypsy - Getting To Know Daria
Summary: Daria's, Jane's, Quinn's, and Trent's answers to an Internet survey.

Invisigoth Gypsy - Good-Weird (Warning: this is a slash fic)
Summary: Jesse helps Trent overcome his worries about kissing Daria.

Invisigoth Gypsy - Guard Duty
Size: 69K
Summary: When summer rolls around, Daria is convinced by Jane to take a
                 one-week job as life guard at the Lawndale YMCA. Things look up
                 when Trent decides that he and Jesse could use the extra cash...

Invisigoth Gypsy - My Best Friend's Brother's Ex-Best Friend's Wedding
Size: 43K
Summary: Jesse and Trent get invited to an old friend's wedding... and guess
                 who they decide to bring along. Meanwhile, Quinn convinces Helen
                 that Daria can't be trusted with Trent.

Invisigoth Gypsy - Party Girls
Size: 32K
Summary: Quinn decides to throw a party, and Helen forces Daria to partici-
                 pate in the preparations-- and what's worse, she even has to attend.
                 In the end, Quinn nearly ruins the big day for Daria... until Trent
                 saves it.

Invisigoth Gypsy - Rain Falls Mainly On Jane Lane, The
Size: 46K
Summary:  Jane disappears after a fight with her mother, causing panic
                 throughout Lawndale and prompting Daria and Trent to recruit
                 everyone, even the Fashion Club, in a city-wide search.

Invisigoth Gypsy - Silver Goddess
Size: 44K
Summary: For a school project, Daria interviews her aunt Amy. Amy's story is
                 of Silver Goddess, the girl band she played with in the 80's... and of
                 her feelings for the lead singer's boyfriend.

Invisigoth Gypsy - So I Dated An Axe-Murderer
Size: 17K
Summary: What if Daria finally started dating Trent? But what if Trent was like
                 his butcher-knife-wielding alter-ego from the credits? And what if
                 Trent decided to avenge all of Daria's enemies... and get a little
                 revenge for himself at the same time?

Invisigoth Gypsy - Wannabes
Size: 32K
Summary: For a school project, Daria and the girls in her class film their own
                 music video for the Spice Girls' song "Wannabe," which proves to
                 be a very interesting experience for them... and for their cameraman,

Invisigoth Gypsy - We Are Not Amused
Size: 50K
Summary: When Mystik Sprial is asked to play at Lawndale's new amusement
                 park, Jane and Daria go along. However, when some familiar faces
                 show up, they find out that things-- and people-- aren't exactly what
                 they seem.

Invisigoth Gypsy - You Oughta Be In Pictures
Size: 29K
Summary: Jane decides to enter Daria and Trent in a magazine's "Great
                 Couples" photo contest with a $100 prize. Meanwhile, Quinn
                 struggles to depict Brittany and Kevin as the perfect couple in the
                 hopes of getting the money for herself.

Irony601 - Dance The Night Away...Please
Size: 26K
Summary: Daria and Jane are suckered into Lawndale High's Dance
                 Commitee, and are badly in need of dates. I bet you can guess who
                 comes to the rescue...