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JadeGryphon - Daria's Cruel Summer (1-7/?)
Size: 39K
Summary: Daria gets kidnapped and it's up to her friends to find out what

JadeGryphon - Halloween Party
Size: 12K
Summary: Daria and Jane go to Lawndale High's Halloween Party and three
                 "movie monsters" make and appearance that will change the entire
                 evening, especially for Daria.

JadeGryphon -  Jared Hunting's Pool
Size: 20K
Summary: The beginning of Spring Break in Lawndale through the eyes of
                 Jared Hunting.

Jane - Can't Hardly Wait For Some Intelligence (1/?)
Size: 15K
Summary: Part one of a crossover of "Can't Hardly Wait" and Daria.

janelane25 - Daria + Kyle - Trent = Kaboom!!! new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: 17K
Summary: Daria starts dating a guy, causing Trent to become jealous.

janelane25 - Memories Long Forgotten (1/?)
Size: 2K
Summary: Daria/Sailor Moon crossover

Jenna - Janey's Dilemma
Size: 24K

Jones, Walter J. - Daria's Tears
Size: 42K
Summary: Daria and Jane have a blow out argument over Daria feels about
                 Trent, Quinn gets grounded for telling her classmates that
                 Daria is her cousin, Helen and Daria get bond closer as mother
                 and daughter, and Stacy resigns from the Fashion Club, and Daria
                 finally tells Trent how she feels about him.