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The Outcast - The Weekend From Hell
Size: 33K
Summary: Mr. O'Neill transforms into Baal, the Lord of the Underworld, and
                 his minions take Daria captive to serve as the mother of Baal's
                 spawn. It's up to Jane and a new mystery man named Cecil to save
                 Daria from her impending doom.

The Unknown - Jane's Crisis
Size: 22K
Summary: When Jane is attacked, the cast must deal with feelings of sadness
                 and hatred. A new character is introduced that helps Jane through
                 the ordeal. Note: This fanfic also appears on Poor Pathetic Daria
                 Page, but this one is slightly unedited.

Tremere, Dante - The Path Less Trodden
Size: 3K
Summary: Daria writes a letter to Jane in the future, accounting everyone's

TrentAndDaria - Working
Size: 15K
Summary: Daria is forced to get a job by her parents, fortunately for Daria,
                 Trent gets a job too only they are working at very different places.
                 Daria then finds out Trent has another girl.

T. Wilde and Invanova - Ragged Denim    ***Warning! NC-17 SLASH!***
Size: 44K
Summary: Trent tells Daria of his true feelings in this fanfic. Along the way,
                 she has dreams of love, an accident in shop class, and falls under a
                 bout of depression. We find out more about Jesse and Trent in this
                 story. :)