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Wise, Jessica - Andrea
Size: 2K
Summary: Life from Andrea's point of view.

Wild, Kara - Andrea Speaks!
Size: 107K
Summary: Both Morgendorffer sisters are forced to take a hard look at their
                lives as Daria comes face to face with someone more alienated than
                she, and an incident during the Fashion Club elections causes Quinn
                to finally make a decision about her glasses.

Wild, Kara - Cheered Down
Size: 115K
Summary: As Lawndale High's new head cheerleader, Quinn tries to cling to
                her popularity and stay a step ahead of Brittany. There's just one
                problem: she doesn't know how to cheer.

Wild, Kara - Rose-Colored Lenses (revised) new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: 91K
Summary: Quinn learns that her vision has taken a nose dive and she needs
                 glasses. Daria gets roped into wearing contacts again. Humiliation                   
                 and more humiliation ensue...

Wild, Kara - 'Shipped Out
Size: 90K
Summary: Daria dreams about her future life with Trent. But when she learns he
                 has a new girlfriend, her fantasies start to go awry...

Wild, Kara - That Thing You Say
Size: 99K
Summary: Daria the English whiz finds that three little words are the hardest to
                say as she ponders her relationship with Helen. Meanwhile, Quinn
                learns that friendship costs a little more than she bargained for...

Wild, Kara - Tie That Chokes, The (revised)  
Size: 111K
Summary: Amy visits the Morgendorffers in Lawndale, where her close
                 relationship with Daria inflames Helen's jealousy. And Quinn
                 passes Amy off as Daria's mother... with some disastrous results.

Wind Lane - Disorient Express, The new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: 33K