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About The Author: Peter Guerin - Guerin, Peter W.
Size: 5K
Summary: A biography about Peter Guerin, much like the ones found at the
                 back of novels.

Alienation Legacy - Forman, C.E.
Size: 75K
Summary: Daria bugs the hell out of Quinn at their great aunt's funeral, and

All Washed Up - Forman, C.E.
Size: 61K
Summary: Daria and Jane get forced into a community carwash fundraiser,
                 while Quinn persuades the Fashion Club to take up rollerblading.

The Misery Chick: The Alternate Ending - Mitch
Size: 10K
Summary: What would have happened had "The Misery Chick" ended

The Teachings of Don Jake: The Alternate Ending - Mitch
Size: 6K
Summary: What would have happened had "The Teachings of Don Jake ended

Best Years of Our Lives Revisited - Berry, John
Size: 70K

Bitter-sweet 16 - Mattera, Naomi
Size: 26K
Summary: Daria meets Trent for the first time at her 16th birthday party.

Blinded - Mitchell, Steve
Size: 34K
Summary: Trent is literally blinded when he accidentally falls head-first to the

Bond, Jake's Bond - Berry, John
Size: 63K
Summary: Jake takes Daria and Quinn on a road trip in an attempt to get to
                 know them better.

Booted! - Guerin, Peter W.
Size: 108K
Summary: Daria's boots are stolen from her gym locker; meanwhile, key
                 characters begin to pick up the pieces of their lives.

Canadian, eh? - Link
Size: 36K
Summary: Tiffany's cousin from Canada comes to visit and befriends Jane and
                 Daria. The three girls hatch a plan to mortify the Fashion Club.

Curse of the Misery Chick - Fox, Rey
Size: ?K (it's not on my server)
Summary: Daria accidentally gets on the wrong bus and ends up at a high
                 school football playoff game on the other side of the state. Trouble
                 once again befalls the Lawdale football team in Daria's presence,
                 but this time, it backfires on her.

Daria On Assignment - LunaJane
Size: 14K
Summary: Daria wins a trip to see Sick, Sad World being filmed.

Daria Strikes Back - Myra new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: 25K
Summary: Daria gets even for Jane's yenta act.

Daria versus the IRS -  Forman, C.E.
Size: 71K
Summary: While Quinn faces the rumor mill at school, Daria helps Jane and
                 Trent battle the government's most malevolent hellbeast.

Daria What If #1: Quinn the Brain Alternate Ending - Covello, Austin
Size: ?K (it's not on my server)
Summary: What if Quinn didn't care that Daria dressed up like her?

Daria's Nightmare - Andrea
Size: 7K
Summary: Daria's worst nightmare comes true when she wakes up and finds
                 out that she's become her sister.

Day In The Life Of Stacy, A - Covello, Austin
Size: 59K
Summary: Stacy is a member of the Fashion Club: ditzy, perky, and insecure.
                 Or maybe not. Take a look at life in Lawndale from Stacy's
                 perspective. She might just surprise you. And herself.

Dinner Date From Hell, The (revised) - Guerin, Peter W. 
Size: 47K
Summary: Chaos ensues when Sandi's family is invited to dinner after Jake
                 lands a contract with her father's company.

Discovery, The - Mitch
Size: 13K
Summary: In the future Daria learns that she and Trent may be expecting a very
                 special person.

Disney World Story, The (1/7) - Invisigoth Gypsy
Size: 45K
Summary: When Daria's ancient great aunt dies, everyone is shocked to learn
                 that Daria inherited her fortune for a very unusual reason. Helen
                 coerces Daria into taking Quinn, and all the rest of the Lawndale
                 gang, on a vacation to what Daria claims is "The one place which
                 goes against everything I believe in"-- Disney World. Multiple
                 adventures ensue down in sunny Florida.

Disney World Story, The (2/7) - Invisigoth Gypsy
Size: 41K
Summary: See part one.

Disney World Story, The (3/7) - Invisigoth Gypsy
Size: 25K
Summary: See part one.

Disney World Story, The (4/7) - Invisigoth Gypsy
Size: 37K
Summary: See part one.

Disney World Story, The (5/7) - Invisigoth Gypsy
Size: 53K
Summary: See part one.

Disney World Story, The (6/7) - Invisigoth Gypsy 
Size: 53K
Summary: See part one.

Disney World Story, The (7/7) - Invisigoth Gypsy 
Size: 53K
Summary: See part one.

Disorient Express, The - Wind Lane new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: 33K

Driving Ms. Daria - QuangyJane new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: 36K
Summary: Afraid to learn how to drive? Daria is and gets some help from
                you know who.

Empire Strikes Back Records - ACLI
Size: 49K
Summary: Daria, Trent, Jesse, and Jane get jobs at an alternativeish
                 record store named Empire Strikes Back Records. They are
                 enjoying the jobs, but the store is in danger of being closed,
                 so Jesse hatches a plan to save the store.

15 Years Later: What Happens To Them? - 404UserUnknown
Size: 6K
Summary: Do you really need a summary with this title? That's obvious.

Flowered - Kero
Size: 14K
Summary: The Lawndale 4 go to a Wallflowers concert.

Gala - Lauren
Size: 6K
Summary: Jane and Trent get new neighbors.

Getting To Know Daria - Invisigoth Gypsy
Size: 11K
Summary: Daria's, Jane's, Quinn's, and Trent's answers to an Internet survey.

Goodbye, Jake - Mitch
Size: 3K
Summary: After years of marriage trouble, Helen finally kicks Jake out of the

Her, Uh, Cane - paperpusher
Size: ?K (It's not on my server)
Summary: What do high winds, heavy rains, the Giant Strawberry, fights over
                 ice, a flying Jaguar XK6, widespread power outages and boarded
                 windows have in common? Find out in this little sarcastic little trip
                 through a minor natural disaster that gets blown completely out of

Herself, An Elf - Berry, John
Size: 77K
Summary: It's Christmas, and Daria, deciding for once to give her family some
                 decent presents, takes an embarrassing job in order to afford
                 shopping. She gets a little more in return, good and bad.

Jane's Crisis - The Unknown
Size: 22K
Summary: When Jane is attacked, the cast must deal with feelings of sadness
                 and hatred. A new character is introduced that helps Jane through
                 the ordeal. Note: This fanfic also appears on Poor Pathetic Daria
                 Page, but this one is slightly unedited.

Jodie and Mack's Visit - Mitch
Size: 6K
Summary: Jodie and Mack visit Daria in the future.

Karen Carpenter Blues - Guerin, Peter W.
Size: 134K
Summary: Stacy goes bulimic for an upcoming "Fashion Clubs Showdown",
                 with tragic results.

Lotto Nonsense - Forman, C.E.
Size: 65K
Summary: Daria learns first-hand how a tidy sum of money can affect one's
                 popularity, and Quinn gets busted shoplifting.

Marathon Woman - Guerin, Peter W. new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: 113K
Summary: Jane enters to Lawndale Bakery Women's 5K Run to prove to Ms.
                Morris once and for all that she isn't a slacker.

Mission: Irrational - Adelman, Aaron Solomon
Size: 18K

Monkeys On The Mind - Kate
Size: 9K
Summary: Jane and Daria decide to spend a day together going to the zoo, and
                 a school pep rally.

My Date With Daria - Covello, Austin
Size: 13K
Summary: The author goes out on a date with Daria.

My Dinner With Upchuck - Fox, Rey new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: ?K (it's not on my server)
Summary: In order to pay off a debt, Daria goes on a Chez Pierre date with
                resident sleaze Charles "Upchuck" Ruttheimer III. Will she survive?
                Will she use the right fork?

No Nudes Is Good Nudes - Guerin, Peter W.
Size: 113K
Summary: Jane persudes Daria to pose nude for a painting she's doing for
                 Trent's birthday; however, they both get more than they bargained
                 for when Ms. DeFoe's so impressed with it she puts it on display at
                 the local art museum, causing a local taxpayers' group to protest.

No Picnic - Forman, C.E.
Size: 68K
Summary: Morgendorffers + Landons = loads of family fun in the park!

#10 Dream Desc - Fox, Rey new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: ?K (it's not on my server)
Summary: A surreal collection of vignettes involving Daria and the rest of the
                Lawndale irregulars.

One Night Stand: A Misleading Title - Mitch
Size: 5K
Summary: In the year 2011, a pregnant Daria watches her husband, Trent,
                 perform at a local pub.

Outbitched - Guerin, Peter W.
Size: 150K
Summary: Sandi's ousted from the Fashion Club and vents her anger on

Path Less Trodden, The - Tremere, Dante
Size: 3K
Summary: Daria writes a letter to Jane in the future, accounting everyone's

Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Bakers Damned - Mattera, Naomi
Size: 38K
Summary: Daria and Jane have to participate in a bakesale. They drag Trent
                 and Jesse in it.

Precious Declaration - Pfeffer, Michael J.
Size: 11K
Summary: This is a short journey into the life of Michael Andrews, the male
                 lead in all of MJP's fanfics. It explains where he came from and
                 what he's all about.

Q & A With Jane Lane - CalTrec10
Size: 7.5K
Summary: Jane Lane gives a magazine interview in the year 2007.

Quinntet (AKA: "Rain On Your Parade" (2/2)) - Forman, C.E.  
Size: 75K
Summary: "Rain on Your Parade" conclusion: Daria attempts to reconcile with
                 Trent, the Fashion Club members share their true feelings, and
                 Jake's second childhood takes a sharp turn for the worse. (Part 2 of

Quiz Kids Are Alright, The - Acrobat
Size: 28K
Summary: When Ms. Li sells Lawndale out again, this time to game-show recruiters, Daria accidentally lands a spot on "Quiz Kids 2000".

Rain Falls Mainly On Jane Lane, The - Invisigoth Gypsy
Size: 46K
Summary:  Jane disappears after a fight with her mother, causing panic
                 throughout Lawndale and prompting Daria and Trent to recruit
                 everyone, even the Fashion Club, in a city-wide search.

Rain On Your Parade (1/2) - Forman, C.E.
Size: 74K
Summary: At the town's Lawndale Days festival, Daria gets musical, Quinn
                 gets pressured, and Jake attempts to reclaim his lost childhood.
                 (Part 1 of 2) (Note: Part 2 of this story is called "Quinntet")

Road Worrier, Part 2 - Minderbinder, Milo new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: ?K (it's not on my server)
Summary: In this ravaged, fuel starved, and polluted landscape, we find Trent
                and Daria married and living together in the ruins of the Lawndale
                city hall. Trent leaves one night in his car, in an attempt to trade a stack
                of old vinyl phonograph records for some corn chips and salsa, but then
                fails to return. (Note: The graphics are GREAT!)

Rose-Colored Lenses (revised) - Wild, Kara new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: 91K
Summary: Quinn learns that her vision has taken a nose dive and she needs
                 glasses. Daria gets roped into wearing contacts again. Humiliation
                 and more humiliation ensue...

Silver Goddess - Invisigoth Gypsy
Size: 44K
Summary: For a school project, Daria interviews her aunt Amy. Amy's story is
                 of Silver Goddess, the girl band she played with in the 80's... and of
                 her feelings for the lead singer's boyfriend.

Sins Of The Past - Pollard, Martin J.
Size: 82K
Summary: The Morgendorffers are plunged into a nightmare when Quinn goes
                 on a date and disappears. This touches off a chain of events that
                 forever changes the lives of Quinn's friends and family, and forces
                 Daria to face the possibility that she may lose her sister forever.

Sleep With Me: Another Misleading Title - Mitch
Size: 4K
Summary: Daria spends the night with her daughter, Lucille.

Sleepover - Bigglesworth
Size: 21K
Summary: When Jake and Helen leave town for the weekend, Quinn decides to
                 throw a sleepover party...luckily Daria decides to take no part in it.

Sonya - Mitch
Size: 7K
Summary: Jodie recieves some comfort from Sonya, someone who isn't all
                 who she seems to be.

The Storm - Leland, Pat
Size: 10K
Summary: An interesting turn of events occur when most of Lawndale is
                 trapped under the school during a Tornado.

Strange Reunions - Guerin, Peter W.
Size: 78K
Summary: Penny Lane and Vivian Taylor return to Lawndale, each with a
                 different agenda.

Stupid Sunday - Guerin, Peter W.
Size: 79K
Summary: Super Bowl fever hits Lawndale, but Daria doesn't want any part of

Tanfastic - Ritchie, Kathrine
Size: 20K
Summary: Daria goes to the beach, with some unwelcome company...

Thank You, Drive Through - aphrael
Size: 11K
Summary: Quinn runs up a huge masterdard bill and is forced to get a job at
                 McDonald's. Daria, of course, takes full advantage of situation.

That Thing You Say - Wild, Kara
Size: 99K
Summary: Daria the English whiz finds that three little words are the hardest
                to say as she ponders her relationship with Helen. Meanwhile,
                Quinn learns that friendship costs a little more than she bargained

Thicker than Water - C.E. Forman and Danny Bronstein
Size: 68K

Tie That Chokes, The (revised) - Wild, Kara 
Size: 111K
Summary: Amy visits the Morgendorffers in Lawndale, where her close
                 relationship with Daria inflames Helen's jealousy. And Quinn
                 passes Amy off as Daria's mother... with some disastrous results.

To Helen Back - Forman, C.E.
Size: 71K
Summary: Jake and Helen subject the girls to the horrors of "Take Your
                 Daughter to Work" Day.

Torment Trilogy Part 1: The Confrontation, The - Mitch new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: 6K
Summary: A year from now, Daria confronts Trent about something.

Torment Trilogy Part 2: Sleepover at Brittany's, The - Mitch new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: 14K
Summary: To get over a recent tragedy in her life, Daria sleeps over at Brittany's

Torment Trilogy Part 3: The Brown-Haired Girl, The - Mitch new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: 15K
Summary: The trilogy ends as Daria helps out a friend and eventually gets
                something she always wanted.

Trent's Nightmare - Mitch
Size: 4K
Summary: Trent has a nightmare about Daria and their soon-to-be-born baby.

Triumph Of The Retart - Guerin, Peter W.
Size: 229K
Summary: A Special Education student decides to run for Student Government
                 President, with serious repercussions.

Underestimate Me - cherishc
Size: 15K
Summary: Helen and Jake try to send Daria to camp.

We Are Not Amused - Invisigoth Gypsy
Size: 50K
Summary: When Mystik Spiral is asked to play at Lawndale's new amusement
                 park, Jane and Daria go along. However, when some familiar faces
                 show up, they find out that things-- and people-- aren't exactly what
                 they seem.

Weighting To Exhale - Forman, C.E.
Size: 64K
Summary: As Quinn becomes increasingly convinced she's fat, Daria and Jane
                 find their friendship strained in a tug-of-war over a guy.

Zippity Do Damn - cherishc
Size: 20K
Summary: The Morgendorffers spend time in The Happiest Place on Earth,