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Any Time At All - Murphy, C.
Size: 26K
Summary: Take Andrea, over-reactive parents and a jock with a grudge, add a
                 keg party and what have you got? Daria calling Trent...?!

Art and Entertainment - Invisigoth Gypsy
Size: 25K
Summary: When Jane gets wrapped up in an upcoming art show, she leaves
                 Daria the task of designing a Mystik Spiral poster for Trent.
                 However, Jane soon regrets her decision...

Bad-Weird - Invisigoth Gypsy
Size: 9K
Summary: The aftermath of "Good-Weird"

Bagtime - Raven
Size: 15K

Boy Fiend - Covello, Austin
Size: 59K
Summary: Daria finally gets a boyfriend. Find out who it is. One thing is for
                 sure, though. It isn't Trent.

Breakin' Up The Band - Mitch
Size: 6K
Summary: Trent decides to leave the band for a very important reason.

Brownstone, Green Eyed - Acrobat
Size: 27K
Summary: After Daria barely survives her first semester in a college dorm, she
                 and Jane move into one floor of a house where the members of
                 Mystik Spiral have already taken up residence. Domestic tranquility
                 goes out the window when Trent starts dating one of the upstairs
                 neighbors, who has some very familiar qualities…

Chatterbox - Invisigoth Gypsy
Size: 5K
Summary: Daria seeks advice from an Internet chat room and ends up having a
                 *very* interesting discussion...

Cheaters Never Prosper - Invisigoth Gypsy
Size: 50K
Summary: Jesse enlists Daria's help in making up after a fight with Jane,
                 leading to a plan that convinces Jane and Trent that Jesse and Daria
                 are dating. Meanwhile, Helen and Jake take a second honeymoon,
                 leaving Daria and Quinn in the care of their aunt, Amy, who finds
                 herself involved in Daria's crisis.

Compulsion - Hunt, Anastasia
Size: 13K
Summary: Brittany invites Daria to another one of her parties; Jane and
                 Trent come along and he and Daria play an interesting game...

Conformity for Hire - Invisigoth Gypsy
Size: 45K
Summary: A hit local band from a nearby town invites Trent to join them, and
                 he'll do anything to fit in-- including bad-mouthing Daria.

Dance The Night Away...Please - Irony601
Size: 26K
Summary: Daria and Jane are suckered into Lawndale High's Dance
                 Commitee, and are badly in need of dates. I bet you can guess who
                 comes to the rescue...

Dangerous Game - MystykSprI  ***Warning! NC-17***
Size: 25K
Summary: Daria and Trent do the wild thing...(If you're kinda squeamish about
                 this stuff, DON'T READ IT!)

Daria, My Sweet - Strider
Size: 41K

Daria's Cheap Makeover - KewlDaria
Size: 10K
Summary: Daria reluctantly lets Quinn transform her in order to get Trent's     

Daria's Tears - Jones, Walter J.
Size: 42K
Summary: Daria and Jane have a blow out argument over Daria feels about
                 Trent, Quinn gets grounded for telling her classmates that
                 Daria is her cousin, Helen and Daria get bond closer as mother
                 and daughter, Stacy resigns from the Fashion Club, and Daria
                 finally tells Trent how she feels about him.

Daria Goes To A Sleepover - Hello Kitty
Size: 12K
Summary: Daria holds a sleepover attended by Jesse and Trent.

Daria + Kyle - Trent = Kaboom!!! - janelane25 new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: 17K
Summary: Daria starts dating a guy, causing Trent to become jealous.

Dated - Summers, Amanda
Size: 38K
Summary: When Trent is given the opportunity to audition for another band, he
                 and Jesse invite Jane and Daria to come along and watch. Helen
                 (already worried because of Daria's lack of a social life) and the
                 rest of the family become convinced that she is dating Trent.

Dream A Little Dream - Boyd, Jenell M.
Size: 30K
Summary: Daria's sarcasm is taken the wrong way, and she almost spends her
                 day at home taking care of Quinn, who's sick with chicken pox.
                 Luckily, Jane calls telling Daria that she and Trent are going to a
                 fair, and Daria decides to go. Meanwhile, Daria seems to be having
                 weird daydreams...

Driven Wild - Forman, C.E.
Size: 72K
Summary: Daria borrows the family car in an effort to get closer to Trent.

Electricity - Invisigoth Gypsy
Size: 33K
Summary: Jane sends Trent to patch things up with Daria, who gets more than
                 she bargained for when an electrical storm strands him at the
                 Morgendorffers' over night.

Good-Weird - Invisigoth Gypsy
Size: 10K
Summary: Jesse helps Trent overcome his worries about kissing Daria.

Great Lawndale Earthquake, The - Mitch
Size: 86K
Summary: The "last" Daria story, with danger, disaster, unlikly loves, and new

Guard Duty - Invisigoth Gypsy
Size: 69K
Summary: When summer rolls around, Daria is convinced by Jane to take a
                 one-week job as life guard at the Lawndale YMCA. Things look
                 up when Trent decides that he and Jesse could use the extra cash...

I'm, Like, Gay or Something: The Coming Out Episode of Daria - Casey, Susanne "SusieDyke"
Size: 43K
Summary: Daria's relationship with Jane from a lesbian perspective.

It's My Party and I'll Hide If I Want To - Fickling, Jossie new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: 61K
Summary: Jane throws Daria a party, Daria and Trent write a song for Jane.
                Watch the drama unfold...

Jane's World: Ice Box Woman - Abraham, George K.
Size: 65K
Summary: Jane and Jesse play matchmaker with Daria and Trent and few years
                 in the future.

Janey's Dilemma - Jenna
Size: 24K

Jesse - Mitch
Size: 3K
Summary: Jesse thinks that Daria likes him.

Kevin and Brittany's Romance - Mitch
Size: 6K
Summary: In the near future, Kevin purposes to Brittany. See the bachelor
                 party, the wedding, and their future together. Brittany becomes a
                 famous model, but she's having doubts about her marriage to Kevin.

Kindness Of Strangers (1/3) - LaurenGirl
Size: 48K
Summary: Trent, Jesse, Jane and Daria decide it’s time to head to Santa
                 Monica for a weekend of beach fun. however, as they have more
                 and more fun, Trent starts to feel something he’s never felt before
                 about Daria, and isn’t sure how to deal with it. He can’t tell Jane or
                 Jesse, they might spill it to Daria. What’s he gonna do?

Kindness Of Strangers (2/3) - LaurenGirl
Summary: See part one.

Longing - Mockingbird Grrl
Size: 29K
Summary: Jane plays matchmaker with Daria and Trent.

Maine Escape - Pfeffer, Michael J.
Size: 30K
Summary: Daria, Jane, Trent, Jesse, and Michael Andrews take a small
                 vacation in Maine.

Misfit Love - Bronstein, Danny
Size: 31K
Summary: Daria strikes up a romance with a new student, Jared, who starts
                 out a lot like her but is actually not all he seems.

My Best Friend's Brother's Ex-Best Friend's Wedding - Invisigoth Gypsy
Size: 43K
Summary: Jesse and Trent get invited to an old friend's wedding... and guess
                 who they decide to bring along. Meanwhile, Quinn convinces Helen
                 that Daria can't be trusted with Trent.

My Quinn's Delayed Reaction - Berry, John
Size: 68K
Summary: "Quinn flaunts herself, you can't escape her, then she uses guys like
                 toilet paper." But what if she found the right person?

Night You Should Remember, A -Alexandra new.gif (519 bytes)
Size: 14K
Summary: Daria spends the night at Jane's and Trent comes home drunk.
                Misunderstandings ensue.

Party Girls - Invisigoth Gypsy
Size: 32K
Summary: Quinn decides to throw a party, and Helen forces Daria to partici-
                 pate in the preparations-- and what's worse, she even has to attend.
                 In the end, Quinn nearly ruins the big day for Daria... until Trent
                 saves it.

Quinn Gets A Boyfriend - Mitch
Size: 12K
Summary: Read the title...that's basically the gist of it :-)

Ragged Denim - T. Wilde and Ivanovna   ***Warning! NC-17 SLASH!***   
Size: 44K
Summary: Trent tells Daria of his true feelings in this fanfic. Along the way,
                 she has dreams of love, an accident in shop class, and falls under a
                 bout of depression. We find out more about Jesse and Trent in this
                 story. :)

Sea Horse, the Psychotic, and the Open Mike, The - manpreet s.
Size: 43K
Summary: Daria, Jane, Trent, and Jesse take a trip to the lovely island of

Sex and the Cynical Girl - Bronstein, Danny
Size: 18K
Summary: High school senior Daria has been going out with Trent for a year
                 and a half and feels pressured to go all the way with him. Featuring
                 a never-before-seen ending!

Sex in Lawndale - MystykSprI   ***Warning! NC-17***
Size: 17K
Summary: Jane and Jesse have sex; Daria and Trent get a little action
                 themselves. (If you're kinda squeamish about this stuff, DON'T
                 READ IT!) 

Ski Trip - Board Bum
Size: 21K
Summary: Trent, Jesse, Jane and Daria take a trip snowboarding during
                 summer (?!) vacation.

Sleeping with Trent: A Somewhat Misleading Title - Mitch
Size: 9K
Summary: On vacation, Trent and Daria have to share a hotel room.

So I Dated An Axe-Murderer - Invisigoth Gypsy
Size: 17K
Summary: What if Daria finally started dating Trent? But what if Trent was
                 like his butcher-knife-wielding alter-ego from the credits? And
                 what if Trent decided to avenge all of Daria's enemies... and get a
                 little revenge for himself at the same time?

Trent's Dream - Mitch
Size: 5K
Summary: Trent has a dream about falling in love with Daria.

Trent's (Mis)Fortune (1-5/?) - Manpreet S.
Size: 30K

Trouble With Groupies - Danielle
Size: 8K
Summary: Quinn searches for a new boyfriend and comes up with a very
                 interesting solution.

Wannabes - Invisigoth Gypsy
Size: 32K
Summary: For a school project, Daria and the girls in her class film their own
                 music video for the Spice Girls' song "Wannabe," which proves to
                 be a very interesting experience for them... and for their cameraman,

Wash Me (1/?) - LaurenGirl
Size: 12K
Summary: Daria spends the night at Jane's house, but receives an unwanted and
                 unexpected visitor the next morning...

Working - TrentAndDaria
Size: 15K
Summary: Daria is forced to get a job by her parents, fortunately for Daria,
                 Trent gets a job too only they are working at very different places.
                 Daria then finds out Trent has another girl.

You Oughta Be In Pictures - Invisigoth Gypsy
Size: 29K
Summary: Jane decides to enter Daria and Trent in a magazine's "Great
                 Couples" photo contest with a $100 prize. Meanwhile, Quinn
                 struggles to depict Brittany and Kevin as the perfect couple in the
                 hopes of getting the money for herself.